History of the Graham Family (1899)

David Graham's 
History of the Graham Family (1899)
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In 1899, David Graham, a grandson of Colonel James Graham (who built the Graham House in present-day Summers County, WV), wrote a history of the Graham family as he understood it. He relied on the memories of relatives, and on court and civil records. A reprint of 200 copies of this book was issued in 1966. Both editions are nearly impossible to find. To help genealogists use this valuable resource, I have prepared this online version. A photocopied transcript of the book along with supplemental family group sheets is available. (This transcript was typed by Susan Graham Redmond as part of an 859-page genealogy compilation put together by William L. Graham of St. Albans, WV.)

I scanned the 1982 transcript of the full text of David Graham's book,  and then compared my text to photocopies of microfilm of the original 1899 edition. The sections are based on David Graham's table of contents, with the exception of the bracketed listings, which have been broken out of the sections preceding them in order to have shorter, easier to read  HTML files.

Ordering a photocopy of the 1982 transcript and compilation of family group sheets
Ordering archival quality reprint of the 1899 edition


[ History of the Graham Family ]
[ Cover page ]
Grahams are Scotch Irish
From Scotland to Virginia
John Graham's Will
John Graham's Children
Anne, daughter of John Graham, Sr.
[ The descendants of Lanty Kincaid ]
[ Betsy, daughter of John Graham, Sr. ]
Florence Graham married
House of James Graham, Sr., at Lowell
Early settlement of Lowell
[ The descendants of Samuel and James Guinn ]
[ Other Early Settlers ]
James and Florence Graham's Family
Joseph and Rebecca Graham
Joseph and Rebecca Graham's children
More concerning early settlement of Lowell
Elizabeth Graham captured by the Indians
Col. Graham rescues Elizabeth from Indians
Elizabeth Stodghill, nee Graham
Civil jurisdiction of Lowell
James Graham's estate
John Graham, Joseph's brother
Robert Graham of Fort Chiswell
Michael Graham's family
Slaves of James Graham, Sr.
Clayton's balloon ascension

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