John I. Potter (1579-1623) married Hannah Mead 10 or Hannah Hawes 13 (1584-1658)
William Potter (1608-1662) married Frances Child (1609-1663) 8
Hope Potter (1641-1687) married  Daniel Robbins, Sr. (1627/32-1714)
[Note:  Because there is a fair amount of confusion in this line, uncertainties are in grey]

1579/80 in England
Hannah Mead OR Hannah Hawes
(born 1584 in Spaldhurst, Kent, England 13; married 2nd in 1635 to John Beecher 12, died Apr. 5, 1658 in New Haven CT )
Oct. 2, 1623 in Kent, England 11
John Potter, Jr.
b. ~1606-1616 in England; m. Elizabeth Wood 8; d. 1643 in New Haven CT 6;

Jan. 9, 1607/8 Moreton Hampstead, Devon, England 8
to Frances Child 3 (born 1609 in England)
Jun. 6, 1662 at age 54 in New Haven, CT 8
Children: 8
Joseph Potter
b. Nov. 1635; m. Phebe Ives; d. Aug. 17, 1669 at age 33
Thomas Potter
b. ~1637 at New Haven CT; m. Ann Wainwright; d. Nov. 2, 1702
Sarah Potter
b. 1639 at New Haven CT; m. 1st Lt. Robert Foote; m. 2nd Aaron Blatchley
Mary Potter
CHR Aug. 22, 1641 at New Haven CT; m. ~1657 to Joseph Mansfield
Rebecca Potter
b. 1643 in New Haven CT; m. Nov. 27, 1667 to Thomas Adams
Nathaniel Potter
b. Dec.22, 1644 in New Haven CT; m. Apr. 1, 1675 to Elizabeth Hawes

< Oct. 3, 1641 in New Haven, CT 3
Oct. 3, 1641 7
1687 in Monmouth NJ 3 or Woodbridge NJ 8

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 9  Date uncertain, variously given as Feb. 3, Feb. 10 and Nov. 27
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