226 years after the Mayflower landed at Plymouth, the two lines of Francis Cooke and Degory Priest (both passengers on the Mayflower and signers of the Mayflower Compact) came together in the marriage of Mary Hampton White and Charles Phineas Hawkins.  Their granddaughter, Hazel Marion Hawkins, married William Dawson Johnson, Sr.

Francis Cooke + Hester Mahieu
Mary Cooke + John Tomson
Mary Tomson + Thomas Philip Taber
Philip Taber + Sarah Tucker? Wilcox?
Huldah Taber + Peter White
Philip White + Jane Miers
John Philip White + Mary "Polly" Hampton
Mary Hampton White + Charles Phineas Hawkins
George White Hawkins + Augusta Kennard VanTine
Hazel Marion Hawkins + William Dawson Johnson, Sr.

see the COOKE Narrative for more information
Degory Priest + Sarah Allerton
Mary Priest + Phineas Pratt
Aaron Pratt + Sarah Pratt
Henry Pratt + Hannah unknown
Oliver Pratt + Sarah Willard
Sarah Pratt + Ezra Parker
Fanny Parker + Stephen Hawkins
Stephen Olney Hawkins + Cynthia Miles
Charles Phineas Hawkins + Mary Hampton White
George White Hawkins + Augusta Kennard VanTine
Hazel Marion Hawkins + William Dawson Johnson, Sr.

see the PRIEST Narrative for more information

For background on the Plymouth Colony:
See the Plymouth Colony Archive Project of the University of Virginia at The Plymouth Colony Archive Project for original records about the Plymouth Colony and especially The Plymouth Colony Archive Project, Maps & Landscape for numerous maps and plans of Plymouth from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.
A 1677 map of New England is particularly interesting as it shows the locations of such locales as Billerica, Cape Ann, Charlestown, Martha's Vineyard, Newtown, Plymouth, Watertown, and Yarmouth which are referenced in this genealogy.  See 1677 Map of New-England at the Plymouth Colony Archive Project.
Also see Plimoth-on-Web, the web site of Plimouth Plantation "The Living History Museum of 17th-Century Plimouth"

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