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8th Air Force in World War II

The 8th AF portion of a website dedicated to the U.S Army Air Force in WW2.  Contains a large amount of data about 8th AF BG's and veteran's organizations.  One of the best.


Bob's B-17 HomePage

Probably the best known of the B-17 websites.  A great collection of Flying Fortress related reference books, photographs, movies, scale models, stories, etc.


San Diego Aerospace Museum

The San Diego Aerospace Museum brings to life aviation's rich heritage through a dazzling collection of over 65 U.S. and foreign aircraft and spacecraft.  The staff of the library/archives were a huge help to me on this project.  One of the top two or three museums of its type in this country.


Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum

The Official Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum website



HeavyBombers.com is a public resource that lists ninety-six (96) separate Heavy and Very Heavy Bombardment Groups and their points of contact. Here you can find tips on how to do research, locate people, obtain important documents and contact veteran's associations.


B-17 Flying Fortress Virtual Tour

This is a virtual tour of a real B-17 Flying Fortress using both QuickTime VR panoramas and Quicktime VR object movies.


B-17 Combat Crewmen.

An organization dedicated to preserving the memory of the gallant airmen, both living and dead, who served in the mighty Air War of WW-II and to the memory of their vehicle, the famous B-17 Flying Fortress.


East Anglia: The Air War

The primary purpose of this site is to show East Anglia as it once was to those who spent some of the most intense moments of their lives here, but who now find it hard to make the pilgrimage to their old haunts.


Battle Damaged B-17's

This website is dedicated to the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and the men who flew her into combat. It is a photographic chronicle of the damage that the "Queen of the Skies" could sustain and still bring her crews home.


12 O'Clock High: UK Airfields of the RAF and 8th AF

The WW2 Airfields of the RAF and the US 8th and 9th Army Airforce


Aero Vintage Books

Offers a dedicated page on B-17 books


Samoloty Wojskowe Wiata: MIA Project (Polish Aircraft Archeaology)

This Polish language site hosts the Aircraft MIA Project, a group of volunteers seeking to solve the mysteries of WW2 airplane crashes and emergency landings in wartime Poland.   Currently they are working on a 379th B-17G that force landed on 18 Mar 1945.


Planes and Pilots of World War 2

An Online World War 2 Aviation History Magazine


The USAAF in World War II

A comprehensive site that includes information on the entire USAAF during WW2.  


Kokadjo's B-17 BOQ

A site dedicated to the B-17 Flying Fortress and the crew of World War 2 Heavy Bombers.  Contains information about the making of the movie, "The War Lover" and the National Warplane Museum's "Fuddy Duddy."


World War 2: The Great AirplanesTh

This site is dedicated to all World War 2 combat planes. Its purpose is to collect and make freely avaliable all the information possible about all the airplanes that fought in WW2. It includes an Important Air Campaign section and a Great Pilots and Aces section.


Warbird Stories

This site features stories about Warbirds and interviews with wartime pilots.  It is also an excellent reference if you are looking for information about an aviation book.


Lost Images of World War II

Here you will find original photos taken in Europe during World War II including never before seen images of German, American and British aircraft and vehicles; devastated villages, ancient cathedrals and breathtaking views of the French and German countryside.


457th Bomb Group Page

A page is dedicated to the memory of the men who served during World War II as members of the Eighth Air Force, First Division, 94th Combat Wing, 457th Bomb Group.



A page detailing the internment of some B-17's in Sweden.


John Briol's Webpage

Diary of a Ball Turret Gunner serving with the 457th BG (H) 


The Wild Hare

A site dedicated to a B-17 of the 8th AF, 457th BG (H) and her crew.


The 446th Bomb Group Website

This website chronicles the history of the 446th, who's men bravely served in Europe in World War II. There are stories written by the men themselves and a memorial to the over 500 flyers who's missions never ended. You can read about the missions they flew over Nazi occupied Europe and about the B-24 Liberator, the airplane that served as their "office in the sky".

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