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I have very little in the way of Papers on these families.  I do have a number of old photos, however.  I have not done much "real" genealogy on these families, but I have collected some information.  It can be found on my genealogy page.


Chambless/Horne Photos

My branch of the Chambless family ended up in central Florida, in Wauchula.  Israel Ezekiel Chambless hailed from Macon, Georgia, and I believe the family had come to there from Virginia.  I know almost nothing about Israel's wife, Carrie Horne.


Family Register -- Handwritten copy of a Family Register for Hornes, Lawrences, Chambless/isses & others

Granny's Notes -- Betty Chambless' genealogy notes on the Chambless/Horne/Lawrence families

Sanderson Photos

My branch of the Sanderson family came from Noble, Illinois, most recently.  Hugh Murphy Sanderson was a physician there.   He attended medical school in St. Louis.  The family came from Scotland to Pennsylvania, and then to Highland County, Ohio.


My branch of the Simmons family came from the Richmond area of Kentucky, where my great great grandfather, Josiah Phelps Simmons was sheriff.   An account of his run-in with Cassius Clay can be found in the book:  
Cassius Clay:  Firebrand of Freedom

Perrine Elementary School
Perrine, Florida

My grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Sanderson Chambless, called Betty, taught first grade for many years.  A few class pictures of first grades in Perrine Elementary school during the 1950s are included in our collection.






 See the rest of my collection at:
Charles Henry Gauss Family Papers


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