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Below is the start of an ever growing list of Family Crests and Shields, along with their Motto's. 

If you know of one that matches any of the surnames on this site and would like to contribute, I'll make sure you get recognized for it when I add it to this page. 



 The Jolley Coat of Arms: TANT QUE JE PUIS, translated is, 1) "As Much as I Can", 2) "What I Can", 3) "I Will Do What I Can". It probably represents a Pledge of Allegiance of Service.
    The insignia was obtained from the Media Research Bureau of Washington, D.C.  
    Boyd M. Jolley drew the heraldic design for the cover of The Jolley Book which was published by Bryant Manning Jolley and Committee in 1966.


Meaning of the Coat of Arms:
The Ryan family motto is
'Malo More Quam Foedari',
which, when translated, means
'I would Rather Die than be Disgraced'.


A very large variety of Shields and History exists with this surname. 

MOTTO: Nil amplius oro.      ie. I pray for nothing more.


Motto: "A Posse Ad Esse" - From Being Possible to Being Accomplished.



FAIRCHIL.JPG (213573 bytes) This Picture of the Fairchild coat of arms was taken from the book "Shiloh Benjamin Fairchild... his Ancestors and Descendants".

Compiled by Emma Fairchild Patterson.  Printed in May 1986


Thistle.jpg (89412 bytes)The Coat Of Arms : Gold field with a Blue Diagonal Three Pheons Family crest. Lion holding a Pheon (Pheon =Arrow head) 

See "Thistle's from Mulley's Cove, Newfoundland." website for more information on the Thistle Surname and Family History.