Will Of William R. Ashley, Greene Co. AL

Greene Co. Ala.
Will Book C, page 308


State of Florida   )               In the name of God Amen
Hillsborough County)               I William R. Ashley of the State of
         Alabama and of Greene County being weak, but of sound
         mind memory and understanding do make and ordain this
         my last will and testament in words following to wit

First.  I resign my body to the dust and my soul to God who
gave it.

Second.  It is my will that all my just debts shall be paid
out of any money remaining on hand as first received after my

Third.  It is my will that all my negroes be sold after my death
not be separated but sold in one body at public auction and and
that all my other personal property be sold also at public aution
and that the proceeds of the sales of all my negroes and other personal
property together with such money as may remain on hand after
the payment of my just debts be all loaned out at lawful interest.
The notes to be renewed annually and continue thus to be loaded
until Joseph Ashley son of my brother Moses Ashley of Greene
County and State of Alabama becomes of lawful age.

Fourth.  I give and bequeath unto James Ashley son of Sarah
Ashley of Madison County and State of Georgia my patent Lever
silver watch now in the hands of said Sarah Ashley to be appraised
and to stand as a part of his legacy.

Fifth.  I will and bequeath unto my brother Samuel S. Ashley
of Benton County and State of Alabama forty acres of land it
being the South half of a tract of Eighty acres of land which
I own in the County of Talladega and State of Alabama to be
his in fee simple on and after the first day of January A D
1853 and forever.

Sixth.  It is my will that the north half of said Eighty acres
of land aforesaid shall be for the sole use and benefit of my
mother Della Smith and her husband Sion Smith so as they or
either of them shall reside on or cultivate the same or any
part thereof.  Provided that they nor neither of them shall
have the right or privilege to rent or lease the same or any
part thereof to another.  But whenever they vacate said land
by death or removal then said land shall be the property of
the aforesaid Samuel S. Ashley.  I furthermore bequeath unto
the aforesaid Delila Smith and Sion Smith during their natural
life three hundred pounds of fresh pork per annum, and one hundred
pounds of sugar and fifty pounds of coffee but in case of the
death of either I bequeath unto the survivor half of the above
amount of Pork, sugar and coffee during life.

Seventh.  I will and bequeath all my property excepting such
as is above specified and disposed of including the moneys loaned
as firt above directed together with its accumulated interest
unto James Ashley and George Wesley (sons of Sarah Ashley)
and unto Mark Ashley (son of Tabitha Ashley) and unto Joseph
Ashley son of Moses Ashley share and share alike to be theirs
from the time that the aforenamed Joseph Ashley becomes of lawful
age and to be theirs forever.

As witness of this my last will and testament I have hereunto
subscribed my name and affixed my seal at Manatee in the county
and state first above written in the year of our Lord one thousand
Eight hundred and fifty two

                               Wm R Ashley (LS)

Signed & sealed in presence of
F Branch, Wm. Cunningham

Franklin A. Branch

[In the probate of the will, it is stated that William R. Ashley
died at F. Branch's house on or about 1st day of April 1852]