Last Update: 28 Oct 1999

Brick Walls

If you have a theory (or better yet, an answer) to any of these roadblocks to my research, please follow this hyperlink to the How to Contact Me page and send me an email.  If you want to share your message with the entire family then make an entry in the Guestbook.   Other researchers who have their own brickwalls about closely related lines to this family are also welcome to put their queries in the Guestbook.

1.  Many years ago, a well know Kennedy Family researcher in Kentucky, Ms Lee Biles advanced the theory that Dr. Joseph Kennedy, John Kennedy and James Kennedy all men born around 1730-35 and found living in the vicinity of Mecklenburg County, NC during the Revolutionary War were all brothers.  This theory is enhanced by the fact that James and John both later relocated to central Kentucky ending up in what is now Garrard County.  Their descendents intermarried.  One son of John named Joseph made an avidavit during his lifetime that he served in the Revolutionary War as a proxy for his old Uncle.  This is probably the strongest evidence of a link between John and Dr. Joseph.  Ms Biles has been deceased for some while now.  I am looking for evidence to prove or disprove her theory.