Ashleys in 1820 Abbeville Co. SC and 1830 and 1840 Madison Co. Ga censuses

An effort to fit known persons into the 1820 Abbeville Co. SC and 1830 and 1840
Madison Co. Ga censuses.  Those in caps without question marks are named in the
censuses.  The birth years are figured from the census categories (0-5, 5-10,
etc.) so are imprecise at both ends.  Within an age bracket, no order is implied
for M/F.

1820 Abbeville SC             1830 Madison GA                 1840 Madison GA
=================             ===============                 ===============
WILLIAM (Senior?)             WILLIAM
b. 1794-1804                  b. 1790-1800

(F)                           Delila?                          DELILA
b. 1794-1804                  b. 1790-1800                    b. 1790-1800

Born 1810-1820:               Born 1810-1815:
(M)                          (M) William Riley c1812?
(M)                              Moses 5-25-1814
(M)                              Samuel S. b. 1815
[1820: Note that Daniel would have fit into different grouping in 1830]

[1830: This would likely have been SSA still at home, but implies that Moses
age 16 and older brother WRA age 18? had left home. Military service?]

Born 1810-1820:
                              Born 1815-1820
(F)                          (F)

                               b. 1810-1820

                               (F)Jane ?
                               b. 1800-1810

[1830: There is a very good possibility that this is our SSA.  He married in
1839 and no children are shown.  Age of wife is a puzzle and may be an error
either in taking the census, transcribing it, or what grandma told the kids
about her true birth date.]

                              Born 1820-1825
                              (M) Daniel 9-28-1820?
                              (M) ???
                              (M) ???
                              (F) ???
                              (F) ???
                              (F) ???

[1830: A *lot* of kids we have no info on, 6 in 5 years!  These kids would have
been ages 5 to 10 in 1830.  Where were they in 1840 when they would have been 15
to 20?  It is likely that all were not children of Delila.]

                               Born 1825-1830
                              (M) ???                   
                              (F) ???                         (F) ???
                              (F) ???
[A male who would have been age 0-5 in 1830 is missing in 1840 when he
would have been 10-15.  A female who was age 10-15 in 1840 does not
appear in 1830 when she would have been 0-5 (daughter-in-law?)

                                                              Born 1830-1835
                                                              (M) ???
                                                              (M) ???
                                                              (M) ???
[1840: 3 males age 5-10.  They would have been born when Delila was age 35-40
(or thereabouts) and prior to the death of William.]

In 1840, when Delila was shown as head of household, she only had with her 2
females age 10-15 and 3 males aged 5-10.  This is a clue that William may have
died not long before the 1840 census.  Remarriage was a practical necessity of
widows and widowers with small children.  However, we have seen an 1846 marriage
of Delila Ashley to a "Leon" Smith in Henry Co. GA where probable son Daniel
married a year earlier, and a Joseph A. Ashey married in 1844.  There is space
for a Joseph born somewhere around when Daniel was born.  Moses first son was
named Joseph.  Mandy Becky Ashley (probable daughter of Moses) 7th child (father
of JR) was named Joe (some said Joseph).

In the combined censuses, plus WRA's will, we have 16 young persons in
William/Delila households other than themselves.  We have accounted for only 4
of their names (including Daniel but not Joseph).

There are 6 male names and 6 female names not accounted for.

Where do Sarah and Tabitha (named in Wm. R. Ashley's will) fit in?  Daughters or
daughters-in-law of deceased Ashleys?