1860 Census - Cedar County, Missouri



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1860 CENSUS 

Cedar County, Missouri

By Townships:

Washington (2 webpages)
Cedar (1 webpage)
Box (2 webpages)
Linn (4 webpages)
Benton (2 webpages)
Madison (3 webpages)
Jefferson (2 webpages)
Total: 163 census pages on 16 webpages.
1145 Dwellings
Census Roll M653-613
Some notes:
Most of these enumerators were barely literate, and I transcribe as written.
If it says Marthy, I don't change it to Martha, Lucynda to Lucinda, or Gorg to George.
One man is listed as a "Babtis Minster". One girl's name is listed as "Sier Navada" (Sierra Nevada?)
Keep an open mind when searching.
After the Federals moved into Cedar, many of the young men on this census went to Vernon County and became Bushwhackers.
Note: All persons are White, except those with (B) or (M) after their names.
Slaves were listed on the separate Slave Schedules.

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