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1st and 2nd Missouri Infantry Brigades, National Guard 
   The entire Missouri National Guard was commanded by Harvey C. Clark as Commanding General, with Headquarters at Nevada, Vernon County. He had reorganized the Guard after the Spanish American War.
   These Units were inducted into Federal Service on August 5, 1917. They were merged with Kansas Units to become the 35th Division. General Clark was issued an Honorable Discharge on 26 Dec. 1917 because of disability, and a regular Army officer, Major General William M. Wright took charge of the 35th. 
   The organization consisted of two Brigades of Infantry, two Regiments of Field Artillery, one Signal Corps Battalion, one Battalion of Engineers, one Motor Truck Supply Train, two Field Hospital Companies, two Ambulance Companies and one troop of Cavalry. 
   They landed in France on May 11, 1918 and fought throughout the War. Many of them did not come back. They fought for five days straight making their way through the German lines, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy forces.
   These are Muster Rolls for the Units from some cities in Southwest Missouri, Including Nevada, Lamar, Butler, Carthage and Joplin.
Machine Gun Company
Nevada, Missouri




James J. Corey

Bratton, Lew H. Barnes, William B.

1st Lieutenant:

Etter, James C. Bolinger, John W.

Harry J. Beagles

Phillips, Laton F. Braswell, Walter E.

2nd Lieutenants:

Schuman, Edd Charles, George E.

Edwin Samuel

Ulrich, Edward Davis, Harry R.

James L. Senter

Wardin, Herbert B. Driver, Don

1st Sergeant:

Williams, John Harvey, Samuel R.

Harrel, Ival W.


Hays, Ira

Mess Sergeant:

Boyd, Lora Hughes, Floyd C.

Teel, Roy E.

Johnson, Herbert R. Kinkead, John P.

Supply Sergeant:


Lock, William F.

Scrogbern, Alphus

Epperson, David A. Lovell, Lafe W.

Stable Sergeant:

Wareing, Harry McElwain, Dewey

Cubbin, J. Alex


McSpadden, Leo


Dempsey, Gomer W. Milligan, Worth B.

Bishop, John H.

Lynch, Bernice E. Morley, Charles E.


1st Class Privates:

Ogles, Otis E.

Casenburg, Frank E.

Boyd, James F. Phillips, Emery T.

Inwood, W. Clarence

Braswell, Mack A. Pierceall, Paul E.

Mikesell, Chester  H.

Corp, George A. Pope, Harry E.

Smith, Fred W.

King, Orville W. Purcell, William H.

Teel, Emmet

Kinkead, William B. Rehmel, Ira K.

Whaley, William

McClense, Ervine Rinehart, Brice


Mann, James E. Rooney, William J.


Maze, Henry S. Snell, Roy


Price, Thomas A. Snyder, Pearl F.


Rader, Edwin V. Strader, Walter F.


Wallace, Robert H. Thomas, Archie


Wingate, Barnes I. Wells, Oran N.


. Whitlock, Robert F.


. .


. .
Company C




James A. Frow

Allen, Joseph T. Johnson, Herbert W.

1st Lieutenant:

Arft, Carl M. Jones, Harry G.

Robert P. Thompson

Arnold, James H. Jones, Ray E.

2nd Lieutenant:

Barber, John Jones, William

Fred D. Hays

Bays, Earl Kessler, Claude E.

1st Sergeant:

Beisner, Henry W. Knight, Allen

Sheppard, Clarence W.

Black, John Labove, Levoda

Mess Sergeant:

Bloomfield, Sherman Landers, Vernon

Schubert, Edward

Bond, Robert E. Lawson, James W.

Supply Sergeant:

Bouton, Harry J. Lewis, George

Reed, William H.

Bowker, Roy McAlexander, Harold E.


Butler, James W. McCary, Lyle B.

Hess, Lee H.

Briley, Clyde T. McHoney, Joseph R.

Hickman, Charley W.

Cabodier, Tony McKee, Charlie

Anderson, Lawrence

Chandler, Cecil D. McKinney, Mally B.

Rains, Jesse

Conrad, Lloyd B. Massey, Harold G.

English, Gordon

Cooper, Charles Millard, Elvin A.

Wine, Robert Y.

Coring, Don Moody, Hobart


Cox, Albert Moreland, Thomas

Benford, William

Cunningham, Oran F. Morris, Phillip

Cooper, Frank

Custin, Perry S. Norvell, Otis W.

Lockwood, Arthur M.

Dale, Robert N. Page, Ben L.

Thompson, Paul B.

Davidson, James Peak, Troy C.

Cox, Edgar A.

Davis, Amos B. Prigmore, Bert

Gordon, Arthur B.

Day, Marshal D. Pruitt, William F.

Beall, Edgar

DePriest, Noble O. Ramage, William Jr.

Viazny, Frank D.

Devine, Earl Rapp, Guy

Jones, Milton

Dickey, Chauncey L. Reed, Harrison H.

Wills, Lester

Dryden, Cecil V. Roberts, Glenn E.

Daetwyler, Carl

Duff, William E. Robertson, Perry H.

Magers, Elmer

Duggan, Thomas A. Ross, Guy L.


Duncan, Jesse Y. Rouse, Bryan

Boyd, David W.

Earp, George Russell, Leslie C.

Stewart, Walter E.

Erwin, Roy E. Schubert, Lawrence B.


Fletcher, Ray E. Seth, Dewey

Dainty, Allen

Gage, Amos Shaw, Albert J.

McHissock, Archie I.

Gooseman, Emmett V. Shaw, Elver


Goss, Clinton C. Shearer, Earl H.

Shipman, Joseph

Greenstreet, Craig Shreve, Dewey

Pierce, Ross

Griffith, Frank W. Smith, Alva

1st Class Privates

Griffith, Ray Smith, Marion J.

Haddon, James R.

Hackney, Alfred D. Smith, William R.

Patterson, Roy E.

Handy, Chauncey E. Sparkman, Seth E.


Harrell, Emmett Stahl, Ira L.


Hassen, Edward Stone, andrew


Hedgecorth, Jesse Summers, Earl


Hedrick, Charles P. Swift, Jesse


Hensley, Orvil Taylor, William N.


Herrell, Roy Teal, Ray H.


Hill, James Tennant, Maurice E.


Hill, Hurley W. Underhill, Thomas J.


Hughes, Wady H. Vail, Jesse L.


Jackson, Ewart C. Wilson, Ernest C.


Janes, Harold E. Wine, Charles C.


Jobe, James Witherspoon, Arley B.


. .
Company B




George L. Caruthers

Agee, Peter O. Lewis, Joe S.

1st Lieutenant:

Anderson, Carl A. McClure, Marvin

William O. Jackson

Argenbright, Grover C. McGrew, Charles V.

2nd Lieutenant:

Atkinson, Charley McSpadden, Sam

John C. Frazier

Bain, Henry E. Martz, William D.

1st Sergeant:

Baugher, Clee R. Mason, Rhoby

Keeser, Floyd

Bingham, Roy M. Melford, Homer B.

Mess Sergeant:

Bishop, William F. Menefee, Harry F.

Haynes, Richard E.

Blankenship, William Miller, Fountain R.


Bowles, Everett Moles, James A.

Burner, Thomas J.

Bowles, Lewis J. Moore, Christy L.

Yates, Charles b.

Branscum, Russell Morrow, Fred L.

Muchmore, Omer S.

Brown, James E. Mustard, Riney


Butler, Clyde B. Nesterrode, Nelson M. H.

Nicolay, Clark

Caviness, James Newman, Fred

Barker, Lewis H.

Cawood, Charley E. Norris, Charles W.

Grant, William T.

Chapman, Earl Oakes, Thomas F.

Abbott, William R.

Chapman, Elbert F. Oates, William S.

Gerby, James

Chapman, Roy F. Orr, Leslie

Qualls, Delbert R.

Clark, James Riley Owens, Charley H.

Hayes, Emmett W.

Close, Glenn W. Patterson, Omer

Herrell, Henry A.

Coffman, Frank E. Plew, James O.

Orear, Ed S.

Colvin, Roy D. Ruble, George W.

Welch, Clarence L.

Courtney, Willard Ruble, Richard H.

Weldon, Harry L.

Davis, Hugh R. Scott, Irl T.


Davis, Richard D. Scott, John L.

Wells, Pearl L.

Davis, William H. Scott, Warren D.


Dixon, Cloyde G. Selby, Louis H.

Scheurich, Elmer I.

Dubbs, John C. Shumate, Ben F.


Elliott, Hoyt J. Skates, Simon

Riser, Ramon W.

Forbes, Ruby E. Sellars, Guy O.

Johnson, Harley W.

Fuller, Edward D. Stacy, Luther L.

1st Class Privates

Gibbs, Flot F. Strait, Charles G.

Grow, Leland

Greenlee, John Earl Tabler, George A.

Huddleston, Oria

Grow, Raymond D. Taft, Wells I.

Smith, Lester C.

Haney, Francis N. Terry, Ernest

Wright, Charles H.

Hayes, Howard V. Thomas, Charles D.


Hawley, Casper L. Thurman, Orel E.


Hedger, Frank R. Tweed, George


Hendricks, Ira C. Walters, John


Henry, William C. Walters, John W.


Henrichs, Herman Warnken, Frank E.


Howell, Oris E. Warnken, Lawrence W.


Inskeep, George Williams, Richard A.


Jackson, William M. Wilson, Ray E.


Keen, Guy V. Wilson, William D.


Kernhaus, William Wiser, Claud


Lance, Kelly Wisherd, Ray


Lehnberr, June L. Wolfe, Harvey


Lemasters, Russell Yates, Frank L.


Lewis, Abraham H. Young, Ben H.


. Zwahnlen, Leslie C.


. .
Company A


1st Class Privates:


Ward L. Schrantz

Babcock, Guy Havens, E. Glenn

1st Lieutenant:

Bennett, Charles R. Herron, George B.

Lonise E. Dottwiler

Breckenridge, Vern H. Hickman, Harry E.

2nd Lieutenant:

Burke, Arthur C. Hier, Isaac E.

Frank L. Snyder

Comer, Dewey Hilton, Theo. E.

1st Sergeant:

Cone, Claude L. Hines, William H.

Snyder, George A.

Culbertson, Richmonad E. Hornback, John D.

Supply Sergeant:

Harlow, Thomas J. Huff, Robert R.

Havens, David H.

McKinney, Charles E. Hunt, Noel R.

Mess Sergeant:

Moore, William N. Jackson, Frank H.

Glenn, Robert D.

Parker, Fred H. Keller, Harley E.


Palmer, Harry H. Kelton, Leonard

Brown, Willard

Smith, Austin L. Landers, Joe L.

Edwards, Charles S.

Sparks, Joe Luke, Charles W.

Ellis, Ernest E.

Springer, Garnett A. McAshland, Sam A.

Hines, James A.

Thomas, Clinton E. McFadden, John H.

Hopwood, Norval R.

West, G. Wallace McKinney, Earl F.

Wiggins, Edwin W.


Manier, Ralph E.

Ford, Warren A.

Akin, Leaford J. Mayabb, Leonard

Hopkins, William M.

Allen, William Mealey, Rex B.


Amick, Erwin E. Medcalf, Henderson

Havens, William P.

Anderson, Frank O. Mertins, Charles L.

Clark, Fred R.

Baker, John C. Moody, Bert I.

Stuckey, Lloyd J.

Baker, Roy C. Moorman, John U.

Kaselack, Otto E.

Baldwin, Jesse Morris, Leonard H.

Hooten, Louis E.

Bays, Alvin Mort, James D.

Davis, James M.

Black, William B. Moss, Hugh O.

Miles, Albert C.

Blackford, Henry C. Moyer, Morgan J.

Cain, Carl J.

Blue, Harry M. Nickell, J. Ford

Bradley, Richard C.

Brewer, Albert L. Parsons, Dote S.

Roach, Robert E.

Brown, Harry Patterson, Clarence H.

Ford, Paul

Capps, Ernest C. Powers, Ernest

Bonner, Virgil H.

Cash, Samuel E. Prickett, Carl L.

Matchael, John S.

Clark, Herman Prince, Earl F.

Stuckey, Lyle E.

Clark, Thomas E. Rapp, Daniel H.

Taylor, Joseph E.

Cook, Fred Redding, Ira C.

Amerman, James W.

Devers, William L. Ring, Eugene


Dudley, James A. Robinson, Fred D.

Newman, Harry E.

Fastin, Carl N. Robinson, Ward P.

Cronk, John F.

Epperson, Carl B. Roos, Guy A.

Jones, Harry C.

Ford, Raleigh B. Saunders, Mark


Ford, Ray P. Schmidli, Paul H.

Daugherty, Thomas M.

Fox, Joseph J. Sinclair, John F.

Chapman, Thomas O.

French, Harry J. Smiddy, Verna D.


Frost, George D. Smith, Chas. D.

Powers, John L.

Gardner, George D. Smith, Mark

Starcher, Norman T.

Gilliland, Lester F. Starcher, Ferreld J.


Glass, John M. Tanger, Carl A.


Glenn, William J. B. Taylor, Bert E.


Gouty, John C. Tyler, Jesse C.


Gragg, Vertil C. Vaughn, Lewis L.


Grissom, Charles O. Voorhis, Arthur F.


Hannum, Edward A. Watson, Chancy J.


Harvey, Joseph W. Weaver, Al


. White, Charles C.


. Wood, Harry W.


. Wright, Delbert


. Ziler, Estel C.


. Zogg, Martin F.


. .
Company G




Myron F. Bandy

Adams, Herbert Jones, Waitsel A.

1st Lieutenant:

Alderson, Walter E. Karr, James A.

Ludwig I. Everson

Archer, Virgil D. Karr, Jesse L.

2nd Lieutenant:

Atkinson, Vere W. Koontz, James L.

Ralph D. Henderson

Augter, Emil F. Krause, Irvin G.

1st Sergeant:

Bicknell, John T. Krieg, Charles, R.

Elsea, Albert E.

Blackwell. Earl B. Largen, Logan, J.

Mess Sergeant:

Brogan, Francis R. Lawder, Winslow P.

Grant, Edward D.

Brooks, James A. Lipps, Samuel L.

Supply Sergeant:

Brown, Dwight W. Livingston, James

Freeman, Leslie V.

Brown. Joseph Lochart, George T.


Caldwell, Oakley P. Love, Joe W.

Hutchins, Frank

Campbell, Ray W. McConnell, Luther F.

Horn, Pearl

Cheesman, Myron M. Madden, Joseph E.

Beasley, Alvin M.

Chew, Alvin F. Meek, Forrest E.

Corder, Corwin H.

Clark, George Mering, Clarence R.

Malott, Charles

Cook, Francis Metsker, Henry

Quinn, Perry M.

Cole, Robert R. Miller, Dewey O.


Conrad, Clifton Moreland, Stanley P.

Fannon, Frank M.

Cox, Elvin V. Moss, Bennie H.

Overlees, Joseph L.

Crawford, Sidney J. Myers, Earl F.

Hunter, Elmer E.

Curran, Charles H. Newman, Durand

Strauss, Lester F.

Davis, Napoleon B. Newton, Datus

Shivley, Hayden W.

Denton, Ralph Newton, Perry I.

Fetty, Victor G.

Dunham, Will M. O'Banion, Frank M.

Zehr, Roy M.

Ferrell, Otis L. Owen, R. A.

Counts, Glenn H.

Fletcher, Joseph T. Patterson, Cordell C.

DeMott, Lennie F.

Floyd, Byron Prothcrow, Elmer C.

Steger, John W.

Forrest, Thomas Purvis, Ruloff

Davis, Grant L.

Fox, Cyril V. Raskin, Israel H.

Love, Charles M.

Gerrard, Taylor C. Renner, Jacob V.

Harbin, James F.

Gibson, Clyde R. Richardson, Robert O.

Buchanan, Earl M.

Glenn, Joseph Roach, Walter R.


Graham, Craig H. Sage, Gary

Cain, William J.

Haill, Charles W. Schahill, Frank R.

Dougherty, Roy J.

Hamilton, Ellis D. Showers, Wesley H.


Hamilton, Roy Lee Sinor, Jesse W.

Butcher, Jesse L.

Hamilton, Vaughn S. Spoon, Jesse M.

Ackers, Walter H.

Handy, Floyd Stanfield, Sam S.

Richardson, Buel C.

Harrington, Oscar A. Stiles, Edward S.


Harrison, George W. Storey, Ralph J.

Hyde, William G.

Harrison, Virgil T. Suman, Alonzo R.

Clark, Walter L.

Hatfield, Jesse L. Switzer, Andrew J.

1st Class Private:

Hatfield, Roy Tansey, Guffra T.

Williams, Clarence

Hayden, William O. Taylor, Meredith


Henderson, Egbert K. Tilden, William


Henderson, Robert Q. Tucker, Chester H.


Hendricks, Louis H. Warren, George L.


Hendry, Alva D. Watts, Donald W.


Hites, Miller E. Webb, Elwood P.


Hooker, John F. Weldgen, John G.


Hopkins, Obert D. Williams, Lemuel


Hubbard, Charles R. Wood, Lee


James, Carl R. Yocum, Cecil B.


Jones, Marvin W. Young, Oral


. Zumbrunn, Sentman L.


. .
Supply Company




Fred W. Manchester

Hughes, Donald S. Cooper, Vincil

2nd Lieutenant:


Day, Melvin

Clyde A. Narramore

Hunter, Lawrence O. Dent, Lee W.

Regiment Supply Sergeants:


Derkoski, John

Baldwin, Thomas C.

Hardman, James C.


Higgs, Noah F.


Hogue, Samuel V.

Baker, Chester F.

Martin, Bernard B. Hood, William D.

1st Sergeant:


Hopkins, Albert L.

Ballinger, Homer J.

Anderson, Lewell Horn, Buford J.

Mess Sergeant:

Baker, Lee Houchin, Wm. T.

King, Charles B.

Balden, Archie A. McCoy, Floyd

Stable Sergeant:

Binns, Archie Z. McCoy, William O.

Burney, Thomas J.

Binns, Eddie Miller, Ray


Birchfield, Moss Palmer, Arthur D.


Bledsoe, Walter Redlinger, Jack J.


Boyce, Elva V. Rutherford, Clarence


Conner, Harry M. Stark, Nathaniel L.


. Tattom, Samuel L.


. Watson, James R.


. .


. .
Sanitary Detachment




Earl H. Welcome

Allen, Clifford J. McCune, Charlie F.


Amos, Darwin W. Millsap, Leslie R.

Harry A. Leaming

Anderson, Clyde M. Morris, Dewey R.

1st Lieutenants:

Armstrong, Searcy S. Moss, Pleasant A.

William M. Hoel

Beaman, Orin E., Jr. Payne, Glen G.

Barney M. Russel

Brackney, Charles H. Phillips, Miles B.

1st Class Sergeant:

Dawson, Charles H.  Richey, Glen T.

Loggains, Walter W.

Gordon, Austin Shannon, Homer H.


Grigg, Edward W. Smith, Thomas T.

Bassman, George H.

Haines, Charlie B. Stevenson, Robert H.

1st Class Privates:

Inns, Francis E. Tennyson, Harry C.

Grim, Charley L.

Ivey, Horace F. Turner, Roy V.

Hawkins, Roy

Keenan, Harry E. Walls, William F.

Myers, William C.

Long, Sherman D. Watkins, Vincent L.

Yeakey, Scott

. .


. .


. .

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