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The Descendants of Andrew LINN Sr

Fourth Generation

17. Daniel LYNN 1 (William T LYNN , Nathan LYNN , Andrew ) was born in 1801 in St Charles, Co, MO. He died in 1850 in Scotts Bluff, NE (Oregon Trail) from cholera from contaminated water and was buried in Scotts Bluff, NE (Oregon Trail).

DEATH: Daniel Lynn died of Cholera after drinking polluted water from the North Platte River . He was buried in a unmarked grave near Scotts Bluff Nebraska and the wagons drove over his grave to hide his burial place from the Indians. His body was dug up by wild animals and the next wagon train re-buried his remains in a deeper grave and again drove over the grave to compact the earth. Apparently there was a wooden marker placed near his grave which remained for a number of years as subsequent settlers to Oregon mentioned seeing it as they passed by Scotts Bluff Nebraska. His final resting place today is known only to God.
(Judge Thomas Smith, son-in-law of Daniel and Rachel, in a letter dated 1875.)

MISCELLANEOUS: Daniel Lynn had wanted to move to Texas in 1844 after a flood in Missouri destroyed most of his farmland. He traveled as far as the White River in Arkansas before deciding to return to Missouri. He assayed to go Oregon in 1846 or 1847 but was forced to delay the trip as his wife, Rachel Ann became ill. The family finally left for Oregon in the Spring of 1850. Daniel and Rachel Ann Lynn had 10 daughters and 2 sons. One son, Eugene Lynn , died in infancy in Missouri. Three of their daughters and their remaining son, Nathan, accompanied Daniel and Rachel Ann Lynn on the trip to Oregon.
It is unknown how many of Daniel and Rachel Ann Lynn's daughters lived to adulthood. To date, only 3 of their daughters have been identified. (Judge Thomas Smith, son-in-law of Daniel and Rachel, in a letter dated 1875.)

Daniel married Rachel Anne HAUN 1, daughter of John HAUN, about 1820 in Mongomery Co, MO. Rachel was born 2 on 30 May 1801 in St Charles, Co, MO. She died on 17 May 1874 in Roseburg, Douglas, OR and was buried 3 in Masonic Cemetery, Roseburg, Douglas, OR.

The Surname, Haun was either of German or Dutch origin.

They had the following children:

+ 24 F i Verlena LYNN
  25 M ii Nathan LYNN 1 was born about 1822 in Montgomery Co, MO. He died after 1860 in Mexico.
+ 26 F iii Cordelia Rose Altha LYNN
+ 27 F iv Arethusa Emeline LYNN
  28 M v Eugene LYNN 1 was born in 1838 in Warsaw, Benton, MO. He died about 1841 in Warsaw, Benton, MO.

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