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TABER Research
 Ancestry of Philip Taber

At LDS there is record that Philip Taber is the son of Sir John Taber born about 1580 at Tiverton, Devonshire ENG.

At Ancestry World Tree - Search Results, Philip Taber's father is recorded as Thomas Taber born about 1580 at Essex ENG

At Custom a Tabor lineage, Philip Taber's father is recorded as James Taber born about 1538 at Stovall, Essexshire ENG, dying between 1608 and 1628; James Taber's father is recorded as Sir John Taber born about 1514 at Stovall, Essexshire ENG and dying there about 1575.

At INDEX to genealogy of Gordon and Rosalynd, Philip Taber's parents are recorded as Jonathan Taber and Sophia Omans Potter.

At Tabor.htm a genealogy of Donald Calvin Tabor, Philip Taber's parents are recorded as James Taber born about 1585 at Cambridge ENG and Elizabeth Gery; Philip Taber's grandparents are recorded as Nicholas Taber and Anne Olmstead; Philip Taber's great grandparents are recorded as John and Clovell Taber.

 Who is Philip Taber?

Without source documentation, such as church or civil records, it is difficult to ascertain the correct birth and death dates for Philip Taber, but the research published online generally gives one of two sets of dates.  What they all share is that the first wife of Philip Taber was Lydia Masters whom he married in either Cambrige or Watertown MA on Dec. 21, 1639, and that Philip Taber arrived in Massachusetts about 1630-33 from England.  While there are a number of versions of his date of death, since his testimony was read before the Assembly at Providence, Providence RI on Feb. 24, 1672, it is likely that he died after this date.

1.  Philip Taber (Sep. 1, 1604 - Dec. 11, 1669):  This version is supported by Custom a Tabor lineage [without attribution]

2.  Philip Taber (~1605  - after 1672):  This "version" is supported by Randall, George L., 1924: from The Genealogy of Francis Weekes, by Dr. Frank Edgar Weeks, Kipton, Ohio and Tillinghast, John Gifford, The Tillinghast Family, Providence RI, 1889 as transcribed at hp0336.txt and also reported at My Family.  Another variant records his death as Dec. 21, 1672 at Tiverton, Newport RI [see g0000043.htm based on WFT].  Another variant records his death as Jan. 17, 1671/2 at Tiverton, Newport RI [see Tabor.htm which is based on information provided by Allan Bentley]

3.  Philip Taber (< Sep. 1, 1604 in Essex ENG - between 1671/2 and 1682 at Providence RI):  This version is from Philip TABOR or TABER & Lydia MASTERS but I haven't yet penetrated the underlying source(s).

4.  Philip Taber (~1605 - 1692):  This "version" is found at Josiah (Stover) Stafford & Allied Families based on Wright, Anna Allen and Wright, Albert Hazen, Descendants of Joseph and Philip, sons of Philip Taber from Rhode Island, CT, and Long Island. 1952.  [Pending further information, I am inclined to discount the 1692 death date as either a transcription error for 1672 or the death date of a descendant.]

(John TABER - Thomas TABER ), a Spooner genealogy site, hedges by listing two Philip Tabers (both married to Lydia Masters), one 1604-1669 and the other 1605-1672.

Philip Taber's place of birth is variously recorded as Essex ENG or Tiverton, Devonshire ENG.  Philip Taber's place of death is recorded as either Tiverton, Newport RI or Providence, Providence RI.