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Can You Identify the men in this photo?

It was likely taken in late 1944 at Kimbolton on one of the two occassions that the plane was damaged prior to its fateful last flight.   (Note-this is not Bud Abbott's crew who landed this plane in Poland)

More About the Aircraft MIA Project

The members of this group come from all over Poland but they are united by their dedication to solving 50+ years old mysteries. Until now they have succeeded in identifying the locations of air crashes and landings of over a hundred B-17 Flying Fortresses, B-24 Liberators, P-51 Mustangs and P-38 Lightnings. We are promoting our interest and spreading knowledge about the USAAF air offensive in Europe through articles in the daily press and magazines in Poland. We hope to publish the results of our research in the form of a book.

They are looking for participants’ and witnesses’ accounts of these crashes and landings and for any documents and photographs that are related to these events.

If you landed or crashed in the area marked on the map (or your friends or relatives did) please send e-mail or write to them. They would be glad to hear from you and provide help, if possible.

Michael Mucha

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B17 Flying Fortress (#43-38420) conducted an emergency landing in Soviet occupied Poland at Bydgoszcz on March 18, 1945 after sustaining damage on a mission to Berlin.  The plane carried "2" on the top of the Triangle-K with the letter "M" beneath it.   The pilot was Bud Abott.  The crew was returned to England via Russia.

Detailed Information on the Service of "Betty Jane" Ser # 43-38420

3 Aug 44 - Supplied to the USAAC inventory from Boeing plant at Seattle

2 Sep 44 - Ordered to England, probably left the USA within 2 days

10 Sep 44 - Assigned to the 379BG's 526th squadron

19 Oct 44 - Transferred to 2SAD at Little Staughton for "battle damage repair" possibly incurred on bombing missions to Cologne.

6 Nov 44 - Recorded as being at Bovingdon for "experimentation" --Bovingdon was one of 8AF's Combat Crew Replacement Centers but was also involved in some "experimental missions" according to Freeman

19 Nov 44 - Regained by 379BG

13 Jan 45 - Transferred to 2SAD at Little Staughton reason unknown but probably for repairs

17 Jan 45 - Listed as "salvaged"

20 Feb 45 - Regained by 379BG

18 Mar 45 - Failed to return from Berlin mission, landed at Bydgoszcz, Poland

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