43 Alabama Infantry Regiment Roster

                    Those who served . . .

43rd Alabama Volunteers

Gracie's Alabama Brigade


This is a consolidated roster, in alphabetical order, assembled from muster rolls and other sources.  It is annotated with additional personal information where available.  We would appreciate more information on any of the soldiers.    (Also, click here to see  history of the 43rd Alabama)

The men of several Alabama counties made up the regiment:

{looking for Company J?  For some reason lost to history, "J" was not used as a company designation in either army.}

There are approximately 1,200 names on the roster.  Be aware that there may be two or more variation of a name.  As a soldier's name likely appeared on more than one muster roll, the result was often differences in spelling and the use of initials, etc.

A star (*) in the "Ap" column indicates that the soldier was paroled with the regiment at Appomattox in April 1865.

"F & S" in the Company column stands for Field & Staff officers.

Most of the common rank abbreviations are obvious. Others: Srn = surgeon; Asg = Asst Surgeon; B2L = Brevet 2Lt; SM and SMj = Sergeant Major; CSg = Color Sergeant; Mus = musician

Questions, comments, and additional information welcome:

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