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The basis for this listing is work done by Linda Green Allen with additions by Nettie Ashley.




1.    Daniel ASHLEY b. 28 Sep 1820, SC, (son of William ASHLEY and Della (Delila,Delia) _____) m. (1) 10 Jun 1845, in Henry Co. GA, Olleof (Ollie) WATKINS, b. 5 Sep 1818, Clarke Co. GA, d. 29 Apr 1891, Intercourse(Sumter)AL, buried: Chestnut Grove Cmty, m. (2) 18 Jan 1898, in Sumter Co. AL, Ann Eliza McALPINE, b. cir 15 Mar 1836.  Daniel died 21 Apr 1908, Intercourse(Sumter)AL, buried: Chestnut Grove Cmty.  Census 1900 #146 Earbees, Sumter Co. AL. Showing Daniel as a son of William is conjecture based upon: (1) Amanda M. Ashley is shown by census data to be child of Moses Ashley (s. of William); (2) Amanda M. married Samuel H. Ashley in Moses' Tuscaloosa Co. AL home in 1876; (3) Samuel H. is known to be son of Daniel; (4) Persistent family tradition is that Amanda M. and Samuel H. were first cousins.

       Olleof: Census 1850 #1657 Talladega(Talladega)AL.  Died after 15 months of suffering from La Grippe.  Member of M.E. Church for 49 years.

       Ann: Month but not date of birth is known. Census: 1900 #146 Earbees(Sumter)AL.

                     Children by Olleof (Ollie) WATKINS:

          2.     i      Emily Permilla ASHLEY b. 6 Apr 1846, Sumter Co. AL, m. 22 Nov 1872, in Sumter Co. AL, J. Albert OWENS, b. 1851, AL.  Emily died 5 Oct 1873, Sumter Co. AL, buried: Chestnut Grove Cmty.  Census: 1850 #1657 Talladega(Talladega)AL.

                        J.: Census: 1860 #79 Intercourse(Sumter)AL

       + 3.     ii      William Riley ASHLEY b. 4 Dec 1847.

          4.      iii      Milton ASHLEY b. 4 Mar 1852, d. 13 Dec 1871, Intercourse(Sumter)AL, buried: Chestnut Grove Cmty.

       + 5.      iv      Essa Sophronia ASHLEY b. 10 Apr 1853.

       + 6.      v      Samuel H. ASHLEY b. cir 15 Jun 1854.


Second Generation


3.   William Riley ASHLEY (1.Daniel1) b. 4 Dec 1847, GA, m. 26 Jun 1873, in Sumter Co. AL, Josephine A. LOWE, b. 12 Apr 1852, AL, (daughter of Greenbury LOWE and Mary WHITE) d. 2 Apr 1927, Intercourse(Sumter)AL, buried: Chestnut Grove Cmty.  William died 3 May 1914, Intercourse(Sumter)AL, buried: Chestnut Grove Cmty.  Married at residence of John M. Alexander by R.H. Hale. Census: 1860 #360 Intercourse(Sumter)AL. Probate (2 Feb 1925?) lists 6 children.


          7.     i      Mary Emma ASHLEY b. 16 Jul 1874, AL, m. 9 Mar 1896, Louis Hunter ARMSTRONG.  Mary died 12 Aug 1949, Intercourse(Sumter)AL.

          8.     ii      Alice J. ASHLEY b. 1875, d. 1943, York(Sumter)AL.

          9.      iii      William Daniel ASHLEY b. 19 Jan 1878, Sumter Co. AL, d. 26 Nov 1935, Siloam(Sumter)AL.

          10.      iv      Robert Henry ASHLEY b. 9 Jul 1880, Sumter Co. AL, d. 28 Mar 1919, Intercourse(Sumter)AL.

          11.      v      Ellie L. ASHLEY b. cir 15 Nov 1882, Sumter Co. AL, m. in Sumter Co. AL, Virgie MATTHEWS.  Birth month is known but not day. Census: 1900 #159 Earbees(Sumter)AL.

          12.      vi      Ollie E. ASHLEY b. 23 Mar 1885, Sumter Co. AL, d. 21 Jan 1939, Intercourse(Sumter)AL.


5.    Essa Sophronia ASHLEY (1.Daniel1) b. 10 Apr 1853, m. (1) 20 Nov 1878, in Sumter Co. AL, John BARNARD, b. 20 Mar 1833, MS, d. 27 Jul 1896, Intercourse(Sumter)AL, buried: Chestnut Grove Cmty, m. (2) 22 Feb 1897, in Sumter Co. AL, Richard Bush HIGHTOWER, b. cir 15 Jan 1853.  Essa died Sumter Co. AL, buried: York(Sumter)AL.  Census: 1880 #460 Livingston(Sumter)AL

       John: Census:  1880 #460 Livingston(Sumter)AL

       Richard: Birth month but not day is known. Census: 1880 #4 York(Sumter)AL

                     Children by Richard Bush HIGHTOWER:

          13.   i      Barnard B. HIGHTOWER b. cir 15 Jul 1899, AL.


6.   Samuel H. ASHLEY (1.Daniel1) b. cir 15 Jun 1854, AL, m. 26 Jul 1876, in Tuscaloosa Co. AL, Rebecca M. Ashley, b. cir 15 Jan 1859, AL, (daughter of Moses ASHLEY and Nancy LAY(LEIGH)) buried: Taylorsville MS.  Samuel died 1940, Bay Springs MS, buried: Taylorsville MS.  Only his birth month is known.


       Family lore is that Samuel and Rebecca were first cousins.  Until better evidence is found, the *supposition* is made that Rebecca was the daughter of Moses Ashley and Nancy and that Samuel's father Daniel was his brother.  It is apparent that these families are very closely related.  This supposition raises the question:  if Daniel were the brother of Moses (s. of Wm.), why was he omitted from the 1852  will of William R. (s. of William)?


       John T. Robertson's circa 1930 memo book had an address for a Sam Ashley in Soso MS.  Ashleys still live in that area in 1996.  This is almost certainly Samuel S.  At this point, the *supposition* is that Rebecca M. and Mandy Becky were daughters of Moses and Nancy, meaning that (if true) that Samuel S. Ashley of Soso MS was her first cousin as well as her brother-in-law.

       Rebecca: A Rebecca M. Ashley? married a Samuel Ashley in Moses Ashley's Tuscaloosa County home on 26 July 1876.   John T. Robertson's memo book (early 1930s) had an address for Sam Ashley, Soso MS (Sam and Rebecca are buried near Soso).  Sam's father was not Moses.  Census data makes it appear that Rebecca M. is the daughter of Moses.


          14.   i      Jesse M. ASHLEY b. cir 15 Jun 1878, AL.  Birth month but not day is known.

          15.   ii      Moses Daniel ASHLEY b. 12 Oct 1879, Sumter Co. AL, d. 11 Jun 1931, Tuscaloosa(Tuscaloosa)AL.  This is very probably the M.D. Ashley shown in John T. Robertson's memo book (1927 thru early 1930s).

          16.      iii      Charles S. ASHLEY b. 22 Mar 1880, AL, d. 25 May 1909, Intercourse(Sumter)AL.  Died suddenly at Steinhibblers Store. Census: 1900 #160 Earbees(Sumter)AL

          17.      iv      John Barnard ASHLEY b. cir 15 Jan 1885, Sumter Co. AL, m. 1908, in Sumter Co. AL, Hattie Lee REW, b. cir 15 Dec 1892.  Birth month but not day is known. Marriage:  Sumter(AL) Book 6, p.28. Census: 1900 #160 Earbees(Sumter)AL.

                        Hattie: Birth month but not day is known. Census: 1900 #82 Gaston(Sumter)AL.

          18.      v      George L. ASHLEY b. cir 15 Jul 1887, Sumter Co. AL.  Census:  1900, #160 Earbees(Sumter)AL. Birth month but not day known.

          19.      vi      Annie A. ASHLEY b. cir 15 Dec 1888, Sumter Co. AL, m. in Sumter Co. AL, Robert L. WILLIAMS.  Census: 1900 #160 Earbees(Sumter)AL.

          20.      vii      Beulah E. ASHLEY b. cir 15 Jan 1895, Sumter Co. AL.  Census: 1900 #160 Earbees(Sumter)AL

          21.      viii      Lillie ASHLEY b. cir 1899, d. cir 1975, buried: Pine Bluff AR.  Had no children.

       + 22.      ix      Frank ASHLEY b. 27 Jun 1902.


Third Generation


22.  Frank ASHLEY (6.Samuel2, 1.Daniel1) b. 27 Jun 1902, Sumter Co. AL, m. (1) ____ ____, m. (2) Vernettie SMITH, b. ?, Sumter Co. AL.  Frank died 22 Feb 1975, Salem Bapt.,Bay Springs MS.

       Vernettie: Had no children.  Nettie Ashley Carl is named for her.

                     Children by ____ ____:

          23.   i      Mary ASHLEY b. ?.  Last known to be in New London CT.