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Depredations Committed By The 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry
While Stationed At Ft. Scott, Kansas
Against The Citizens of Vernon County, Missouri
Source: Provost Marshal Records
While on scouting trips through Vernon County, Missouri, Companies D, E, and K, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry committed many acts of robbery.
They stole many horses, robbed the store in Balltown of John McNeil, a staunch Union supporter, and the homes of many wives and widows of Union soldiers.
They took food, money, clothing, shoes, household articles, a safe, saddles and bridles, etc.
Their Commmander, Captain Pratt apparently had full knowledge of the robberies and did nothing to stop them.
When reports of the acts reached the Union Command, a full investigation by Major General Blunt was ordered by Adj. General Curtis.
The pdf file below contains the statements of witnesses and the reports that were sent in on the investigation.
The soldiers involved were arrested and court martialed.
You will need the free Adobe Reader to read the file. There are 47 pages.
Some are faded and difficult to read.
3rd Wisconsin PDF

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