William Hawkins (1609-1699) married Margaret Harwood (1612-?)
John Hawkins (1642/3-1725/6) married Sarah (unknown) Damarill
William Hawkins (1676->1744) married Mary unknown
Jeriah (Josiah) Hawkins (~1712-1751) married Amey Olney (~1716-?)
Daniel Hawkins (1738-1823) married Thankful Bennett (1739-1819)
Stephen Hawkins (1759/60-1832) m. Fanny Parker (1762/1765-~1797)
Stephen O. Hawkins (1793-1866) married Cynthia Miles (1795-1840)
Charles Phineas Hawkins (1819-1881) married Mary Hampton White (1826-1877)
George White Hawkins, Sr. (1860-1934) married Augusta Kennard VanTine (1864-1920)
Hazel Marion Hawkins (1903-1948) married William Dawson Johnson, Sr.  (1902-1946)

1609, Exon Glouer, Devon, England 1
~1634 to Margaret Harwood 12 (1612-?)
> Jun. 17, 1699, Providence, RI 9
Madeline Hawkins
b. 1641; m. ~1676 to Jeremiah Rhodes at Providence RI; d. 1682
William Hawkins
b. 1645/7; m. Jun. 14, 1678 to  Mrs. Lydia (Ballou) Gardner; d. Jul. 6, 1723 at Providence RI
Mary Hawkins
b. 1649; m. James Blackmar; d. Feb. 1724
Edward Hawkins
b. 1660; m. Jul. 19, 1685 to Esther Arnold (daughter of Stephen Arnold); d. May 24, 1726 at Providence RI
Sep. 15, 1654 to Mrs. Sarah (unknown) Damarill 17
mariner 17
Children: 15
Stephen Hawkins
b. ~1679; m. Feb. 6, 1705/6 to Hannah Coggeshall; d. 1710/11
Elizabeth Hawkins
m. Apr. 4, 1699 to Joseph Smith (son of Edward Smith?)
Lydia Hawkins
m. Elisha Knowlton
Mary Hawkins
m. ~1705 to Hosannah Brown
Patience Hawkins
m. Joseph Smith (son of Joseph Smith, joiner)
Abigail Hawkins
m. Jonathan Salisbury
Sarah Hawkins
b. Apr. 15, 1685; m. Jun. 5, 1708 to Richard Evans; d. >1727
Edward Hawkins
b. ~1680; m. Lydia unknown; d. Aug. 19, 1741 at Providence RI
John Hawkins
b. 1688; m. Mary Ann unknown; d. 1755
Nov. 9, 1676 16
Mary unknown
> Jan. 7, 1744 18
John Hawkins
b. < 1710; m. Mary Smith; d. < 1740
Mary Hawkins
b. ~1710; m. Jan. 2, 1728 to John Tracy; d. 1767; BUR Hawkins Cemetery, Providence RI
Job Hawkins
b. 1717; m. Sep. 1752 to Mrs. Hope (Hopkins) Harris at Providence RI
Sarah Hawkins
m. Jun. 19, 1733 to Richard Smith at Providence RI

Sep. 7, 1735 to Amey Olney
1751 prob. at Providence RI
Mary Hawkins
b. 1736; m. Dec. 14, 1760 to Ephraim Whipple; d. 1820
Charles Hawkins
b. 1736; m. Sep. 4, 1760 to Sarah Olney
John Hawkins
b. ~1738/41; m. Mercy Sprague; d. 1818
Jeriah Hawkins, Jr.
b. 1742; married Mary "Polly" Knight; d. 1840
Amey Hawkins
b. 1751/2; m. 1st Nehemiah Lewis; m. 2nd Isaiah Inman; d. 1812
1738 at Providence RI
Jun. 22, 1738 at Providence RI
married 1st
Sep. 30, 1759 to Thankful Bennett at Providence RI
married 2nd
Mary Hammond (buried at Swanzey NH)
will dated
Apr. 2, 1823
Sep. 14, 1823 13
inventory taken
Oct. 9, 1823
Tufts Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH 7
Children of 1st Marriage:
Ephraim Hawkins
b. ~1764; m. 1795 to Grata Alexander; d. Oct. 17, 1823 aged 59 (committed suicide); BUR Willis Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH
Daniel Hawkins, Jr.
b. 1771; m. Oct. 13, 1792 to Amy Arnold; d. Mar. 1820  aged 49 (committed suicide); BUR Tufts Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH
Mary "Molly" Hawkins
m. Apr. 15, 1783 to Nathaniel Ripley; d. 1821-1823 19
Thankful Hawkins
m. Nov. 16, 1783 to Jonathan Howard
Freelove Hawkins
b. Jun. 4, 1773; m. Abiathar Dean; d. Apr. 16, 1829 at Lowell MA
Frinda C. Hawkins
b. ~1774; m1. Mar. 11, 1804 to Maj. William Comstock; m2. to John B. Willard; d. Aug. 8, 1811 aged 37; BUR Tufts Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH
Elizabeth "Betsy" Hawkins
b. 1778; m. 1795/6 to Levi Ripley (d. Apr. 10, 1857 age 55); d. Nov. 22, 1862 age 85; BUR Tufts Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH
Amey Hawkins
m. Dec. 27, 1789 to Abel Oldham; d. Jan. 28,1823; BUR Willis Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH
Nancy Hawkins
m. Dec. 25, 1794 to George Farrington
1759/60 2 in Providence, RI
married 1st
married 2nd
Sep. 23, 1798 to Mrs. Lucy (Parker) Butler 4  14
Dec. 26, 1832 in Winchester, Cheshire NH 5
Tufts Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH
Children of 1st Marriage
Persis P. Hawkins
b. ~1787; m. 1804/6 to John Capron; d. Aug. 13, 1859 age 72; BUR Tufts Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH
Sarah Hawkins
b. ~1789; m. Luther Rixford
Lucinda Hawkins
m. Dec. 2, 1812 to Walter Follett
Fanny P. Hawkins
b. ~1794; unmarried; d. Feb. 12, 1868 age 72; BUR Tufts Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH
Anna Hawkins
b. ~Jul. 1797; d. Sep. 10, 1798 age 11 months; BUR Willis Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH
Children of 2nd Marriage
Larnard/Larned Hawkins
Daniel Hawkins
Amy A. Hawkins
m. Jan. 1, 1843 to Benjamin F. Sales
Oliver P. Hawkins
b. 1800; m. Johanna H. Foster (?-Jun. 13, 1863); d. 1872

Dec. 23, 1793 in Winchester, Cheshire NH 6
married 1st
Dec. 2, 1818 to Cynthia Miles in Winchester, Cheshire NH 10
married 2nd
Mrs. Roby (unknown) Wilson (1805-Jan.4, 1892); BUR Tufts Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH
Jan. 6, 1866 at age 72 in Winchester, NH
Tufts Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH 7
Children of 1st Marriage:
Gardner Hawkins
moved to Fitchburg where he carried on the blacksmith trade until his retirement before 1885 as the result of ill health
Caroline E. Hawkins
William B. Hawkins
moved to NYC with his brother, Charles Phineas
m. 1st Sarah E. unknown; m. 2nd Margaretta J. unknown [see Green-Wood Cemetery record]
Stephen O. Hawkins, Jr.
b. 1827; m. Abbie A. Roberts (1831-1891); d. 1892; BUR Tufts Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH (next to his wife)
Nathan M. Hawkins
b. ~Jul. 1830; d. Sep. 11, 1831 age 11 months 18 days [best guess]; BUR Tufts Cemetery, Ashuelot, Cheshire NH
Emeline Hawkins
Abial Hawkins
joined his brother, Charles Phineas, in NYC; executor of Charles' estate
Abby Jane Hawkins

Sep. 10, 1819 in Winchester, Cheshire NH 8
married 1st
Nov. 29, 1846 to Mary Hampton White
married 2nd
> 1877 to Euphemia unknown
Dec. 7, 1881 at home (446 W. 44th Street, New York, NY)
Children of 1st Marriage
Mary Cynthia Hawkins
b. Sep. 3, 1847; m. Robert C. Inslee; d. Boston MA
Caroline Miranda Hawkins
b. Apr. 11, 1849; m. unknown Bockhorn; d. New York, NY
Charles Edwin Hawkins
b. May 15, 1851; d. May 7, 1880; BUR May 10, 1880 at  Green-Wood Cemetery
Stephen Abial Hawkins
b. Jan. 16, 1853; d. Jun. 28, 1853; BUR Jun. 29, 1853 at Green-Wood Cemetery
Albert Wilford Hawkins
b. Aug. 2, 1854 (twin); m. Anna "Annie" A. unknown; d. May 29, 1934; BUR Jun. 1, 1934 at Green-Wood Cemetery
William Alfred Hawkins
b. Aug. 2, 1854 (twin); d. Jan. 2, 1907; BUR Jan. 4, 1907 at Green-Wood Cemetery
Jesse Freemont Hawkins
b. Jul. 25, 1856; d. Jan. 29, 1857; BUR Jan. 30, 1857 at Green-Wood Cemetery
Elsworth Freemont Hawkins
b. Mar. 25, 1862
Susan Estelle Hawkins
b. Oct. 4, 1864, m. unknown Hulsuzin; d. Bridgeport, CT
Charlotte Eloise Hawkins
b. Nov. 14, 1866; m. unknown Meade and lived at 20 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, NY

Aug. 29, 1860
Sep. 11, 1934, age 74, at Springfield Gardens, Laurelton, Queens NY
Dale Cemetery, Ossining, NY with his wife 11
Lillian Edna Hawkins
George Hawkins
Clarence Hawkins
George White Hawkins, Jr.
b. ~1894; d. 1942; BUR May 28, 1942, age 48, at Dale Cemetery, Ossining NY
Mildred Evelyn Hawkins
b. Jan. 11, 1901; m. Alfred Livingston
Mildred Evelyn (Livingston) Johansen

Feb. 28, 1903
Mar. 11, 1921 to William Dawson Johnson, Sr. in Richmond Hill, Queens NY
Jun. 7, 1948, aged 45, at the home of her daughter in Queens Village, Queens NY
cremated, no memorial

see Mayflower Ancestry

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All burial information in New Hampshire was verified at the respective cemeteries on May 23, 2004. Tufts Cemetery is located on Old Hinsdale Road in Ashuelot. Willis Cemetery is up the hill in the woods off Back Ashuelot Road between Winchester and Ashuelot. The Evergreen Cemetery is on Richmond Road east of Winchester.

 1 Date of birth is extrapolated from age when sailed from Dartmouth; passenger record lists his age as 25 in 1634; place of birth is extrapolated from the address transcribed on the passenger records
 2 Date of birth is extrapolated from Death Certificate--age 73 when he died on Dec. 26, 1832
 3  Rixford, Elizabeth M. Leach Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service, Tuttle Company. Vermont,1934. Recorded date of Sep. 5, 1792 would appear incorrect since it post dates the birth of three of the children.
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 13 Will prepared Apr. 2, 1823; personal inventory dated Oct. 9, 1823; expenses of care giver Horace Chapin stop on Sep. 7, 1823 and funeral expenses are dated Sep. 18, 1823 (per Eugene Piurkowski)--the date of death on the gravestone is Sep. 14, 1825 which would appear to be an error
 14  See Last Will and Testament of Lucy (Parker) Butler Hawkins dated August 7, 1841for a list of her children; she names four sons and four daughters (one son from her prior marriage but it is unclear, with the exception of Amy A. Hawkins, if her daughters are from her first or second marriage).
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 19 In 1821, Daniel Hawkins Sr. deeded land to his grandson, Jonathan Howard Jr., in exchange for the maintenance of Jonathan's aunt, Molly (Hawkins) Ripley; she is presumed to have predeceased her father since she is not named in his will

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