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Copyright Notices

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All the original material in each publication of this book is declared to be in the public domain. This includes not only previously unpublished manuscripts but also compilations of previously unconnected information.

"Public Domain" means you may freely use it as you wish; hopefully you will give proper attribution for your source. However, you must not attempt to copyright my public domain material for your own benefit. (One person recently incorporated my material into her book, applied for copyright over the whole, and then has had the audacity to threaten me for continuing to publish this public domain work.)

We acknowledge the claims of copyright holders to control their material. If any such feel that we have overstepped the bounds of fair usage, we will remove that material. For example, in this edition, biographical information on the earlier Blackwell generations has been removed at the request of a copyright holder. Each biographical sketch contains a full list of references so that the source of the information is clearly given.

We welcome additions and corrections. Sharing information is purpose of this book. However, please do not send us information copyrighted by others. A photocopy of the full title page and a brief note as to what information might interest us would be much appreciated. Then we can consult the original book.

Also please do not send us information which you intend to later claim copyright over without clearly marking it as such. Since we operate upon the principle of publishing into the public domain (and have done so continuously for 20 years), we assume any unmarked information sent to us is free for publication into the public domain.

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