From "The History of Columbia and Mountour Counties"
Battle, 1887

ALEXANDER BILLMEYER, farmer and lumberman Washingtonville, Penn., is a grandson of Martin BILLMEYER, who came to Liberty Township, this county, with his father, who took up a large tract of land on the Chillisquaque, on which he died. After his death the land was divided among his three sons, George, Martin and Andrew. They erected a saw-mill, on the creek (the first in the township), which is still in use and is known as the BILLMEYER saw-mill. Martin died there about thirty-six years ago. His widow, nee Margaret HIMMELRIGH, died several years after. They were the parents of six sons and six daughters: Daniel, Martin, Jacob, Mary, Catherine and Fannie, all deceased; Peter, an ex-sheriff, now living in Bloomsburg, Columbia Co.; John residing in Liberty Township; A. Jackson, in the same township; Sarah, wife of John GONGER; Margaret, wife of George WAGNER, both of Limestone Township, and Harriet, wife of A. J. MAUS, of Valley Township. Jacob was the father of our subject, and lived in Liberty Township until a year or two before his death. He was born October 17, 1808, and died May 30, 1881. He had been all his life a farmer and lumberman. His wife, Eliza HOWER, was born in Northampton County, August 16, 1814, and died February 5, 1873. They had seven children, all now living: Henry, in Liberty Township; Sarah, wife of Martin BLUE, of this township; Mary, wife of B. F. UMSTEAD, of Anthony; Margaret, wife of David SPRINGER, of Liberty Township; Jacob H., of Anthony; Daniel, living in Talbot County, Md., and Alexander, the eldest. Our subject was born January 7, 1841, and remained at home until the age of twenty-six years. After his marriage, he and his brother, Henry, bought out their father and farmed and lumbered for eight years, paying off all the debts which their father had incurred. They then dissolved, Alexander buying the lumber business, and his brother taking the homestead. They acquired a large amount of land, which Alexander now occupies (about 400 acres home farm), and erected the fine residence now occupied by him in 1876. In 1865 he married Miss Angeline, daughter of Daniel BLUE, of Muncy, Lycoming County. She was born October 12, 1845. To their union five children have been born as follows: Ella, born February 2, 1866; Alice, born August 13, 1867; Hiram, April 16, 1870; Mary, July 17, 1874, and Florence, January 20, 1879, all living with their parents. Mr. BILLMEYER is an energetic man of business, and at present is extensively engaged at lumbering, at White Oak, Talbot, Md., Elk County, Penn., and also on his farms in this county. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 193)

FRANK G. BLEE, farmer, Washingtonville, is a son of John BLEE, who came from Ireland in 1879, when but twelve years old. He was born in 1783 and died in 1860, aged seventy-seven years. At Philadelphia he learned brickmaking, at which he subsequently worked in Norristown. Accumulating some money he bought land in Anthony Township, near the farm of Robert McKEE. This he afterward sold and bought a property in Derry Township. Later he bought two other farms, and then the one where his son now resides, owing at one time four farms. By his first wife, Sarah McCORD, he had ten children: Joseph, William, James, Robert, John, Joseph (second) and Sarah, all of whom are deceased; Mary, Margaret and Elizabeth are living in Illinois. His second wife was Hannah GINGLES, whose mother was one of those who escaped at the Wyoming massacre. By this union Mr. BLEE had five children: Sarah A., wife of Edward MORRIS of Washingtonville; Susan H., wife of John BUTLER of Danville; Savilla and Maria F. (twins) died in childhood, and Frank G. Our subject was born August 5, 1839, and when seventeen went to Illinois, where he remained until the spring of 1860. In 1861 he entered the army in the wagon train in the quartermaster's department, where he remained until the fall of 1862. August 9, of that year, he enlisted in the nine months' service in Company A, One Hundred and Thirty-second Regiment, and participated in the battles of South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, seeing considerable service in a short time. He was mustered out at Harrisburg, May 24, 1863, and returned to the farm, which he rented while lumbering in North Carolina. In 1872 he took possession of the place and there has since resided. September 24, 1863, he married Louisa A., daughter of Daniel BUTLER of this township, and six children were born to them: Robert E., Winifred and Frank G. are now living at home, and Harry W., died in 1868, Sallie M., died December 20, 1885, and Lizzie died July 26, 1877. In 1878 Mr. BLEE was elected county commissioner and re-elected in 1881 and 1884, running ahead of his ticket each time, sufficient indication of the estimation in which he is held by his fellow citizens. He is a man of force and much influence in the community. Politically he is a Democrat. Mrs. BLEE died January 21, 1878. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 193)

ANDREW BRITTAIN, farmer, P. O. Washingtonville, was born in Derry Township, this county, five miles from his present residence, September 4, 1804. His parents were Samuel and Sarah BRITTAIN, of whom mention is made in the sketch of Nathaniel BRITTAIN. Our subject lived with his father until his marriage, when he moved to his present residence, which at that time was owned by his father; later our subject bought it from the estate and has since owned it. March 26, 1835, he married Mary, daughter of Andrew SHEEP. Mrs. BRITTAIN was born October 14, 1808, on the place where she has always lived, and which was formerly owned by her father. To their union three children have been born: James Barber, born March 15, 1836, died October 5, 1857; Elizabeth Ann, born August 11, 1837, resides with her parents, and Sarah E., born November 22, 1839, wife of William B. LOW, of Anthony Township. Mr. BRITTAIN has always been a farmer and has held several township offices. He and wife and family are members of the Presbyterian Church, of which for nearly thirty years he has been an elder. He has always been a hard-working industrious man, and has the respect of the people among whom his life has been passed, and is now one of the oldest residents of the township. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 194)

NATHANIEL BRITTAIN, retired farmer, P. O. Danville, was born February 15, 1807, in the cabin which stood near his present home. His grandfather, Nathaniel BRITTAIN, was a native of Northampton County, where he died in 1817; was a soldier in the Revolution and served in the war against the Indians on the frontier. His son, Samuel, subject's father was born and reared in Northampton County, and immediately after his marriage, in 1796, came with his young wife to what was then the wilderness of Northumberland County, settled on the place now occupied by his son and built a log cabin. He was always a farmer, and cleared the tract of 300 acres which he had bought on what was known as the Montgomery Patent. He was born February 28, 1770, and died May 19, 1841, aged seventy-one years. His wife, Sarah SILLIMAN, was born in Northampton County August 19, 1773, and died September 3, 1845. Their children were Jane, who died in 1863; Isaiah, died also in 1863, leaving four children; Samuel, who died in 1818, aged sixteen years; Andrew, residing in this township; Sarah died in 1846, and Nathaniel. Our subject has resided all his life, except seven years, on his present place, where he was born. Until his twenty-fourth year he worked on his father's farm, helping to clear and cultivate it. Then, in partnership with his brother, Andrew, he bought a farm in this township, to which they removed and resided seven years. His father dying, our subject returned home and cultivated the farm for his mother for three years, and on her death bought the farm on which he has since lived. About fourteen years ago he retired, and was never engaged in any occupation except farming. May 25, 1854, he married Rebecca, daughter of Andrew SHEEP, who was a carpenter by trade and also owned a farm in this township. She was born April 8, 1813. They have no children, but have adopted Theresa, daughter of William DILDINE of Columbia County, who is now the wife of Eli APPLEMAN, and with her husband lives on her adopted father's farm. Mr. BRITTAIN has served as administrator of six estates, thus showing the confidence in which he is held by the community. He has held all the important offices in the township, and was once elected justice of the peace, but refused to accept. For nine years he was a lieutenant in the old State militia, and in every station of life has discharged his duties with fidelity and honesty. To-day, one of the oldest men in the township, with all his faculties unimpaired, he is a good specimen of a self-made man, and his standing in the community is excelled by none. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 194)

HENRY COOPER, farmer and stockdealer, P. O. Washingtonville, is a grandson of Abraham COOPER, who came from Bucks County, near Philadelphia, in 1810; settled the farm now occupied by his grandson, buying it from his brother Daniel, who had purchased it from the Montgomery estate. His son Abraham was the father of Henry. The farm was bequeathed to his brother, Peter, from whom Abraham bought it four years later. He farmed it three or four years before his death, when he rented it to Henry. He was born in December, 1805, and died in November, 1871, a member of the German Reformed Church. His wife was Mary Catherine DIEFFENBACH, and their children were as follows: Elizabeth, wife of Reuben LOBACH, a farmer in this township; Samuel, a farmer, who lives in Michigan; Susan, who was the wife of John MORRIS, and died in Michigan about twelve years ago; Aaron, unmarried, resides in Iowa, and our subject, the second child, who was born September 9, 1838, in Liberty Township. When he was less than three years of age his father bought the farm adjoining the homestead on which he lived twelve years. He then bought the Daniel CARR property on the other side, which his son owns. In 1862 his father built the brick house in which our subject now resides, and the latter remained on the old place until after his father's death. A year after that event he took possession and now owns both, aggregating over 200 acres. Mr. COOPER also deals largely in stock, and is the heaviest feeder of stock on any one farm in Montour County. In 1884 he helped his half-brother, John, the sole issue of his father's second marriage, to buy the Frosty Valley mill, in Valley Township. A few days later it was destroyed by fire, and Mr. COOPER advanced the money to rebuild it and now does all the merchant work there, John doing the custom work. March 9, 1864, he married Mary, daughter of Vincent R. SHULTZ, of West Hemlock, and three children were born to this union: Lloyd Clarence, born January 31, 1867; Vincent Welmington, born May 16, 1868 and Charles Calvin, born January 20, 1875, all living with their parents. Mr. COOPER takes considerable interest in politics but does not hold office. He is a member of the German Reformed Church, and his wife of the Methodist Episcopal. He is known as one of the most progressive and through-going farmers in the county. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 194)

GIDEON P. DIETRICH, retired, Washingtonville, is a grandson of Jacob DIETRICH, who came from Germany and settled in Berks County, where he died. His son, John Jacob, was the father of Gideon P., and was born in Greenwich Township, Berks County, where he died at the age of eighty-four years. His widow, nee Christian PFEIFFER, survived him several years. They had eleven children--eight sons and three daughters--of whom three are deceased. The living are Samuel P., in Berks County on his father's farm; Solomon, a miller in Albany Township; Moses, in Greenwich Township; Charles, in Albany Township; Polly, wife of Charles GREENWALT, of Greenwich Township; Sallie, wife of Peter KLINE, of Reading; Caroline, wife of Peter KRAUSE, of Greenwich Township, all in Berks County, and Gideon P. The last named was born in Berks County, April 22, 1815; lived with his father until he was twenty-three years of age. He learned the trade of milling which he followed seventeen years, fourteen of which were passed in this part of the country. In 1854 he abandoned milling and bought his father-in-law's farm in this township, where he now resides. He also owns two other farms as well as house property in Danville. Since 1879, he has lived retired. In 1848 he married Susanna MOSER, who was born October 6, 1819, and four children blessed their union: Peter M., married Annie YODER, and resides on his father's farm; Mary Ann, wife of George W. MILLER, of this township, residing on one of her father's farms; Sallie, wife of Daniel WAGNER, of this township, residing on her father's farm, and Caroline, who died when seven years old. Mr. DIETRICH has been overseer of the poor for sixteen years, and served as school director ten years. He is a member of the Lutheran Church, of which he was deacon for seventeen years, and elder for five years, when increasing infirmities compelled his resignation. Politically he is a Democrat. Since 1880, the Washingtonville and Northern Montour Agricultural Society has held its fair on Mr. DIETRICH's old homestead. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 195)

DANIEL FRAZIER, (deceased) was a native of Danville, of Scotch-Irish ancestry. His parents came to Danville, where the father died about sixty years ago, and the mother some thirty-five years later. Their children were James, William, Alexander, Thomas, Daniel, Christiana, Agnes and Sarah, and two who died in childhood. None of the family are now living; Daniel was born in 1815 and died March 28, 1879. He worked for his father until the latter's death, when he bought the home farm from the estate, and many years after sold it to the Reading Railroad Company, whose depot now stands upon it, as does also a large part of the newer portion of Danville. In 1852 he bought and moved to the farm in Derry Township where his widow now resides and where he died. He always followed farming and in 1841 was elected the first sheriff of Montour County after its separation from Columbia. From youth until his death he was a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church and was a man much respected by all who knew him. December 27, 1840, he married Miss Ellen, daughter of Jacob OLWINE of Schuylkill County, and born in Reading in 1816. Mrs. FRAZIER bore her husband seven children, two dying in infancy, a daughter, Alice, at the age of twenty-seven years and eight months. The living are James O., sheriff of the county; Mary Isabella, wife, of James E. STEAKER, of Washingtonville; Hannah M., living with her mother; Edward D., married to Jane, daughter of Samuel HERR and resides in Valley Township. After her husband's death Mrs. FRAZIER sold part of the farm and removed to the other half, where she now resides in comfortable and pleasant circumstances. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 195)

JEREMIAH D. GEIGER, merchant, Washingtonville, is a grandson of Philip and Moriah GEIGER, the former a resident of Berks County. Philip's son Henry was the father of our subject and was born in Berks County June 10, 1802, and died here May 31, 1877, aged seventy-four years, eleven months and twenty-one days. He married in Berks County and came to Limestone Township in 1843, and some years later bought a farm in the same township. In 1867 he gave up farming and removed to Washingtonville, where he lived retired. He was a prominent member of the Lutheran Church in that place, being at different times trustee, deacon and elder. He was prompt in his attendance at the church, and took great interest in everything pertaining to it. He was a kind hearted man and universally esteemed. His wife was Anna DERR, daughter of Samuel and Catherine DERR, and a native of Berks County, born July 3, 1802, and died here March 20, 1875, aged seventy-two years, eight months and seventeen days; a member of the Lutheran Church, and was noted for her charitable acts. They had ten children, three of whom died in infancy, and a son, Samuel, who died August 9, 1858, unmarried, at the age of twenty-seven years and six months. The surviving children are as follows: Sarah, unmarried, and residing on the homestead in Washingtonville; William, married to Elsie MOSTELLER, and residing at Limestoneville; Henry, married to Anna MAUGER, residing in Northumberland County; Levi, married to Anna HERR, lives in Limestone Township on the homestead; Catherine, wife of John LYDECKER, of Riverside, Northumberland County, and J. D., the youngest son. Our subject was born April 4, 1840, in Berks County, ten miles from Reading. In his youth he learned shoemaking, at which he worked seven years. He then worked on the farm three years, and at the removal of his father, took it and worked it four years. He then engaged in mercantile business in Washingtonville until 1872, in partnership with F. W. REAM. After two years he bought his partner's interest and a year later went to Northumberland County. At Shamokin, six months later, he formed a partnership with Amos OHL, and December 5, 1875, engaged in mercantile business until August, 1876. They then returned to Washingtonville, where Mr. GEIGER has since the last of that year been engaged in business for himself. November 2, 1885, he was appointed postmaster at Washingtonville. He married, November 9, 1865, Miss Mary Ann, daughter of John REAM, of Limestone Township. She was born September 9, 1841, in Lancaster County, and has borne her husband four children: Calvin, born August 31, 1866; Ida May, born June 18, 1868, and Clyde W., born November 4, 1879, all living with their parents, and Oscar Allen, born October 8, 1883, died March 3, 1885. Mr. GEIGER has been treasurer of the borough for the last three years, has been school director for nine years, and he and Mrs. GEIGER are members of the Lutheran Church. He is also secretary of the Sabbath-school and leader of the church choir. The following is a list of the relatives of Paul GEIGER, great-grandfather of our subject: John Paul, ship "Samuel," from Rotterdam, August 30, 1737; Christian, "Charming Polly," Plymouth, October 8, 1737; *Wilhelm, "Charming Polly," Plymouth, October, 1737; Hans, "Two Sisters," Rotterdam, September 9, 1738; Hans Jacob, "Betsy," Deal, August 27, 1739; Jacob, Sr., "Phoenix," Rotterdam, September 1, 1743; Jacob, Jr., "Phoenix," Rotterdam, September 1, 1743; Johan Frederick, "Paliena," Leith, October 25, 1748; Paul, "Fane,," Cowes, October 17, 1749; +George, "Fane," Cowes, October 17, 1749; Johannes, "Anderson," Rotterdam, August 26, 1751; Tacitus, "Saint Andrew," Rotterdam, September 14, 1751; Jacob, "Duke," Portsmouth, September 14, 1751; Johan Michael, "Louisa," Rotterdam, November 8, 1752; Johan Adam, "Phoenix," Rottermdam, November 22, 1752; Joseph, "Louisa," Rotterdam, October 13, 1753; Johannes, "Halifax" Rotterdam, October 26, 1754; John George, "Richmond," Rotterdam, October 20, 1764; Jacob, "Crawford," Rotterdam, November 23, 1770. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 195)

JACOB P. HOFFA, physician, Washingtonville, Penn., is a grandson of Jacob and Rachel (FOLLMER) HOFFA, the latter's history dating back over a century, and whose family belonged to the pioneers of this county. The former was born May 20, 1880, in Reading, Berks Co., Penn., and descended from German lineage. He came to Northumberland County when quite a boy, and learned the carpenter trade under John DEETER, of Chillisquaque, and afterward became an extensive contractor. After his marriage with Rachel FOLLMER, who has inherited large landed estate from her father, he engaged extensively in farming; and having purchased large timber tracts in Clinton and Lycoming Counties he erected saw-mills and began the manufacture of lumber on a large scale, in which he continued for over twenty years. He amassed a considerable fortune, and died May 15, 1882. His wife died August 26, 1867. There are four sons and one daughter living: John HOFFA, Turbot Township, Northumberland County; Samuel F. HOFFA, Milton, same county; Sarah Ann, married to John SHALTER, Limestoneville, Montour County; Cyrus HOFFA, Lewisburg, Union County, and Reuben HOFFA, Reading--all of the State of Pennsylvania.
John HOFFA, father of Jacob P. HOFFA, was born May 3, 1826, at the old homestead on which he now lives and inherited it from his grandfather, John FOLLMER, being one of the finest farms in central Pennsylvania, comprising a tract of 220 acres. John HOFFA has followed farming all his life, and is one of the most enterprising and progressive farmers of the age, keeping abreast with all the modern improvements pertaining to the art and science of farming, and at all times refusing offers of political preferment, has made farming a success. He is a member of the Lutheran Church, and takes great interest in its welfare and advancement. He is also an active member of the State Board of Agriculture, having been called upon at various times to write essays with respect to farming. His first wife, Sarah Ann SCHAEFFER, daughter of Peter SCHAEFFER, of Watsontown, Northumberland Co., Penn., died December 7,1864. Three children of their union died in infancy. Those now living are Catharine Ann, wife of J. D. SMITH, Kansas; Jacob P. HOFFA; Daniel H., in Kansas; John Follmer and William Francis (twins), in Lewisburg. His second wife was Catharine LITCHARD by whom he had two children: Cora M., wife of H. McGINNIS, of Allenwood, Union Co., Penn., and Cyrus, living with his father. Mrs. Catharine HOFFA died September 24, 1878. Later he married Margaret FOLLMER, his present wife.
Dr. Jacob P. HOFFA was born June 26, 1852. After receiving a thorough common school education he attended the academy at Limestoneville and completed his education at Selinsgrove Missionary Institute, after which he was in the mercantile business for his grandfather during the period of a year and a half, in Lycoming County. He then taught school four years. During the latter part of that time he began reading medicine under the preceptorship of Dr. U. Q. DAVIS, of Milton, Penn., and graduated from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in March, 1876. In the same month he came to Washingtonville, and the following winter took a post-graduate course at the same college, thus qualifying himself thoroughly in his profession. Since then he has resided in Washingtonville, and has established a large and lucrative practice.
On January 8, 1878, he married Miss Clara A., daughter of William and Sarah SMITH, of Limestone Township. She was born July 18, 1856, and two children have been born to their union: John Sidney, born July 23, 1879, and Willie Huber, born September 12, 1881.
Dr. HOFFA has been three times elected burgess of Washingtonville, first in 1879. He has been president of the Montour County Medical Society, is a member of the State Medical Society, and was elected to the State Legislature in 1884, and re-elected in 1886. He is now serving his second term, his constituents sending him back well pleased with the manner in which he represented them during his first term.
He is a member of Derry Lodge, No. 759, I. O. O. F., in which he has passed all the chairs. He and Mrs. HOFFA are members of the Lutheran Church. He is active in the Sabbath-school and is teacher of the senior Bible class. As a man and a physician he has the esteem and confidence of the people among whom he lives.

*Was under sixteen years old.
+Fifty acres of land in Hanover Township, Penn.
(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 196)

MARTIN KELLEY, farmer and lumberman, P. O. Washingtonville, is a son of Martin KELLEY, who was a farmer and hotel-keeper of Liberty Township, where he died. The latter's wife, Catherine BILLMEYER, was a native of Liberty Township and died in Danville a short time before her husband. Their children were John, who died in Northumberland County; Fannie died in Liberty Township; Jesse died near Milton; Andrew died in Liberty; Benjamin was hurt in a saw-mill which caused his death shortly after; Jacob died in Valley; George is a farmer in Liberty Township, and married to Annie BILLMEYER. Martin is the only other survivor, and was born in Liberty Township, April 10, 1835, and was quite young when his parents died. He worked among relatives until the breaking out of the Rebellion, when he enlisted in Company C, Fourteenth Pennsylvania Volunteers, the "Columbia Guards." The company served a month over its term. A year after his return Mr. KELLY married Mary A., daughter of Franklin RYAN, of Muncy. She was born June 4, 1845, and has borne her husband six children, the youngest of whom, Fannie M., born April 26, 1881, died February 7, 1882. The others, who live with their parents, are Ida E., Emma L., Bruce C., Jesse B. and Mamie V. Mr. KELLY has never held any public office but attends strictly to his business. Politically he is a Democrat. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 197)

JAMES W. LOWRIE, farmer, P. O. Washingtonville, is a grandson of Samuel LOWRIE, who with eight brothers and one sister immigrated to this country from Scotland, and settled in various parts of Pennsylvania. Samuel took up a tract where his grandson now resides. He had a family of two sons and three daughters. Samuel, the father of our subject, was born in 1800, where his son now resides, and died in 1857. He was a farmer, and an elder of the Presbyterian Church. His wife, Helen COLE, died in 1886, in her eightieth year. Their children were Elizabeth, Margaret, Rhoda, Newell S. Harriet, Emily, Mary, Agnes, Rebecca, belle and James W. The last named was born April 16, 1841, in the house in which he now resides, but which he has remodeled since it became his property. He worked on the farm until the death of his father when he took charge of the homestead, and conducted it for his mother until 1865. He then bought it from the estate, and has since resided on it. The timber he sold on the ground, and his farm is now in a high state of cultivation. In 1868 he married Miss Priscilla, daughter of William BRYSON, of Northumberland County. Mrs. LOWRIE was born May 10, 1845, and graduated at Muncy Seminary. Eight children were born to their union as follows: Helen C., Ata, Saidie, Hattie B., Mary W., Blanche, Anna and Walter. Mr. LOWRIE has held county and township offices, and in every relation of life has discharged his duties in a manner highly creditable. In 1862 he entered the army and served nine months in Company G, One Hundred and Seventy-eighth Regiment, in which he was color bearer, which dangerous service he accepted when a volunteer was called for. He was honorably discharged at the end of his term. Mr. and Mrs. LOWRIE are members of the Presbyterian Church, of which he is an elder. Politically he is a Republican. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 197)

MATTHEW L. SHEEP, farmer, P. O. Jerseytown, is a grandson of Andrew SHEEP, who immigrated from New Jersey and settled in this township, on a farm adjoining the one now occupied by our subject. He had eight children, only three of whom now survive, Mary, Rebecca and Elizabeth. James was the father of our subject, and was born on the homestead, May 11, 1800. Some years after his marriage he inherited a portion of the farm where his son now resides, and there he died October 18, 1881, a prominent member of the Derry Presbyterian Church. His wife was Sarah P., a daughter of Samuel LOWRIE, of this township. She was born May 3, 1797, and died in 1849. Their children were Andrew J. (deceased), who emigrated to Texas and there died; Samuel, died in his twentieth year, and Matthew L. The last named was born April 26, 1834, and lived with his father until the latter's death. Two years after his marriage he took possession of the home farm, having paid for the interest of the other heirs. March 29, 1855, he married Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Robert McKEE. She was born December 28, 1834, in Anthony Township, and before marriage taught school in Anthony and Derry Townships. To their union six children have been born: Lloyd S., holds the position of principal of a large academy in Elizabeth City, N. C., married Pauline HINTON of that place, where they reside; Jennie, at home; J. Willis, married Ida SMITH, and resides on a part of his father's farm; s. Laura, a teacher, resides with her parents; Sarah L. and M. Clyde, at home. Mr. SHEEP held several township offices and many positions of trust, such as guardianships, etc. He and Mrs. SHEEP are members of the Derry Presbyterian Church, of which he is treasurer. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 198)

JOHN K. SHULTZ, farmer, P. O. Washingtonville, is a great grandson of Philip SHULTZ, who came from Germany and settled on a farm in New Jersey, where he died. His son, Jacob, grandfather of J. K., was born in New Jersey, and came to this county in 1790, settling first at Limestoneville. later he came to the farm occupied by our subject. Here he lived until his death in 1804, when, with other old settlers, he was carried off by typhoid fever. He was the father of eight children, only one of whom survives--Elizabeth, widow of Daniel MOSTELLAR, residing in West Hemlock Township, aged eighty-seven years. Peter was the father of John K., and was three years old when his parents came to this county. He was reared on the farm, and after his marriage moved to the farm adjoining, where he resided fifty years, dying July 11, 1862, aged seventy-five years. He was an elder in the old Derry Church for many years, and politically a Democrat. His wife was Sarah ROBBINS, of Columbia County, Penn., who died in 1872, aged eighty-one years, and their children were William, a resident of Columbia County; Jonathan P., who died in Northumberland County in 1886; Jacob and Vincent, living in West Hemlock Township; James in Rush Township, Northumberland County; Benjamin F., a physician in Danville; Peter, in Anthony Township; Mary K., wife of Benjamin CROSSLEY in Michigan, and John K. Our subject was born in the old house, March 5, 1825, and lived with his father until his marriage, when he moved to the adjoining farm in West Hemlock Township, which he still owns. There he lived for nineteen years, when, having previously bought the old homestead and erected a fine house, he removed to it in October, 1874. October 11, 1855, he married Rebecca, daughter of James McVICKER, of Anthony Township. She was born June 6, 1826, and seven children have blessed their union, the eldest and youngest dying in infancy. The others are Charles W., married to Sarah J. WATT; Anna M., wife of William ROBINSON; Clarence J., Sarah C. and William Barber, at home with their parents. Mr. SHULTZ has held several township offices, and is now justice of the peace. He has always been a farmer, to which he has added cattle and horses dealing at times. He, Mrs. SHULTZ and three children are members of the Derry Presbyterian Church. Politically he is a Democrat. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Derry Township and Borough of Washingtonville pg. 198)

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