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1.   Mandy Becky ASHLEY b. 4 Jul 1861, AL, (daughter of Moses ASHLEY and Nancy LAY(LEIGH)) m. 7 Mar 1878, John Thomas ROBERTSON, b. 8 Aug 1855, (son of Israel Terrell ROBERTSON and Rachel Francis OLIVER) d. 16 Jun 1934, buried: Grant's Creek Cmty(Tuscaloosa)AL.  Mandy died 16 Dec 1908, buried: Grant's Creek Cmty(Tuscaloosa)AL.  Relatives buried on the John T. Robertson homeplace, but relocated to Hillside Cemetary, Anniston AL, in Will Robertson plot: Mose Ashley, b. 10-16-1800, d. 9-10-1883 and Mrs. Annie R. Ashley b. 4-8-1832 SC, d. 7-29-1908 Anniston AL.  Mose's stone says "Father".  Their relation to Amanda Becky is not known at this time.  John T.'s youngest daughter was named Ann Moses.

       John: Farmed in Calhoun County, Alabama.  His son, Joe Terrell Robertson, Sr., spoke of living in an area know as "Shady Glen".  A letter two years before his death was postmarked Eastaboga, Alabama.  It spoke of trying to help JDR get in a crop, so possibly was living with JDR on land later taken by govt for Fort McClellan.  DOB & DOD from family Bible.  Was first buried near Anniston, then exhumed and buried at Grant's Creek, Tuscaloosa Co. AL. JTR,Sr. escorted casket on train.


       + 2.     i      Emma Florence ROBERTSON b. 23 Dec 1878.

       + 3.     ii      William (Willie) Dunlap ROBERTSON b. 30 Aug 1884.

          4.      iii      John Dudley ROBERTSON b. 22 Dec 1893, m. Mae Belle WHIFED, b. 1898, d. 25 Dec 1986, Calhoun Co. AL, buried: Ragan Chapel UMC(Calhoun)AL.  John died 8 Mar 1976, buried: Ragan Chapel UMC(Calhoun)AL.

                        Mae: Mae's grandfather was Cherokee.  Born in May.

       + 5.      iv      Frances Amanda ROBERTSON b. 23 Dec 1895.

       + 6.      v      Erline Ashley ROBERTSON b. 23 Jul 1899.

       + 7.      vi      Ann Moses ROBERTSON b. 22 Jun 1903.

       + 8.      vii      Joe Terrell ROBERTSON, Sr. b. 7 May 1907.


Second Generation


2.    Emma Florence ROBERTSON (1.Mandy1) b. 23 Dec 1878, m. 9 Apr 1905, J. W. LEE.  Emma died 9 Dec 1965, buried: Forrest Cmty.,Gadsden(Etowah)AL.  A letter (identified as "last letter") to Erline found in family Bible was postmarked Gadsden, Ala.  JAR recalls visiting Emma, where she was a house mother at the Alabama school for the blind in Talladega.  The children were in class at the time, and there was a doll on each coverlet.

       J.: J.W. Lee had a brother who moved to Texas.  This brother's son had a daughter, Margie Lee, who married JTR's son, Joe.


          9.     i      Vera LEE b. 20 Jun 1906, m. William Edgar SHADDOX, b. 11 Aug 1902, d. 17 Feb 1982, buried: Forrest Cmty.,Gadsden(Etowah)AL.  Most recent report on Vera is that she was in retirement home or apartment. Vera had no children.  Charles Baughn referred to her as BeBe.


3.   William (Willie) Dunlap ROBERTSON (1.Mandy1) b. 30 Aug 1884, m. 1906, Ada Mae HEATH, b. 15 Apr 1891, (daughter of George Washington HEATH and Martha Ann McCOLLUM) d. 26 Feb 1977, Calhoun Co. AL, buried: Hillside Cmty,Anniston(Calhoun)AL.  William died 4 May 1968, buried: Hillside Cmty,Anniston(Calhoun)AL.  According to his brother, Joe T. Robertson, Sr., was a millwright at a foundry.  He farmed near Oxford, Alabama.


          10.   i      Geneva Belle ROBERTSON b. 14 Feb 1909, Calhoun Co. AL, m. 25 Feb 1929, in Calhoun Co. AL, Raymond Carlton CALHOUN, b. 16 Oct 1911, Ohatchee(Calhoun)AL, (son of Albert Martin CALHOUN and Fanny Loucindy ABERNATHY) d. 14 Dec 1988, Pell City(St. Clair)AL.  Geneva died 11 Mar 1979, Ohatchee(Calhoun)AL.  Descendent of James Robertson (b.bef 1665) and of Samuel Oliver (b.1730).

                        Raymond: Descendent of Archibald Calhoun (b.cir 1776).

          11.   ii      Louis Richard ROBERTSON b. April 15 1913, m. 1940, Annie Estelle BRADEN, b. 25 Dec 1911, Jasper County AL, d. 29 May 1983, Anniston(Calhoun)AL, buried: Hillside Cmty,Anniston(Calhoun)AL.  Louis died 6 Apr 1996, Rolla(Phelps)MO, buried: 9 Apr 1996, Hillside Cmty,Anniston(Calhoun)AL.  Louis lived final years in retirement home in MO near home of son Jerry.

                        Annie: Louis and Estelle were married in January 1940 per SRJ1.

          12.      iii      James Edward ROBERTSON (details excluded), m. Dorothy Lee AKINS, (details excluded), (daughter of William Elliott AKINS and Lillie Esther _____).


5.   Frances Amanda ROBERTSON (1.Mandy1) b. 23 Dec 1895, m. 6 May 1918, Charles Courtland COPHAM, b. 27 Dec 1889, (son of Thomas COPHAM and Frances La Rue de HUMPHREYVILLE) d. 23 Oct 1976, buried: Sheffield(Colbert)AL,Oakwood Cmty.  Frances died 11 May 1976, buried: Sheffield(Colbert)AL,Oakwood Cmty.  JAR recalls visiting Frances' home in Sheffield when he was a small child.  Frances had a large home and had rooms rented out. She tried to get JTR to allow JAR to live with her so she could have him provided with art lessons.  Frances kept a new Nash car, and at least in later years, always did the driving.  JAR always remembered her as "a Spanish galleon under full sail".

       Charles: His grandfather came from England.  JDC,Jr. has his naturalization papers. Charles died in an accident while driving to visit the cemetary.


          13.   i      John Dudley COPHAM b. 7 May 1919, m. Martha Jane FOOTE, (details excluded), (daughter of Thomas Jess FOOTE and Ruth BURNETT). John died 30 Mar 1945, buried: Sheffield(Colbert)AL,Oakwood Cmty.  Died young from strep infection after having wisdom tooth pulled.  He left a widow and a single son.  Have also seen DOD as 3-29-45.  Family Bible shows a date (with correction) as 3-30-45.

          14.   ii      Bettye Charlene COPHAM b. 11 Nov 1924, m. Garland BAUGHN, b. 7 Nov 1920, Ramburn GA, d. 9 Aug 1968, buried: Sheffield(Colbert)AL,Oakwood Cmty.  Bettye died 19 Feb 1992, buried: Sheffield(Colbert)AL,Oakwood Cmty.  Original name was Betty, but was changed to Bettye.  Middle name per Charles Baughn birth certificate.

                        Garland: Birth location per Charles Baughn birth certificate.


6.    Erline Ashley ROBERTSON (1.Mandy1) b. 23 Jul 1899, Tuscaloosa(Tuscaloosa)AL, m. 7 Apr 1919, Robert Douglas DAWKINS, Sr., b. 18 Apr 1894, Memphis(Shelby)TN, (son of Charles R. DAWKINS and Sarah Alice MORGAN) d. 15 Nov 1973, Mobile(Mobile)AL, buried: Pine Crest Cmty.,Mobile(Mobile)AL.  Erline died 21 Feb 1967, Mobile(Mobile)AL, buried: Pine Crest Cmty.,Mobile(Mobile)AL.

       Robert: Descended from Charles H. Dawkins (b.1834).


          15.   i      Robert Douglas DAWKINS, Jr. b. 11 Nov 1920, d. 8 Nov 1944, Phillipines, WWII.

          16.   ii      Emagene (Jean) DAWKINS (details excluded), m. James Ernest DAVIDSON, Sr., (details excluded), (son of James Homer DAVIDSON and Lillie Myrtice MORRIS).


7.    Ann Moses ROBERTSON (1.Mandy1) b. 22 Jun 1903, m. (1) Roscoe C. COX, m. (2) Melvin T. LEE, (details excluded).  Had red hair. John T.'s memo book (c. 1930) shows 3 addresses for R.C.Cox (or Mrs.): -2710 Long St, Chattanooga TN -(Mrs.) 711 Manning St., Chattanooga TN -(Mrs.) 11522 Wilmington Ave, Los Angeles CA -(Mrs.) Rt.2, Box 370, Compton CA and two more California addresses erased.

       Roscoe: JAR recalls hearing that he was killed in a motorcycle accident.

                     Children by Roscoe C. COX:

          17.   i      James Robertson COX b. 2 Jan 1924, d. 24 Jan 1924.  These dates indicate an infant death.

          18.   ii      Thelma COX m. _____ HULLINGER.  Eugene Cox told Jeanette Turner that Thelma's whereabouts were unknown. Last known address:  Thelma Hullinger, 6718 Stafford, Apt I. Huntington Beach CA 90255

          19.      iii      Roscoe Eugene COX m. (1) Pat _____, m. (2) Marilyn _____.  Roscoe died 1992.  Died in February.

                        Marilyn: See address list.

                        Children by Melvin T. LEE:

          20.      iv      Carol Ann LEE m. David ROLAND.

                        David: See address list.


8.    Joe Terrell ROBERTSON, Sr. (1.Mandy1) b. 7 May 1907, Anniston(Calhoun)AL, m. 9 Apr 1928, Mary Rosalye WOOTON, b. 8 Dec 1910, E.Tallassee(Tallapoosa)AL, (daughter of Claude Cleveland WOOTON and Ida Mae RICHARDSON) d. 15 Dec 1981, Shelby(Cleveland)NC, buried: Providence Cmty.,Kent(Elmore)AL.  Joe died 5 Jul 1981, Marietta(Cobb)GA, buried: Providence Cmty.,Kent(Elmore)AL.  Worked on the construction of Martin Dam (Tallapoosa) AL.  After its completion, he worked until his retirement as an operator of the plant. He lived in the company village at Martin Dam until 1940, when he moved to Kent (Elmore) AL.  Descendent of James Robertson (b.bef 1665) and Samuel Oliver (b.1730).

       Mary: Descendent of Henry Mitchell (b.1634) and of Isham Richardson (b.cir 1700).


          21.   i      Joe Terrell ROBERTSON, Jr. (details excluded), m. (1) Margie Lee JOHNSON, (details excluded), (daughter of John Lloyd LEE and Nannie Sue McCUISTON) m. (2) Betty BURKE.

                        Betty: Burke is believed to be Betty's last name by first marriage.

          22.   ii      Jeanette ROBERTSON (details excluded), m. Milford Lee TURNER, (details excluded), (son of David L. TURNER, Sr. and Lena ARNOLD).

          23.      iii      John Robertson (details excluded), m. Sylvia Sue RANSOM, (details excluded), (daughter of Willie Albert RANSOM and Hilda BALLARD).

          24.      iv      Mary Anne ROBERTSON (details excluded), m. (1) Christopher Wayne HARRIS, b. 7 Feb 1943, d. 1 Jun 1970, m. (2) John A. SEEBACHER.