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The research centers on two brothers, James and John Johnson, who arrived in Washington County in the early 1800's.  Born in Louisa County, Virginia, they moved in their youth to the part of Bedford County that later became Campbell County.   Their lives took them on two different roads after the Revolutionary War;  John to South Carolina, James to Tennessee and Kentucky.  Their trails met again in Washington County, Missouri in  the 1830s,  ending some 2,000 miles away from their birthplace.

John Johnson, Sr. born 1752, was the first to arrive in Missouri from Pendleton District, South Carolina sometime around 1817.  With him arrived his sons Uriah, Josiah and John Ashley. 

James Johnson, Sr., born 1759, (my 4ggrandfather) arrived in 1830 from Wayne County, Kentucky.  With him was his grandson, James J. Johnson.  James J. became one of the early Justices of the Peace in Washington County.  Apparently the rest of James Sr's family was either dead, stayed  in Kentucky, or chose other roads.

James and John both died in the summer of 1834.  

The information contained may be proven or may be (at this point) based on the preponderance of evidence.  It may possibly be in error.  Contact the researcher for confirmation of all data.  I have much more information on these families that I would be delighted to exchange with other Johnson researchers so that we can come a better knowledge and understanding of our ancestors.


 Johnson Family Groups


  James Johnson, Sr. b. 1759

          James J. Johnson, b. 1800   (grandson of James, Sr.)

          John M. Johnson, b. 1804  (grandson of James, Sr.)

          Permelia Johnson , b. 1802 (grandaughter of James, Sr.)

  John Johnson, Sr, b. 1752 

          Uriah Johnson, b 1774

          Josiah Johnson, b. 1782

          Jeptha Johnson, b. abt. 1777

          John Ashley Johnson, b. 1887



Johnsons of Wayne & Pulaski County Kentucky

Research  and notes on Johnsons arriving 1798 to 1830 in these adjoining counties.  Many moved on to various locations in Missouri




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