The Vernal Jolley and Amy May Fairchild

The Vernal Jolley and Amy May Fairchild


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The Jolley Ranch,  at the  Creekside Pavilion.  Springville, Utah.   See Map    8 miles East off Highway 89 (on Hobble Creek Rd.)

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Saturday August 30th, 2003    

Games for the kids and general visiting started around 10:30 am

LUNCH:     Grilled Hamburgers and Hotdogs with Dutch Oven Potatoes and everybody's Potluck dishes.  Drinks were provided. (Water and McDonalds Orange drink) 

Lunch was supposed to be served around 1:30, but wasn't until around 2:30 before we actually got to eat.

Results from the 2003 Vernal Jolley and Amy May Fairchild Reunion.  Held at the Jolley Ranch in Springville, Utah

 A Big Huge “Thank You” for all that came to the Vernal Jolley Family Reunion this year!  It was so nice to see all of you there. 

 From what we could count, the attendance at the reunion was at least 67.  That was FANTASTIC !, since we haven’t had a reunion in several years.  I’m sure there were a few more, but didn’t have anything on paper to show different. 

Some of you could only stay for a short time because of work and things, but it was great you came and showed your support. For those that couldn’t make it, we sure missed you, but hope to see you at the reunion next year.  (Yes, there was a vote, and by popular demand, we will have another reunion next year.  It should be even bigger and better than this years.) J  

GAMES , PRIZES and AWARDS for the Kids and Adults

 Below are the results of some of the games and things we did:  

Winners of the Gummy Bear Guess Contest 

Ages 19 and Over 

Kassie Greer Lovan:   With a exact guess of 128

Congratulations Kassie ! 

Ages 10 to 18 

Courtney Greer:   Her guess was 82

Congratulations Courtney ! 

Ages 0 to 9 

Natalie Jolley:   Her guess was 24

Way to go Natalie !    

Winners of the Big Kahuna Game 

Matty Jolley won the 1st Place Prize of the Big Kahuna with a total expansion measurement of 8 inches !

Her Prize was an X-Large Tee Shirt that said “Jolley Reunion 2003

Congratulations Matty ! P1000099.JPG (58738 bytes)


Udell Jolley won the 2nd Place runner up of the Big Kahuna with a total expansion measurement of 7 inches !

Dell’s Prize was a can of Slim Fast

Way to go Dell.  Better get on that Slim Fast. JJ P1000090.JPG (54932 bytes)


Honorable Mention Certificates went to:

Dorothy Jolley

Donna Jolley Adams

Burb Jolley

(Some really old guy named Jedediah tried to steal Burbs, but we got it back) !  

A Special Thanks go to all those that helped out making this reunion a GREAT success. 

Burb Jolley: It was his suggestion to have the reunion at the Jolley Ranch.  He also told a really cool story of how he was born at the Jolley Ranch, and how his mother, Amy May Fairchild, fought off a wild Indian from stealing her livestock!


Kathy Adams Greer:  For helping reserve the site at the Jolley Ranch, and for volunteering to co-chair the next reunion.


Sheryl Kitchen: For running the “Fish Pond” and the Gummy Bear contests.


Dale and Spring Jolley: For helping cook all that food.


Troy and Melynda Jolley: For the Snow Cones.

 Jason Manroe: For playing the part of “Old Man Jedediah” Jedediah Jason.JPG (36935 bytes)


Dalinda Jolley: My wife.  She ran her tail off doing all the odds and ends that I could have never been able to do without her.  (Thank you dear)



Thank You All again for everything you did to make this reunion such a success.


Lannie Jolley

(2003 Reunion chairperson)

Contact Lannie Jolley for more information.

Phone: 801-773-5085  

Please visit my other website:  Jolley Family Genealogy and History