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The Jolin Family


16. Francois Philippe Jolin

1845 - painter, residing in St Helier (as given on his marriage certificate - Jersey)
1851 Census - 7 Great Union Road, St Helier, Jersey, age 40, born St Helier, living with wife Maria and children Eliza age 4, Francis age 3 and Maria age 1.
1855 - painter, 52 Great Union Road, St Helier (son Alfred's birth certificate - Jersey)
1861 Census - living with wife and children at 15 Ely Place, Friendly Place, Stepney, age 50, born Jersey, occupation: painter.
1871 Census - living with wife and children at 1 Albert Road, Mile End, London, age 60, occupation: Plumber.
1883 - builder (son Alfred’s marriage certificate, Hackney)

1855- 1858- sometime during this period Francois and his family left Jersey and moved permanently to live in the Mile End district of London.
Information from Doris Attwood, granddaughter of Alfred J A Jolin and Sarah Simpson:
“The story is that Francois and his brothers (except Daniel) together with their families, all came over together aboard a 3-masted schooner which belonged to one of them. One of the brothers settled in Gravesend and was always referred to as ‘the Captain’” (1997 letter)
(Augustus Philippe and his son Henry?)
After moving - Francois Anglicised his name to Francis and added Philip as his middle name.

1875 - Francis’ oldest brother, Daniel, who had lived unmarried on Jersey and owned a brickworks, died 0n 5 October aged 80. In his will he left a variety of bequests to family members, including £900 to Francis.

1876 - Francis wrote a will dated 7 October 1876 which was deposited in the Judicial Greffe in St Helier, Jersey, although his address at that time was 2 Albert Road, Bancroft Road, Mile End, in the County of Middlesex. The will was quite simple and left everything to his wife Maria Budge.

17. Maria Budge

1851 Census -7 Great Union Road, St Helier, Jersey, age 28, born England.
1861 Census - 15 Ely Place, Friendly Place, Stepney, age 39, born Devonshire, Elburton
1871 Census - 1 Albert Road, Mile End, London, age 49.
1881 Census: 41 Driffield Road, Bow, ref 0491 427, Maria Jolin, widow, 58, recorded with all 7 surviving children.
1901 Census - 32 Ash Road, Hackney, widow, age 78, born, Plymouth, Devon. Maria was living with her daughter Eliza and her second husband Nathan Oakman.

Father: Andrew Budge - listed in the 1851 Census (PRO Ref HO/107/1877 Folio 192, page 8) as: widower, age 60, occupation: Labourer, lodger living with Richard Edwards, age 56, Labourer, and Richard’s wife and 4 children. Address: Village of Elburton, Plymstock St Mary, Devon.

18. Henry Wade Simpson

24 September 1862
Marriage certificate: of full age, bachelor, Shoemaker, residence; Union Street
Henry did not sign the register with his name, he signed his mark.

21 April 1864
Daughter Mary's birth certificate: occupation: Master Shoemaker, residence: 23 Eltham Street, Walworth

1 February 1867
Daughter Sarah's birth certificate: occupation: Master Shoemaker

1871 Census - Acre Street, St Mary Newington
Henry W simpson, age 30, born Surrey, with wife Mary A E and 4 children.

1881 Census - not found - Hackney??

6 August 1883
Daughter Sarah's marriage certificate: occupation: Boot Maker, Sarah's residence: John Street, Hackney.

1891 Census - 48 Queen's Row, Newington, age 50, occupation: bootmaker, born: Walworth, residing with wife Mary Ann and sons Henry W age 23, and Aquila W, age 20, both also bootmakers, daughter Annie M, age 18, and niece Emma Dackombe age 10. Sharing house with daughter Mary and her husband William Rodgers and their 3 children.

19. Mary Ann Elizabeth Dackombe

24 September 1862
Marriage certificate: of full age, Spinster, residence: Union Street.
Mary signed her mark instead of her name.

20. Frederick Wells

1871 Census:
11 Green Street, Lambeth, age 35, birthplace: Suffolk, with wife Mary Ann and 4 children.

1881 Census:
Address: 10 Thurmans Place, James Street, Lambeth, age 44, Labourer, born Suffolk, Wickham. With wife Mary Ann and 7 children.

1891 Census
8 Sumner Terrace, Camberwell, age 55, General Labourer, birthplace: Wickham Brook, Suffolk. With wife Mary Ann, 2 sons, and daughter-in-law. Sharing house with 2 other families - Baker and Collins. Occupation: General labourer.

22. Francis John Josey

30 March 1851 Census - Letcomb Regis, Berkshire
Francis John Josey, age 9

2 April 1871 Census - East Road Sand Pitts, Egham, Surrey, ecc district of St Johns
John Josey, aged 29, born Letcombe, Berks, with wife Eliza and babv daughter Mary, 6 months, residing with Eliza's parents James & Eliza Moore and brother and sister.
Both John and his father-in-law's occupations are recorded as Labourer

1891 Census - 14 Salisbury Cottage, Peckham, Camberwell, London
John Josey, aged 48, born Letcomb, Berks, occupation: Vestry lab, with wife Eliza and 6 children.

Francis John and Eliza Moore lived as husband and wife but didn't actually marry until 1919 when they were aged 78 and 68 respectively. Their youngest daughter, Amy Margaret Josey, was a witness at their marriage.

24. Andrew Bone

1881 Census:
1 Hillgate, Durham, aged 28, occuaption: Nail Maker, residing with wife Agnes and son Andrew

26. Thomas McDonald

Thomas had 2 older brothers: William (abt 1833), Peter (abt 1836) and 2 younger brothers: Neil (abt 1849) and Arthur (abt 1851)

Occupation: quarry man

27. Maria Hynes

Maria had a brother, Patrick (1837), and two sisters, Bridget (1847) and Margaret (1856). Sometime between 1852 when Maria was born and 1856 the family moved from Ireland to Scotland.

28. George Pain

1841 Census - Cherry Garden Row, Kingston and Landport, Borough of Portsmouth. Age 10, living with mother, step-father John Warder and siblings.

1851 Census - not found. No suitable match in 1851 surname index for Portsmouth, Portsea or Alverstoke. Was not living with his mother, step-father and siblings. Could have moved to Lambeth or nearby? If George moved to London in search of work it could have been connected with the railway expansion????? In 1848 the London and Southampton Railway was both extended to Portsmouth and at London was extended from Nine Elms at Battersea to Waterloo. George lived very near to Waterloo Station and worked as a carman for many years. Carmen were often employed to transport goods to and from railway stations.

1861 Census - 16 Vine Terrace, Lambeth, age 32, occupation: labourer, born Hampshire, Kingston
Living with wife Harriet Pain, and 3 young sons: George, Charles and Thomas
They were sharing the house with two other couples and two lodgers (including William 'Hawse', age 23 - a brother of Harriet?)

3 June 1861 - On son Lewis' birth certificate: occupation: Horsekeeper at a Builder's, residence: 16 Vine Terrace, Waterloo Road, Lambeth. Lewis' mother recorded as Harriett Paine, formerly Hawes.

26 January 1862 - Marriage certificate: Occupation & abode: labourer; 8 Union St, Borough Road, Southwark. George and Harriet were married at the St George the Martyr Church and the witnesses were Thomas Hawes and Harriet Purkis. When they married they already had 4 sons - why had they not married sooner?
George was aged 32 when he married Harriet - was he already married when he met Harriet???
A search of possible marriage and death entries produced:
George Payne married a Nancy / Sophia / Mary Ann in Mar Qtr 1850 (aged 20 if ours) in Portsea. A Mary Payne died in Dec Qtr 1859 in Portsea.
George Payne married in Dec Qtr 1850 in Portsea - possible spouse names unknown.
Several George Pain/e/Paynes married in south London in the late 1840s and early 1850s.
Alternatively, perhaps Harriet could not obtain her father's permission to marry and had to wait until she was 21? (see notes on Harriet)

1871 Census - ? Little Vine Street, Lambeth, age 41, occupation: labourer, born Hampshire, Portsmouth. Living with wife Harriet Pain, and 6 sons: George, Charles, Thomas, Lewis, John and Frederick and baby daughter Minnie

1881 Census ref 0586/116/2 - 14 College, St, Lambeth, occupation: carman, residing with wife Harriet and children. The three eldest sons (Lewis, Thomas and Frederick) were also recorded as carmen.

1891 Census - Harriet is recorded as a widow.

Deaths indexes:
George Pain - age 52 (1830) - Lambeth Reg. District - Dec Qtr 1882.

29. Harriet Hawes

1841 Census - Vine Street Bown Square, Waterloo 2nd, Lambeth, age 8 (1833), with (parents) John and Ann, and 2 younger siblings.
1861 Census - 16 Vine Terrace, Lambeth, age 27 (1834), born Westminster, York Street (I think this refers to nearby Westminster Bridge Road in Lambeth rather than the Westminster area - the enumerator seems to have been quite specific about birthplaces in his returns)
1871 Census - ? Little Vine Street, Lambeth, age 35 (1836), born Lambeth.
1881 Census ref 0586/116/2 - 14 College, St, Lambeth, age 44 (1837), born Lambeth.
1891 Census - 7 College Street, Lambeth, widow, age 51 (1840), born Lambeth.
1901 Census - not found

Birth/christening records - not found - note that national registration of births did not begin until September 1837 and even then an estimated 10% of births were not registered until fines were introduced some years later. No suitable baptism has been found on the IGI - her father's and his siblings' baptisms in Bushey are listed so it may be that she was baptised but that the records of that particular church have not yet been enteredon the IGI.

Death indexes:
Harriet Elizabeth Pain, age 64 (b1835), Sep Qtr 1899, Camberwell Reg. District
Harriet Pain. age 64 (1832), Dec Qtr 1896, Lambeth Reg. District

30. Robert Geere

Various occupations (information from Jeremy Geere):
1863 and 1865 - seaman
1866 and 1871 - potter
1869 - labourer
1875 - carman

1861 Census: age 24, recorded on a vessel in the Royal Navy.

1881 Census: 3 Queens Head Court, Lambeth, Surrey, age 44, occupation: pottery labourer, born Lambeth, residing with wife Emma and seven children.

1901 Census: 81 Albert Embankment, Lambeth, aged 64, retired pottery labourer, residing with wife Ann and stepdaughter Martha Watmore