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1.      Samuel Shaw ASHLEY b. 20 Aug 1815, Abbeville District SC,[1] (son of William ASHLEY and Della (Delila,Delia) _____) m. 11 Jan 1838, in Madison Co. GA,1  Mary Jane CRISWELL, b. 25 Dec 1820, Abbeville District SC,1  (daughter of _____ CRISWELL and Hannah _____) d. 3 Mar 1904, Greenville(Hunt)TX.1   Samuel died 28 Apr 1897,1  buried: Money Cmty (Hunt)TX.1




         1.  Marriage Records of Georgia (Madison Co.) 1700-1850.  Samuel and Jane.


         2.  1840 Madison Co. GA census, 044 Mill District


         3.  1850 Talladega Co. AL census, pg. 742, #1668/-1713


         4. 1860 Talladega Co. AL census, Northern Div., pg. 741, #845/1, pg.471,#1668/1713


         5.  1880 Talladega Co. AL census, pg. 741b, #845- Northern District


         [JR: Shown living next door to Tabitha Ashley (who lived next door to Delia Smith) in the 1850 Talladega Co. AL census.  Specified in Wm. R.'s will as his brother, and mentioned as a resident of Benton Co. AL.]


         [JR: Date of death also given as 1891]


         Kaufman Sun., October 08, 1897 (Forney Tribune) "Sunday afternoon a dog supposed to be mad entered the residence of Mr. S.S. Ashley, about nine miles south of town, and scared everbody off of the place.  From there he went to the home of Mr. Ashley's son and did likewise.  After his call there he continued on his way and the next house he entered was that of Mr. John Roberts, where he met his death.  He crawled under the bed where Mr. Roberts shot him four times."


         [JR: He would have been 46 when Manda Becky Ashley was born.]

         Mary: [JR: Named in Madison Co. GA marriage records as marrying Samuel Ashley in Jan 1839.  Was married in January.  In 1840 Madison Co. census, a Samuel shown as age 20-30 (b. 1810-1820) was shown with wife age 30-40 (b. 1800-1810) with no  children.]


         [JR: Name also given as Mary Jane Harrison]




         1.  1860 Talledega Co. AL census


         2.  Handwritten genealogy of the Golden Related Families by Rosa Presley Gray Francis states that Mary Jane and Tyre Harrison could have been brother and sister.  If not, they were closely related.  She could have been a sister of John L. Harrison.


        +  2.       i      Moses Samuel McDuffie "Cap" ASHLEY b. 4 Aug 1840.

            3.       ii     William "Billie" F. ASHLEY b. 5 Mar 1845, GA,1  d. 5 Apr 1928.1   [JR: Not listed as an heir in William R. Ashley's will (his father was). He is shown in Samuel's household in Talladega county in 1850.  He would have been 18 when Mandy Becky was born.  He is likely to have been involved in the Civil War.] Never married. Source: 1850 Talladega AL census 13 Dec 1850, pg. 472 shows born 1843 in GA

            4.       iii    Mary Taylor ASHLEY b. 15 May 1847, GA,1  d. 30 Jul 1929.1   [JR: Shown on the 1850 Talladega Co. AL census as Taylor.] Source: 1910 Hunt Co. TX census, Prec. 1, living with Moses Samuel Shaw. Whenever Aunt Taylor Ashley was asked why she never married, she said "The ones I could get, I wouldn't have and the ones I wanted wouldn't have me."

            5.       iv    V____ ASHLEY b. cir 1857, GA.1


Second Generation


2.      Moses Samuel McDuffie "Cap" ASHLEY (1.Samuel1) b. 4 Aug 1840,1  m. (1) 9 Sep 1865, in Talladega Co. AL,1  Louisa CRISWELL, b. 20 Apr 1846, Henry Co. GA,[2] (daughter of Joseph McDuffy CRISWELL and Neomi "Omy" TOWSON) d. 17 Jan 1874,2  m. (2) 8 Feb 1874, in Calhoun Co. AL,[3] Sarah Adeline CRISWELL, b. 22 Sep 1848, Henry Co. GA,3  (daughter of Joseph McDuffy CRISWELL and Neomi "Omy" TOWSON) d. 5 Jan 1882,3  m. (3) Oct 1882, in Calhoun Co. AL,[4] Mary Elizabeth MOORE, b. 25 Oct 1845, AL,4  d. 24 May 1930, Calhoun Co. AL.4   Moses died 4 Jan 1913,1  buried: Money Cmty (Hunt)TX.1


         [JR: He was not listed as an heir in William R. Ashley's will, but his father was.  He is shown in Samuel's household in Talladega county in 1850.  He would have been 20 when Mandy Becky Ashley was born.  He is likely to have been involved in the Civil War.]




         1. 1850 Talladega Co. AL Census, pg 472, #1668/1713, shows born in GA.


         2. 1870 Calhoun Co. AL Census for Oxford Township 16, pg. 562.  He is listed as a "miller" living with Matilda? Brownlee, age 54, born in SC, and her children Hugh P., Enoch, and Elizabeth.


         3.  1880 Calhoun Co. AL Census, pg. 716, Oxford Beat 13, #315/352, shows he was born 1835 in GA.  His parents were both born in SC.  He had wife Sarah, children: Joseph, Naomie, Mary, Nancy, Samuel and Sarah.


         4.  1900 Kaufman Co. TX Census, Forney town.  Neither of them knew just how long they had been married.  The third from the youngest child was age 14.  There was, living near Moses,  a Joseph Ashley, born Jan 1868 AL with wife Julia, born Oct. 1871 AL and daughter Dessie M., born Dec. 1891 AL.  They had been married 10 years, had 5 children, 1 living.


         5.  1910 Hunt Co. TX Census, Prec. 1, M.S. and Mary E. state they have been married 26 years.  She bore 3 children, 2 living.  Also living in Moses' household were his siblings: R.H.D. Ashley, age 64 and Mary T., age 62.


         6.  Johnnie Criswell Turpen, 1998.


         7.  Bible records (not known who owns the Bible involved).


         8.  Anniston (Calhoun) AL Marriage Records:  M.S.McD. Ashley to Sarah A. Criswell.  Book. B-3, pg. 76.  Marriage records indicate they were applied for in Talladega Co. AL on 4 Sep 1865 and married on 7 Sep 1865 .

         Louisa: It is believed that, after her death, her husband married her sister Adline.

         Sarah: Source:  Calhoun Co. AL Marriage Records

         Mary: Sources:


         1.  1910 Hunt Co. TX Census shows that she had only been married one time, that she had 3 children, all living.  Her father was born in TN and her mother in SC.


         2.  Confederate pension application for Hunt Co. TX rejected.  States "Mrs. M. E. Ashley b. Calhoun Co. Alabama Oct. 1845, age 83 years. (1929).  Married Oct 1882 Calhoun Co., Alabama to Moses Samuel McDuffey Ashley, who died January 05, 1913, Hunt County, Texas.  He served as a Private in Alabama for about three years.  He enlisted at Oxford, Alabama."


         3.  "Golden, Related Families", by Rosa Presley Gray Francis.  This work was all handwritten and apparently never published.  The work does not include documented proof of her data.  Info sent to Linda Harwell by Sonja Randall of Cleburne Co. Alabama, 1999.  States that Mary Elizabeth Moore was a sister of Martha Moore who married James P. Harrison, son of James Madison Harrison, Rebecca Moore, wife of John L. Harrison, his second wife, and she was a sister of Martha and Mary Elizabeth and their brother Davie Moore (part of the Golden and Sparks family).



                             Children by Louisa CRISWELL:

        +  6.       i      Joseph "Joe" William Riley ASHLEY b. 27 Jan 1868.

        +  7.       ii     Neomi "Omi" Jane ASHLEY b. 17 Jul 1870.

        +  8.       iii    Mary Adeline "Addie" ASHLEY b. 2 Feb 1872.

            9.       iv    Dessie May ASHLEY m.2  George Patrick GOLDEN.

                             Children by Sarah Adeline CRISWELL:

            10.     v     Mary T. ASHLEY b. Feb 1872, AL.3

            11.     vi    Angeline Frances R. ASHLEY b. 3 Jan 1875,3  d. 5 Feb 1875.3

            12.     vii   Nancy "Nanny" Ann ASHLEY b. 27 Jul 1876, Calhoun Co. AL,3  m. 16 Apr 1917, in Hunt Co. TX,3  Rufe F. BARKER.  Nancy died 4 Feb 1956, Terrell(Kaufman)TX,3  buried: Greenville(Hunt)TX.3


                             Died in the Terrell State Hospital, Terrell (Kaufman) TX of cerebral embolism due to cerebral arteriosclerosis.  Has lived at the hospital for one year 261 days.  Home listed as Greenville TX.  Listed as a widow on death certificate.  No children to this marriage.




                             1.  1880 Calhoun Co. AL Census, pg. 716, Oxford Beat 13, shown as 4 yrs old, born in AL.


                             2.  1910 Hunt Co. TX Census.  Shows as age 33 and single.


                             3.  Hunt Co. TX Marriage records. Bk. S, pg. 385


                             4.  Kaufman Co. TX death certificate.



        +  13.     viii  Samuel Shaw ASHLEY b. 10 Feb 1878.

        +  14.     ix    Sarah "Sally" Frances ASHLEY b. 24 Apr 1880.

        +  15.     x     Hannah Elizabeth ASHLEY b. 30 Dec 1881.

                             Children by Mary Elizabeth MOORE:

        +  16.     xi    George Washington ASHLEY b. 1 Jan 1855.

            17.     xii   James "Jim" Meddleton ASHLEY b. 22 Jun 1886, AL,4  m. 22 Jun 1918, in Hunt Co. TX,4  Annie DAVIS.  James died 12 Jul 1933.4   Had no children.  Lived in Fort Worth at one time. Source: (1) Hunt Co. TX Marriage Records, Bk. T, pg. 149, Jim & Annie. (2) Kaufman Co. TX Census (year?).

            18.     xiii  Moses Raymond ASHLEY b. 27 Feb 1888, Calhoun Co. AL,4  m.4  Alvie MAYABB.  Moses and Alvie had one son. Source: Kaufman Co. TX 1900 Census shows he was born February 1890.


Third Generation


6.      Joseph "Joe" William Riley ASHLEY (2.Moses2, 1.Samuel1) b. 27 Jan 1868, AL,2  m. 17 Nov 1890, in Oxford(Calhoun)AL,2  Ludy C. HARRISON, b. 31 Oct 1871, Oxford(Calhoun)AL,[5] (daughter of Robert Tyre HARRISON and Nancy WOMACK) d. 15 Apr 1956.5   Joseph died 11 Jan 1952.2   Sources: (1) 1880 Calhoun Co. AL Census, pg. 716, Oxford Beat 13, shows born 1870 in AL. (2) 1900 Kaufman Co. TX Census, Prec. #2. Pg. 100, #297/297. Living between Markout Community and the Town of Forney.  (3)  1910 Hunt Co. TX Census, Prec. #1, #108/113.

         Ludy: Source: (1) 1900 Kaufman Co. TX Census, Prec. 2.  Ludy's parents were both born in GA.  Shows that she had five children born and only one living.  (2) 1910 Hunt Co. TX Census, Prec. 1, 108/113, shows she had 10 children born and only 7 living at this time.


            19.     i      Dessie May ASHLEY b. 30 Dec 1891, AL,5  m. 13 Aug 1911, in Hunt Co. TX,5  G. P. GOLDEN.  Dessie died 19 Apr 1983.5   Source: Hunt Co. TX Marriage Records, Bk. P., pg. 495, Dessie Ashley and G.P. Golden.

            20.     ii     David Franklin ASHLEY b. 14 Jun 1894,5  d. 8 Sep 1898.5

            21.     iii    Moses Robert ASHLEY b. 19 Sep 1896,5  d. 8 Sep 1898.5

        +  22.     iv    Willis Fowler ASHLEY b. 20 Nov 1900.

            23.     v     Lennie Pearl ASHLEY b. 28 Jun 1902, TX,5  d. 31 Oct 1986.5

            24.     vi    Joseph Travis ASHLEY b. 21 Oct 1903, Kaufman Co. TX,5  d. 21 Feb 1964.5   Source:  Kaufman Co. TX Birth Records, Bk. 9, pg. 134, Joseph Travis.

            25.     vii   Carrie Lee ASHLEY b. 5 Aug 1907.5

            26.     viii  G. B. ASHLEY b. 10 Jan 1910,5  d. 30 May 1922.5


7.      Neomi "Omi" Jane ASHLEY (2.Moses2, 1.Samuel1) b. 17 Jul 1870, AL,2  m. (1) 8 Feb 1874, in Calhoun Co. AL,2  David "Dave" P. GAY, b. Aug 1864,[6] m. (2) 30 Aug 1916,6  Tom W. MORPHEW.  Neomi died 13 Dec 1963.2   No issue to her second marriage. Sources: (1) 1880 Calhoun Co. AL Census shows her born 1872 in AL. (2) Evie Bunch, 5612 Sanderson Lane, Texarkana, AR 75502, 1989.  (3) Hunt Co. TX Marriage Records, Bk. "S", pg. 66, N.J. and T.W.

         David: Source:  1900 Kaufman Co. TX Census, Prec. 2, Forney area

                             Children by David "Dave" P. GAY:

            27.     i      Thomas Bryan "Fritz" GAY b. 10 Oct 1897,6  m. 4 Dec 1918, in Hunt Co. TX,6  Opal Edna SHIELDS.  Thomas died 18 Jun 1936.6   Source:  Hunt Co. TX Marriage Records, Bk. T, pg. 290, Thomas & Opal.

            28.     ii     Don Carlos GAY b. 11 Nov 1898,6  d. 6 Sep 1971.6

            29.     iii    Minnie Lee GAY b. 22 Nov 1900,6  d. 16 Oct 1901, w. of Forney(Kaufman)TX.6   Source:  Date and newspaper unknown.  "The baby girl of David P. Gay died west of town yesterday at Forney.

            30.     iv    Alice Myrtle GAY b. 22 Jun 1902,6  m.6  Lee HANES.  Alice died 28 Apr 1983.6


8.      Mary Adeline "Addie" ASHLEY (2.Moses2, 1.Samuel1) b. 2 Feb 1872, AL,2  m. 1908,2  Jasper "Bud" L. NORRIS, b. 1848, TX.[7]

         Jasper: Source:  1910 Hunt Co.TX Census, Prec. 1, 123/125, shows both his parents were born in Ohio.  Living on the Celeste and Conner Road.


            31.     i      Lester Ray NORRIS b. 1894, TX.7

            32.     ii     Homer V. NORRIS b. 1897, TX.7

            33.     iii    Lillie M. NORRIS b. 1902, TX.7

            34.     iv    Fred McD. NORRIS b. 1906, TX.7

            35.     v     Lida L. NORRIS b. 1907, TX.7

            36.     vi    _____ NORRIS b. 1909, TX.7


13.   Samuel Shaw ASHLEY (2.Moses2, 1.Samuel1) b. 10 Feb 1878, AL,3  m. (1) 11 May 1902,3  Jennie Mary Ella HUGHES, b. 2 May 1883, AL,[8] (daughter of Rufus H. HUGHES and Emyline CRISWELL) d. 20 May 1902, Forney(Kaufman)TX,8  buried: Hillcrest Cmty,Forney(Kaufman)TX,8  m. (2) 15 May 1904,3  Francis WILLIAMS, b. 18 May 1885, TX,[9] d. 9 Apr 1920,9  m. (3) 28 Nov 1923,3  Bertha Lee HARPER.  Samuel died 12 Jan 1963,3  buried: Money Cmty (Hunt)TX.3




         1.  1880 Calhoun Co. AL Census, pg. 716, Oxford Beat 13 show he was born in 1878 AL.


         2.  1910 Hunt Co. TX Census.  Sam reports he has been married two times.


         3.  Hunt County Marriage Records, Bk. M, pg. 62.  Sam S. Ashley and Francis Williams.


         4.  Cemetery inscriptions of Hunt Co. TX Vol. 1- Money Cemetery


         5.  Eva (Ashley) Bench - 1989 .  Corresponded with Johnnie Criswell Turpen.


         6.  Daily Transcript, 4 September 1902.  "Rufe Hughes, a Farmer Shot by His Son-in-Law, Sam Ashby". "Yesterday as Rufe Hughes was driving along the road near Forney he was met by his son-in-law, Sam Ashby, and was shot in the mouth with a load of buck shot from a winchester shot gun.  All the lower part of his face was torn away and a number of shot are said to have lodged in the back part of his head.  Sherrif Henderson went to Forney and arrested Ashby.  It is said the latter, after the shooting, went to his home, sat on the door step and sent word to the officers to come and get him.  Sheriff Henderson passed through here last night on the way to the Kaufman jail.  It was reported at that time Hughes was dead, but this morning a man coming from Forney said he was still living, but with no hope of recovery.  Ashby said last night that he would waive preliminary examination and let the grand jury pass on his case as it was now in session.  Some time ago, Ashby married Hughes' daughter and about three months ago she committed suicide by shooting herself.  Ashby was warned, it is alleged, not to attend the funeral or he would be shot down.  Hughes is said to have been opposed to the marriage of his daughter to Ashby and out of this grew the family trouble resulting in the suicide of the girl and shooting of Hughes.  Ashby and his wife were said to have been cousins and on this account the marriage was opposed."


         7.  Daily Transcript, 6 September 1902.  "Sam Ashby has been granted bail in the sum of $1,000 to await the action of the grand jury for the shooting of Rufe Hughes near Forney."


         8.  Checked the Kaufman County TX District Clerk's records and did not find a file on Sam Ashley for the shooting.


         9.  Greenville Evening Banner (Hunt Co. TX), Wednesday, 21 April 1920.  "...The home of S.S. Ashley, who lives in the Tidwell community was burglarized, the whole house being rifled, late last night while he and his children were in Greenville and $18.00 in money and a number of other articles were taken.  The screen on one of the doors had been cut by the burglars who affected an entrance in that manner.  Mr. Ashley declared that where the thieves had crossed the fence in his yard there was a track indicating that two men had done the job.  Ashley attended a Masonic meeting here last night.  (The article described the burglars being escapees Woosley and McCarthey, who believed made it for Oklahoma).


         10.  Money Cemetery, Hunt Co. TX on site.  Photos taken of tombstones of the Ashleys buried there.


         11.  Hunt Co. TX Probate Records.  Case Nu. 6851.  Bertha Ashley, plaintiff vs. S.S. Ashley, defendent.  Filed 22 January 1964.





         Hearsay that her father 'mistreated her' in her teenage years; thus she killed herself like her sister did.


         Source:  Daily Transcript, 22 May 1902.  "Mrs. Ella Ashley, daughter of R.H. Hughes of Forney, killed herself with a pistol at that place Tuesday night.  It is said that she shot herself in the head.  She had been married only two weeks.



         Francis: Sources: (1) 1910 Hunt Co. TX Census, Prec. 1, Community Road, 22/22, shows she had 3 children and only 2 living at this time.  Shows her father was born in FL and her Mother born in AL.  (2) Photos taken at Money Cmty, Hunt Co. January 1999.

         Bertha: Samuel and Bertha had no children.

                             Children by Francis WILLIAMS:

            37.     i      Everett L. ASHLEY b. 17 Jan 1905, Greenville(Hunt)TX,9  m. 26 Jan 1924,9  Lucretia BEDDINGFIELD.  Everett died 29 Jul 1974,9  buried: Money Cmty (Hunt)TX.9   Twin. Sources:  (1) 1910 Hunt Co. TX Census. (2) Photos taken January 1999 at Money Cmty, Hunt Co. TX

            38.     ii     Evie Eva ASHLEY b. 17 Jan 1905, Greenville(Hunt)TX,9  m. 7 Jan 1939,9  Clarence Robert BENCH.

            39.     iii    Leona (Leola) ASHLEY b. 17 Jul 1907,9  d. 26 Jun 1908,9  buried: Money Cmty (Hunt)TX.9   Source:  Photos taken January 1999 at Money Cmty, Hunt Co. TX.


14.   Sarah "Sally" Frances ASHLEY (2.Moses2, 1.Samuel1) b. 24 Apr 1880, AL,3  m. 1904,3  Milton I. SHARP, b. 1 Jan 1876,[10] (son of William SHARP) d. 8 Aug 1954,10  buried: Forrest Park Cmty,Greenville(Hunt)TX.  Sarah died 8 Jul 1964,3  buried: Forrest Park Cmty,Greenville(Hunt)TX.3   Sarah and Milton had one girl and three boys. Sources: (1) 1880 Calhoun Co. AL Census, pg. 716, Oxford Beat 13, shows her as 2 months old, born in April in AL.  (2) Kaufman Co. TX Census, year?, living with her parents.  (3) Hunt Co. TX Cmty Records shows she died in 1923


            40.     i      Clifford R. SHARP b. 31 Jul 1909, TX,10  d. 1 Jun 1910,10  buried: Money Cmty (Hunt)TX.10   Source:  (1)Hunt County TX Cemetery Records. (2) 1910 Hunt Co. TX Census, Prec. 1.

            41.     ii     Clyde M. SHARP b. 1908.10

            42.     iii    _____ SHARP b. 1904, TX.10   Source:  1910 Hunt Co. TX Census, Prec. 1, name too faded to read.


15.   Hannah Elizabeth ASHLEY (2.Moses2, 1.Samuel1) b. 30 Dec 1881, AL,3  m. (1)3  Allen DANIELS, m. (2) 14 Oct 1908,3  Robert "Bob" F. FAULKNER.  Hannah died 26 Jan 1938.3

         Allen: Hannah and Allen Daniels had one boy Fowler Daniels and one girl.

         Robert: Hannah and Bob Faulkner had one boy and one girl.

                             Children by Allen DANIELS:

            43.     i      Fowler DANIELS b. 16 Oct 1904,[11] d. 11 Dec 1968.11

            44.     ii     Frenchie DANIELS b. 12 Feb 1908,11  d. 24 Feb 1970.11


16.   George Washington ASHLEY (2.Moses2, 1.Samuel1) b. 1 Jan 1855, Calhoun Co. AL,[12] m.4  Mollie J. DUNN, b. 30 Aug 1861, TX,12  (daughter of _____ DUNN and Amanda ____) d. 20 Aug 1898,12  buried: Holly Spgs. Cmty,Canton(Van Zandt)TX.12   George died 4 Sep 1905, Hunt Co. TX,4  buried: Holly Spgs. Cmty,Canton(Van Zandt)TX.12   Source:  1900 Kaufman Co. TX Census, #94/94, Town of Forney, shows his birth as Oct 1885 in TX.  Birth also shown as 5 Oct 1853.


            45.     i      Leonard Clifford ASHLEY b. 7 Nov 1893, TX,12  m. 22 Jun 1921, in Van Zandt Co. TX,12  Lillian LANEY.  Leonard died 16 Feb 1964, Kaufman Co. TX.12


Fourth Generation


22.   Willis Fowler ASHLEY (6.Joseph3, 2.Moses2, 1.Samuel1) b. 20 Nov 1900.5


            46.     i      Melissa ASHLEY buried: S. Sulphur Cmty. Hunt Co. TX.[13]  Date of death unreadable.






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