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Descendants of John Nichols, Australian First Fleet Convict

Scarborough - First Fleet Ship
John Nichols transport to his new home

According to early research, John Nichols was born in 1755, but more recent research strongly suggests he was born in 1760.  In 1784 he was tried at the Old Bailey court in London for stealing hairdressing goods. He was found guilty and sentenced to seven years transportation to Africa. Whilst waiting for his departure John was housed on the prison hulk Censor. Because of problems with the penal colony in Africa, Johns destination was changed to Botany Bay and he eventually set sail on the Scarborough, one of the First Fleet ships, on 13 May 1787.

The First Fleet arrived in Sydney Cove on 26 January 1788.

Ann Pugh arrived in Sydney Cove on board the Earl Cornwallis on 12 June 1801. Ann had been found guilty of stealing and sentenced to seven years transportation. (Read a transcript of Ann's trial) By 1802 Ann was living with John.
They married on 26 August 1803. They had Twelve children before John died on 24 December 1822. Ann passed away on 10 July 1849.

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The descendants of John and Ann formed the John Nichols Family Society with the aim of gathering and publishing information on John and his family.

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A book "The Story of John Nichols" was published in 1988. For more details follow the link in the site map column.


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