B-17 Crew #6268   Mission Logbook  

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SSGT Fred S. Acomb, USAAC

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This photograph of B17 Combat Crew #6268 was take at the OTU, Dyersburg, TN in Sept 1944 just before the crew was ordered to Europe for service in the 8th Air Force


Front Row (Left to Right)

2LT Norman E. Maughmer               Bombadier St Joseph. MO

(see Note 1)

2LT Robert J. Scarborough                      Co-Pilot Salt Lake City, UT

(see Note 2)

F/O George H. Pace, Jr.                                       Pilot  St. Joseph, MO
2LT Frank S. Napora                                     Navigator Uniontown, PA
Second Row (Left to Right)
S/Sgt Fred S. Acomb                        Ball Turret Dansville, NY
Cpl Richard R. Baird                                 Waist Gunner Dayton, OH
Cpl Irvin J. Musson, Jr                                  Chin Turret Akron, OH
Cpl Joseph W. Beurrier                          Radio Operator Los Angeles, CA
Cpl Lloyd E. Hoge                                  Engineer/Top Turret Phoenix, AZ
Cpl Raymond J. Burdic                    

Tail Gunner

Phoenix, AZ

Note 1: Transferred to a different crew prior to arrival in Europe.

Note 2: Killed 23 January 1945 at Kimbolton in takeoff crash of a different B-17

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