John Masters (1581-1639) married Jane or Joan Cox (?-1639)
Lydia Masters (~1605- ~1649) married Philip Taber (~1605- ~1672)

Mar. 8, 1581 in Derbyshire ENG 1
~1605/6 to Jane unknown OR Joan Cox 2
will dated
Dec. 19, 1639 3
Dec. 21, 1639 at Cambridge, MA 3
Children: 6
Sarah Masters
b. ~1607; m. unknown Dobson/Dobyson
Elizabeth Masters
b. ~1611; m. 1st Edmund Lockwood; m. 2nd Cary Latham; d. Aug. 14, 1712 at New London CT
Nathaniel Masters
b. ~1613; m. Ruth Pickford
Abraham Masters
b. ~1615

~1605, possibly at Tiverton, Devon ENG
< Dec. 21, 1639 5 to Philip Taber at Middlesex MA
~1649 4 at Cambridge, Middlesex MA

 1 Derbyshire, as John Masters' place of birth, is based on James Allyn in Swamp Yankee of Mystic, while James Savage states that his place of birth is unknown and elsewhere it is listed as Finglesham, Kent.
 2  John Masters' wife, Jane, is named in his will.  It is repeated in the family history compiled by Poole and in Savage.  Although many sites list "Jane or Joan Cox",  the source(s) for either Joan or Cox have not yet been identified.  The marriage date is variously recorded as ~1606 and Dec. 4, 1597.
 3  There is substantial agreement on the date of the will and the death date of John Masters.
 4  Lydia Masters' date of death is various recorded as 1640, before 1650,and  before 1672 and 1672. 1640 has currently been rejected because there is a presumption that her last child was born ~1648 and that her name was Lydia and it seems likely that she was named after her mother.   1672 conflicts with other information that Philip Taber married second to Jane Latham ~1650.  "Before 1672" is presumably because she is not named in Philip Taber's will.  "~1649" therefore seems most accurate--at least until further information should come to light.
 5  See footnote 7 under Taber.
 6  The names of the children of John and Jane Masters are from the passenger list of the Arbella and John Masters' will.

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