From "The History of Columbia and Mountour Counties"
Battle, 1887

JACOB S. BALLIET, merchant, P. O. Limestoneville, is a grandson of John BALLIET, a former resident of Lehigh County, who with his family came to this part of the country in 1807, settling in what is now Limestoneville, buying the stone house built by Robert CALDWELL in 1800. This house is now owned by William BALLIET, a brother of Jacob S., and is occupied by J. C., a son of William, and is yet in a good state of repair. When John BALLIET came here he took up a large tract of land, which he afterward divided between his two children, John and Mary, the latter being the wife of Solomon LEVAN. This land is now divided into five farms. The wife of the elder John BALLIET was Catharine MICKLEY; they had but the two children named, both of whom were born and married in Lehigh County. Both of the elder BALLIETS died about fifty years ago. The father of our subject, also named John, was born March 14, 1784, and died February 1, 1854. His wife was Elizabeth SCHREIBER, who was born September 7, 1782, and died March 25, 1858. John BALLIET was always a farmer, never engaging in any other occupation. He had a large farm, and when comparatively a young man, gave up labor, his sons carrying on the farm. He removed from the old homestead to a house which he had built, and which is now occupied by Jacob S. In this house both he and his wife died. He was a leading man in the Paradise German Reformed Church, of which he had been both deacon and elder for many years. He had six sons and two daughters, all but one of whom are now living: Nancy, wife of Abraham STROUB, who died over twenty years ago; John living near McEwensville, Penn., now eighty years of age; Stephen, seventy-eight years old, living on part of the old homestead in Northumberland County; Levi, a merchant in Milton, Penn.; Josiah, in Lockport, N. Y.; William, in Limestoneville; Mary, widow of John CLAPP, in Milton, and Jacob S., the youngest but one of the family. He was born October 24, 1824, at Limestoneville, Penn., in same house where he now resides, and lived with his father until his marriage, after which he farmed a part of the home farm which he got from the estate after his father's death, and has ever since resided on. He has always been a farmer, but in 1880 bought the interest of a nephew in the store in Limestoneville, and in 1883 bought the entire concern, and now owns it alone. January 16, 1855, he was married to Catharine LEWARS, of Lewis Township, Northumberland Co., Penn. To this union five children have been born: Ella M., James L., A. Elwood, Edward F., and Harry, all living at home. Mr. BALLIET has never been an office holder, but does his duty as a citizen at the polls. He and his wife and all his children are members of Paradise Church. In politics Mr. BALLIET is independent. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 204)

WILLIAM BALLIET, retired, P. O. Limestoneville, Penn., is a brother of Jacob S. BALLIET, of this township, under whose name above is given a sketch of their ancestors. He was born March 8, 1821, and lived at home until his marriage, when he farmed for his father until the latter's death; then he bought the home farm, and, until 1882, lived in the house where he was born and reared. October 10, 1845, he was married to Rebecca, daughter of John HAGUE, who lived near Milton, Penn. They had eight children, two of whom died young. The survivors are Mary Elizabeth, born January 17, 1847, wife of William ROYER, of Delaware Township, Northumberland County; John Calvin, born November 4, 1850, married to Frances BILMEYER, and living on his father's farm in the old home; Emma Louisa, born August 19, 1852, wife of Charles A. LINEBACH, living in Milton; Alcesta, born April 20, 1855, wife of I. Albert ESCHBACH; William J., born June 19, 1858, married to Elizabeth SHAEFFER, and Clarence F., born October 10, 1860, and married to Mary RIDDLES, all living in Northumberland County. Mr. BALLIET has, until his retirement, always been a farmer. He has never held public office. He and his wife are members of Paradise Reformed Church. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 205)

THOMAS L. CLAPP, farmer, P. O. Limestoneville, Penn., is a grandson of John CLAPP, a resident of Berks County, Pen., whence he immigrated to Lewis Township, Northumberland Co., Penn., in 1818, where he lived until his death. His wife was a Miss KLINE, who died several years after her husband. Their children were Samuel, who was accidentally killed by a horse near the home in Northumberland County, Penn.; John, father of our subject (both these were born in Berks County, the rest of the family being natives of Northumberland County); Adam, a retired farmer, who lives in Lycoming County, Penn.; Daniel (deceased), who was a merchant in Muncy, Penn.; Thomas, a retired merchant, now living in Muncy; Mary, deceased wife of John ROUP, Sr., of Northumberland County, Penn.; Catharine, wife of Jonas HOY, who died in Ohio; Mary (died in the State of New York, wife of John LINEBAUGH), and Sarah, who was wife of Philip ROUP, and died in Northumberland County, Penn. The father of our subject was born September 1, 1811, and was seven years of age when his parents came to this part of the country. He worked for his father until the latter's death, at which time he took the old farm, and a year later was married. His father-in-law bought the farm, and gave it to his daughter on her marriage with Mr. CLAPP. On this farm he lived and died in a house which he built on some land he had added too the original farm. His death took place December 6, 1879. Mr. CLAPP was a man of note in the community. He took an especially warm interest in educational matters. In early life he became a member of the Reformed Church, and was for years deacon in Paradise Church, and, joining the new church erected at McEwensville, he became and elder, remaining as such for twenty years. As a man and citizen he stood high. In 1832 he was married to Maria GLAZE, a native of Northumberland county, Penn., born in 1815, and died in 1850. After her death Mr. CLAPP was married to Mary TRUCHENMILLER, who died about ten years later. Mr. CLAPP was again married, his third wife being Mrs. Mary McNINCH, nee BALLIET, sister of the brothers Jacob and William BALLIET. His first wife had eleven children, of whom one died in infancy. They were William, living on part of the homestead; Thomas L.; John D., in Jefferson County, W. Va.; Mary Elizabeth, wife of A. E. GONGER, of Northumberland County, Penn.; Sarah Jane, wife of I. N. KLINE, of Williamsport; Margaret, married to William KERCHNER, of McEwensville; Susan, married to J. C. WAGNER, of this township; Angeline, wife of J. W. BALLIET, living in the house where her father died; Emeline, wife of William G. MARSH, M. D., of Watsontown; Caroline, wife of O. E. COTNER, of Northumberland County, Penn. Our subject was born February 22, 1841, worked on the farm, and taught school until he was twenty-nine years of age, when he was married; then removed to the farm on which he now lives, and which his wife inherited from her father's estate. On January 14, 1869, he was married to Susan, daughter of Samuel and Mary LERCH, of Lewis Township, Northumberland County. She was born February 21, 1842. To this union eight children have been born, one dying in infancy. The others are all living with their parents. They are Edmond L., Mary A., Olive F., Theophilus M., Jennie Ray, Paul and Elma Pearl. Mr. CLAPP has always been a farmer, and deals considerably in stock. He has held nearly all the offices in the township, and is now school director and assessor. He and his wife are members of Paradise Reformed Church, of which he has been deacon, and was recently elected an elder. In politics he is Democratic, and takes an active part in the affairs of the township, county and State. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 206)

GEORGE WASHINGTON DERR, farmer, P. O. Limestoneville, was born in Moreland township, Lycoming County, April 21, 1829, son of Christopher and Mary (OPP) DERR. He was reared in his native bounty, and was married January 28, 1858, to Miss Martha, daughter of Thomas and Margaret HAYES. Her father is deceased but her mother still resides near Danville. After their marriage they removed to where Mr. DERR now lives, and there his wife died June 27, 1859. They had one child, Martha, wife of S. F. RICKETTS, of Danville. Mr. DERR was again married February 15, 1866, to Miss Rebecca L. SCHUYLER, widow of Dr. Wm B. SCHUYLER, who had one son by her first marriage, Roscoe C. Mr. DERR is a member of the Turbotville Baptist Church; he has been county commissioner three years. He owns seventy-seven acres of land, and has made all his own improvements. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 206)

THOMAS M. DERR, farmer, P. O. Turbotville, was born in Moreland Township, Lycoming County, August 31, 1831, son of Christopher and Mary (OPP) DERR. Christopher DERR, father of Thomas M., was born in what is now Anthony Township, Columbia County, and his father died when Christopher was a boy. Christopher was married in Lycoming County to Mary OPP, and they were the parents of ten children: Hannah (deceased), Philip (deceased), John, Jane, Phoebe, George, Thomas M., Wilson, Franklin C. and Jacob. Christopher and wife are both deceased and are buried at Moreland. Thomas M., was reared in Moreland, followed lumbering until he was thirty-one years of age and then began farming for himself. In 1863 he came to his present location, where he bought 125 acres of land from Barton RUNYON. He now has 115 acres of good farm land. Mr. DERR was married September 25, 1862, to Effie A., daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth (BRASS) SCHUYLER. They are the parents of five children: Mary Elizabeth, Hannah D., Ida Estella, Lewis Christopher (deceased), and Effie (deceased). (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 206)

JAMES WILSON DERR, farmer, P. O. Limestoneville, was born in Moreland Township, Lycoming County, August 16, 1834, son of Christopher and Mary (OPP) DERR. He was reared in his native township, and there resided until his twenty-fourth year. He spent his early life on a farm, and, when nineteen years of age, went to complete the trade of carpenter. In 1853 he paid his first visit to the locality where he now resides. He was married, December 30, 1858, to Miss Sarah Ann, daughter of John and Sophia SCHUYLER. After their marriage, they resided for a time with their brother, living there eight years, working at his trade, which he followed until the fall of 1865. In 1861 he bought a lot of eleven acres, and to this he has since added, until he now has 230 acres of land, nearly all of which he has accumulated by his own efforts. He located on his present home place in 1866, in which year he put up his present substantial improvements, costing him over $7,000. His farm is among the finest in this region of country. Mr. and Mrs. DERR are the parents of three children: Calvin W., born September 1, 1868, educated at Limestoneville academy, teaching in Limestone Township; Eva J., born December 2, 1871; Schuyler C., born October 29, 1860, and died March 27, 1866. They have reared two girls: Mary E. JARRETT, married to William E. DERR, lived with them twenty-one years: Maggie C. HAYES lived with them sixteen years. Mr. and Mrs. DERR and children are members of the Baptist Church. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 206)

JOHN D. ELLIS, farmer, P. O. Turbotville, was born in what is now Anthony Township, Montour County, June 14, 1836, son of William and Sarah (MURRY) ELLIS. His grandfather, Stephen ELLIS, immigrated from Londonderry, Ireland, in or about 1770, and settled with his wife, Mary CUNNINGHAM, in what is now Anthony Township, Montour County, and made farming his business. Mr. and Mrs. ELLIS were parents of twelve children, and spent the remainder of their lives near where they first settled. They bequeathed some money toward founding the Episcopal Church at Exchange, at which place they were buried. William, their second son, was born May 8, 1800, and in 1833 married Sarah MURREY of Lewis Township, Northumberland County, and they then bought and settled on a tract of land in what is now Madison Township, Columbia County, where Mr. ELLIS cleared up the most of his farm, which was timber land, followed agricultural pursuits and became owner of several farms in the adjoining counties. Mr. ELLIS yet survives. They were the parents of three children: Andrew, John D., and Stephen M. John D. was reared in his native township where he remained until he was thirty-six years of age, and in 1872 came to Limestone Township. He was married May 10, 1869, to Miss Uranna LICHARD, born July 4, 1826, daughter of George and Rebecca (DEWALT) LICHARD, both of whom resided in Lycoming County, about two miles from Moreland Mills. For three years after their marriage they remained in Anthony Township, when they removed to their present location in Limestone Township, where he bought fifty-seven acres, being the old Abraham WALTER place on the Wilkesbarre Railroad. He now has 312 acres of his own, and an interest with his brother, Stephen M., in some timber lands. He made his own improvements on the home farm. Mr. and Mrs. ELLIS are the parents of four children: Ida, married to Edward MENGES; Franklin, Ella May and Roscoe. Mr. and Mrs. ELLIS are members of the Episcopal Church at Exchange. Mr. ELLIS has for six years been director of schools at Limestone Township; he was elected justice of the peace in 1886. James LICHARD, grandfather of Mrs. Uranna ELLIS, was of English origin, and settled in Muncy Creek Township, Lycoming County; he married Catharine SHIRES, and they were parents of nine children. George, their third son, was married to Miss Rebecca DEWATT; they were parents of six children. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 206)

DANIEL F. GOUGER, farmer, P. O. Washingtonville, was born in Limestone Township, Montour County, August 26, 1832, son of John and Mary (BOWER) GOUGER. John William GOUGER, grandfather of Daniel F., was born in Berks County, Penn., and from there came to what is now Montour County about 1806. He was married before coming here to Miss Elizabeth FULMER, and they settled near Limestoneville, near the Limestone Run schoolhouse. There they bought about 200 acres of land. Both died while living in this county and are buried at the FULMER Church. Their children were as follows: George; William; Nicholas; Jacob; Benjamin; John, father of our subject, and Daniel. John GOUGER was born in 1798, in Berks County, and was about fourteen years of age when his parents came to Montour County. He married Mary BOWER, and died December 1, 1880; his widow survived him until August 14, 1882; they are buried at FULMER Church. They were the parents of the following named children: Catharine, Elizabeth, William, Mary, Caroline, Susannah and Daniel F. Daniel F. GOUGER, subject of this sketch, made his home with his parents for sixteen years after is marriage, and then removed to his present location. He was married October 3, 1855, to Miss Ursula, daughter of Col. Joseph and Adaline (COLE) DEAN. The former was a native of Pennsylvania, and was the only son of Thomas DEAN, who was born in Ireland. His mother was a member of the COLE family, who were early settlers in Sugarloaf Township, Columbia County. Mrs. GOUGER's father died about 1869 at the age of about eighty years; her mother died on the 3d of July, 1845, at the age of forty-two; they are buried at the DEAN family cemetery. Col. DEAN was a colonel in the war of 1812 and engaged in the Black Rock campaign. Mr. GOUGER is a member of the Lutheran Church, and Mrs. GOUGER of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. GOUGER has held several local offices, but has not been a seeker for official position. In politics he is a Democrat. He has 113 cres [sic] in his home farm and sixty acres in another farm. He is engaged in farming and stock raising. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 207)

JOSEPH GIBSON, retired, P. O. Limestoneville, is on his father's side, of Irish extraction, his great-grandfather having immigrated from Ireland. His grandfather, a surveyor, in an early day located in Philadelphia, afterward removing to Berks County, where he died, and where his son Henry, father of our subject, was born in April, 1778; he died in Liberty Township, this county, in November, 1860, aged eighty-two years and eight months. He learned the trade of shoemaking, but a few years after his marriage abandoned it, and bought the farm on which he died. He subsequently bought an adjoining farm in the same township, and owned both at the time of his death. He was three times married. His first wife, Catharine BURKEY, mother of the subject of this sketch, who was her first child, died when he was a boy, leaving nine children, six now deceased, viz.: Henry, Catharine, Mary, John, William and David. Those surviving are Elizabeth, widow of Thomas HOPPER, in Newark, N. J.; Jacob, in Milton, Penn., and Joseph, who was born in Berks County, on August 21, 1804. When seventeen years of age our subject began learning the trade of blacksmith in Milton, Penn., at which he worked until the time of his father's death; he then turned his attention to droving, which he some years after gave up, and retired. He is now living in Limestoneville, on a place which he owned before his father's death. November 25, 1830, he was married to Julia Ann WITHINGTON, who was born November 21, 1810. Their four children are all now living, viz.: Charles, in Liberty Township, this county; Theodore, in the State of Indiana; Caroline, with her parents, and Henry W. GIBSON, who has a machine shop in Limestoneville, this county, is married to Jane SHEETZ and has two children: Bertha and Joseph; at the breaking out of the late war he went to Philadelphia, where he worked at gun making for three years, and then to several other places, and after an absence of over seven years, returned to Limestoneville, and bought the business he now conducts. Mr. GIBSON is the oldest man in the township, and has held the office of justice of the peace in this township for twenty consecutive years, before that being constable for nine years. He and his wife are members of the Roman Catholic Church in Milton. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 207)

WILLIAM GRITTNER, dealer in furniture and sewing machines, and undertaker, P. O. Turbotville, Northumberland County, was born in Lycoming county, Penn., March 6, 1858, son of Edward and Catharine (KETTENBACH) GRITTNER. Edward GRITTNER, father of our subject, was a native of Prussia, came in 1852 to America and located at New York, where he followed the trade of cabinet-maker, which he had commenced learning in the old country at the age of fourteen years. He resided in New York about three years, thence removed to Lycoming County, where he lived until 1871, when he came to Limestone Township, this county, and here he now resides, and has a farm of fifty-six acres. He was married in New York to Miss Catharine DETTENBACH, also a native of Prussia, who came to America on the same ship as Mr. GRITTNER. They were the parents of five children, of whom four are living: Anna Louisa, wife of Charles VANDINE, live near Lairdsville, Penn.; George William; Julia Ann, wife of J. W. ERVIN, in Limestone Township, this county; and Hannah Bessie. The deceased was an infant. Our subject spent his early life with his father in the shop in which he made furniture by hand, and in 1876 commenced house painting, which he followed two years; then worked at home for a time, after which he made brushes, selling them on the road for about one year; worked also at McEwensville, and Watsontown at his trade. In the spring of 1881 he commenced his present business, with the exception of undertaking, which line he adopted in the following year, adding also the New Home sewing machine, in the spring of 1885. In May of that year he put up his present commodious building; he also owns a house and lot of two acres, situated close to his undertaking and furniture establishment, and for which he paid $600. Mr. GRITTNER was married November 4, 1884, to Miss Anna C., daughter of Daniel and Sarah A. BENDER MENGES, both deceased. Mr. and Mrs. GRITTNER are the parents of two children, Charles Oscar, born October 11, 1885, and Edward Lawrence, born December 9, 1886. They are members of the Zion Lutheran Church at Turbotville. Mr. GRITTNER is an auditor of Limestone Township. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 208)

DANIEL W. RANK, attorney, P. O. Limestoneville, is a descendant of Philip RANK, who was a resident of Earl Township, Lancaster Co., Penn., early in the last century, and whose parents came from Alsace in 1728. The next in line of descent was Philip Adam RANK, to whom, by an old writing, now in the possession of our subject, he sold some land in the same township in 1770. Philip Adam's son was Adam. In 1790 he removed to a farm which he bought in what is now Union County; here he died. His son Daniel was the grandfather of Daniel W. He was born and lived and died in Union County, Penn. He was born in 1789, and died in 1854. He was a farmer and blacksmith. His wife was Catharine HECKEL, who died some years before her husband; he married again after her decease. The children, who were all of the first marriage, were, Daniel, who died in Union County, Penn.; Andrew H., living in Centreville, Ind.; Hiram, who died in infancy; Lambert, died at "White Deer Mill," Union Co., Penn., December, 1886; Mary, wife of William CHAMBERLAIN, and Catharine, wife of Martin MACKEY, both of whom died in Union County, Penn.: the other child was Joseph S., who was the oldest of the family, and was born December 20, 1807. He is now living, and has always been a farmer. He was married, December 30, 1830, to Catharine McGINNESS, of Union County, Penn. In April, 1836, he removed to this township to a farm, on a part of which he now lives. His wife died December 31, 1879. They had six children, viz.: James C., a farmer, in Fillmore County, Minn.; John M., who died in Central City, Col.; Daniel W.; Hiram William, who died in infancy; Henry Clay, who died unmarried; Elizabeth Catharine, living at home. Our subject was born February 16, 1835, in Union County, Penn., and until 1855 he worked on the farm, and in that year began reading law in the office of Robert HAWLEY, in Muncy, Penn., and was admitted April 24, 1859, at Williamsport. From there he went to Millersburg, Dauphin Co., Penn, where he was again admitted and practiced there until August 31, 1861, when he enlisted in Company D, Seventh Pennsylvania Cavalry; on October 9, he was made sergeant; on November 18 was promoted to sergeant-major, and on June 11, 1864, by order of Secretary of War was mustered back to July 1, 1863, as first lieutenant of Company M, same regiment. On August 31, 1864, he was made acting assistant adjutant-general for the detachment First Brigade, Second Cavalry Division, then at Columbia, Tenn., and was subsequently appointed to the command of the detachment to guard Sherman's line of transportation. He remained in this duty until December 16, 1864, when he was mustered out on account of ill health, not accepting a commission as captain which had been sent him. On his return he remained at home, unable to engage in any occupation until the beginning of 1872, when he went to Scranton, Penn., practicing there for ten years, during which time he was commissioned by Gov. HARTRANFT district attorney of the mayor's court, the only commission issued by a governor which had to be confirmed by the Senate. In 1882 he returned to his former home in Limestone, and in the fall of 1884 was elected district attorney of Monitor County for three years; he is also practicing law in Danville. On May 12, 1875, he was married to Mary Catharine, daughter of Robert H. McKUNE, formerly mayor of Scranton, Penn. She was born January 11, 1846, and died July 18, 1881. To this union two children were born, both of whom died in infancy. Mr. RANK now divides his time between the practice of his profession, his duties as district attorney, and attending to his farm, where he makes his home for the sake of his health. He is a Republican. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 208)

LEWIS SCHUYLER, farmer, P. O. Turbotville, was born December 5, 1808, in Madison Township, Columbia County, son of Adam and Eve (Sanders) SCHUYLER. When a boy of seven years Lewis removed to Lewis Township, Northumberland County, where he was reared to manhood, and January 19, 1836, married Miss Elizabeth BRASS, a native of Mahoning Township, Montour County, and daughter of Lucas and Elizabeth BRASS, both deceased. The former is buried at Danville, the latter at Montoursville. After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. SCHUYLER are the parents of six children: Mary, wife of Charles ROMIG, Dewart, Penn.; Effie Ann, wife of Thomas M. DERR, lives in Limestone Township; Lucas B., married to Anna S. RUSSELL, Lock Haven; John S., married to Samantha Allen, lives in Lock Haven; Drucilla, wife of A. D. HOWER, lawyer, lives in Muncy; William H., bookkeeper, married Clara SMITH, lives at Hughesville. Mr. and Mrs. SCHUYLER are members of the Baptist Church, of which he has been deacon over thirty years; he has been overseer of the poor, judge and inspector of elections, etc. At the golden anniversary of who were present at the wedding, and 181 sat down to dinner. For twenty-five years Mr. SCHUYLER worked at the carpenter trade; he put up his own house and all other improvements, and has erected a great many buildings throughout the surrounding country. His two oldest sons, Lucas B. and John S., served throughout the civil war in the Union Army, the former in the Seventy-fifth Illinois Infantry and the latter in the Seventh P. V. V. Cavalry. In politics he is a Republican. Mr. SCHUYLER was the first man in Montour County to give the right of way for the Wilkesbarre & Western Railway that crosses his farm, which road was built in the year 1886. A station within a mile of his place is called "SCHUYLER." (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 209)

THOMAS B. SCHUYLER was born in Lewis Township, Northumberland County, February 5, 1834, son of John and Sophia (BRASS) SCHUYLER. Lewis SCHUYLER, great-grandfather of Thomas B., was born in Germany in 1748, and came to America in 1751 with his parents. They settled in Germantown, now West Philadelphia. His parents died when our subject was twelve years old, and he was bound out to John FOCHNER until he was eighteen years of age, and served an apprenticeship at the shoemaker trade. He married Keziah HORNED in 1781, and lived in New Jersey until 1794. He then came to Pennsylvania and located south of Jerseytown, in what is now Columbia County, where he resided five years, then moved north of Jerseytown, where he resided until his death, October 1, 1837, at the age of eighty-nine years. He was the father of eleven children: Adam, William, John, Mary, Samuel, Hannah, Elizabeth, Lewis, Henry, Sarah and Jacob. Adam SCHUYLER, grandfather of Thomas B., was born in New Jersey, from there removed to what is now Columbia County, near Jerseytown, there was reared and married to Eva SANDERS. He died in December, 1858; his widow survived him a number of years, having died about 1871. They are buried at Turbotville. They were the parents of ten children: Mary (deceased), John (deceased), Lewis, Jacob, William, Sarah Ann, Keziah, Effie, Adam and Henry (deceased). John SCHUYLER, father of Thomas B., was born December 6, 1806, in Madison Township, Columbia County, and was married to Sophia BRASS December 24, 1829. The former died April 5, 1885, his wife having preceded him in death, dying April 15, 1884. They are buried at Turbotville. They were the parents of ten children: Elizabeth, William, Thomas B., Sarah Ann, John, Jackson, Adam (died at Nashville while in the service), Lewis, Sophia and Eve C. Thomas B. SCHUYLER, subject of this sketch, spent his early life in his native township, and made his home with his parents until 1859, when he was married, December 29, to Sarah A., daughter of Peter and Catharine (ERNEST) LEIDY. The LEIDY family were originally from New Jersey, but her parents were born and reared in Columbia County, near Buckhorn. Her father died October 30, 1878, at the age of seventy-six years; her mother died in July, 1865. They are buried at the Derry Presbyterian Church. Mr. and Mrs. SCHUYLER were the parents of three children: Flora (born January 10, 1860, died June 27, 1884), was the wife of Charles F. FULMER, and they were the parents of one child, Lola; Ellsworth, born September 23, 1861, accidentally shot himself in January 1883, and William, born June 4, 1865. Mr. and Mrs. SCHUYLER are members of the Baptist Church at Turbotville. He has held the office of school director one term. The old SCHUYLER farm, consisting of 162 acres, lies in Limestone Township, Montour County, and in Lewis Township, Northumberland County. The house in which Mr. SCHUYLER lives was built in 1802 by Abraham WALTER, who had bought the land on which it stands from Jacob FULMER, who was one of the brothers who were early settlers here, and who located on the place in 1778. Mr. SCHUYLER is an undertaker as were also his father and grandfather; he has made that his business for many years; is a member of the Undertakers' Association of Montour, Snyder and Northumberland Counties. He followed carpenter work in his early life, and only of late years has been a farmer. His father and grandfather were also carpenters. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 209)

JAMES K. SHELL, farmer, P. O. Limestoneville, is a great-grandson of Jacob SHELL, who emigrated from Germany about the middle of the last century, and was one of the pioneers who located near Allentown, Penn., where his son Jacob, grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was born, and where he died at the age of nearly eighty years. His son John, father of James K., was born there in 1792, and died in 1864, aged seventy-two years. He was a farmer all his lifetime. In 1833 he bought a farm near Turbotville, Northumberland Co., Penn., on which he lived until his death, as stated above. He was a plain man of religious habits, never taking much part in politics. His wife was Elizabeth KAMERER; she died twelve years before her husband, aged about sixty years. They had twelve children, of whom four are deceased, viz.: Reuben and Amanda, who died in Lewis Township; Sarah, died at Watsontown; and Charles, who went to Nebraska, where he died. The survivors are Jonas, in Delaware Township, Northumberland County; Mary, widow of Jacob STAHL (who was killed in the Union Army), living with her brother, James K.; Jacob, in Anthony Township; Lydia, widow of Enoch BENNETT, of Turbotville; John, in Lewis Township, Northumberland County, on the old homestead; Nathan, in Turbotville, and James K., the fourth son. Our subject was born February 15, 1825, while his parents were living in Pennsboro, Montgomery Co., Penn.; he was eight years old when they came to Northumberland County, and lived with them until he was twenty-three. He then went to Centre County and worked at his trade of mason for three years, when in the fall of 1851 he removed to the farm where he now lives, which subsequently became his wife's. May 20, 1852, he was married to Mary Ellen SHURTZ, who was born, lived and died on this place. (She died February 1, 1885; she was the daughter of Col. Jacob SHURTZ, who had lived on the same farm since he was two years old. He was one of the best and most prominent citizens of the town, and had served in the war of 1812, commanding a company near Easton, and also served at Black Rock). They had two children: James S., living on a farm adjoining, owned by his father, and Mary M., who died in infancy. For about twenty years Mr. SHELL has filled the offices of school director and overseer of the poor. He is a Democrat in politics. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 210)

WELLINGTON D. WEIDENHAMER, tanner and farmer, P. O. Limestoneville. The great-grandfather of our subject came from Germany many years ago and settled in Maiden Creek Township, Berks County, where his son, John Adam, grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was born, and where he died. His wife was Elizabeth DUNKEL who died before her husband. This couple had eight children, all born in Maiden Creek Township, Berks Co., Penn. Their names are Maria, Susannah, George, John, Benjamin and Jacob, deceased, and Elizabeth and Anna, now living. The father of our subject, Jacob WEIDENHAMER, was born in 1797 and died in 1863. In 1837 he bought a farm in this township to which he moved and on which he lived until his death. He was a man of religious convictions, a member of the Lutheran Church, and was especially noted for his strict adherence to truth on all occasions. A good manager, he accumulated a fine property, and was well off at the time of his death. In 1825 he was married to Susannah DREIBELBIS, of Berks County, Penn., who is now living in Derry Township, this county, and is in her eighty-fourth year. To this union six children were born: W. D.; William, near Milton, Penn.; Daniel, also in Milton; John A., living in Watsontown, Penn.; Sarah A., deceased wife of Jacob SHEETZ, of Snyder County, Penn., and Mary Elizabeth, wife of Emanuel MONSER, of Derry Township, this county. Our subject was born September 3, 1826, and was ten years of age when his parents came to this county. Until he was about twenty-three he worked on the farm, and then he and his father together bought a mercantile business in Limestoneville, which they carried on for five years, when our subject left it and rented his father's farm for three years; then in 1857 he purchased the tannery which he has ever since conducted together with a small farm which he bought at the same time, to which he has added some of the old homestead adjoining. In 1851 he was married to Miss Susan A., daughter of John S. FOLLMER, of this township, and born September 4, 1830. They have had nine children: Henry Muhlenberg, George W. and Ella May, deceased, and Mary A., married to J. H. CRUZEN, of Lancaster City; James B., married to Maggie A. SMITH, in Hall's, Lycoming County; Jacob W., married to Lizzie E. ENGLE, in this township; and Annie S., Maggie L. and Sarah Caroline, who make their home with their parents. In 1856 Mr. WEIDENHAMER was elected justice of the peace, and, with the exception of one term, has held the position continuously ever since. During this time he has also been county auditor, besides holding many township offices. He has also been a surveyor at which he has worked considerably of late years. Mr. WEIDENHAMER and wife are members of the Lutheran Church in which for many years he has been a deacon. In politics he is a Democrat of the Jeffersonian school. He represented his district several times in the Democratic State Convention of his own State, and a number of times in the county convention of Montour County. He also served on several occasions as grand and petit juryman in the United States District and Circuit Courts held at Williamsport, Penn. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, Limestone Township pg. 210)

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