These pictures were taken in 1931 at a place called Hairpin Bend. Located north of Broken Bow Oklahoma.

Top Left:
Marvin Whitley, Sybil Craig, Marvin Craig, Tom Jones, Tommy Jones(Me)

Top Right:
Marvin Whitley and Ethel Rink sitting on car bumper. Man at door is Tom Jones. You can see the top of Sybil Craigs head.

Bottom Left:
Ethel Whitley, Nettie Craig (wife of Marvin Craig) Irene Jones (My mother) and Sylvia Jones.

Bottom Right:
Nettie Craig, Irene Jones, (Little girl in back ground) Sybil Craig, (Little boy in background) Tommy Jones,Marvin Craig, and man behind him is Tom Jones. Marvin Whitley was taking the picture.

Marvin Whitley and Ethel Rink married a year or so later.

This was probably the first time I had ever been out of Sevier County. I was 4 years old at the time.

    Back in those days a car ride from Arkansas into Oklahoma was something to talk about for weeks maybe even months.

Riding in a car in the early 1930's was a treat. Most of the country people might not see a car come by their house for weeks.The above car was a 1931 Model A Ford 4 Door Sedan, owned by Marvin Craig of De Queen, Arkansas.