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Coleman County Histories

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A History of Coleman County and Its People, Vols I and II- Edited by Ralph Terry, Judia Gaines Terry, and Vena Bob Gates, 1985 - (1312 pages - history of the county, contributed family histories community histories, church histories and thousands of pictures --- NOTE:  Most of the information contained in Leona Bruce's and Gladys Nevins Hunter's books below, were included (with their permission) in one form or another in this work)
Into the Setting Sun, by Beatrice Grady Gay, 1936 - (193 pages - written by the daughter of Texas Ranger, Caleb Grady, an early settler of Coleman County - early county history and memories)
Trickham, Texas - A Neighborly Chronicle, by Leona Banister Bruce, 1966 - (128 pages - History of early Coleman County and Trickham)
Banister Was There, by Leona Bruce, 1968 - (196 pages - biography of John Banister of Texas and Coleman County, grandfather of the author)
They Came in Peace to Coleman County, by Leona Bruce, 1970 - (101 pages - reprints of articles appearing in the Coleman newspapers in the 1960's, written by Bruce)
First Lady on Home Creek, by Leona Bruce, 1973 - (153 pages - based on the memoirs of Tye Overall, an early settler of Coleman County)
Santa Anna's Peak, by Leona Bruce, 1976 - (176 pages - Histories of Santa Anna and southeastern Coleman County's history and people)
Our Bruce Family, by Leona Bruce, about 1980 - (71 pages - genealogy of Charlie Perry Bruce and Carrie Goode Bruce)
Four Years in the Coleman Jail - Daughter of Two Sheriffs, by Leona Bruce, 1982 - (143 pages - stories of Bruce's parent's experiences of their times as Sheriff of Coleman County)
Historically Speaking: Coleman County, Texas, by Gladys Nevins Hunter, 1977 - (151 pages, a collection of articles about places and people of southeastern Coleman County - Santa Anna, Rockwood, Whon, Trickham)
Discord, Texas, on Camp Creek and Other Stories, by Gladys Nevins Hunter, after 1977 - (94 pages, more articles about the Rockwood area and some area cemeteries)
Indian Fighting on the Texas Frontier, by Captain John M. Elkins, 1929 - (96 pages - stories of early day Texas and Coleman County written by an early settler of the county, with additional stories by Emma Johnson Elkins, his wife, and W. N. Alexander)
Camp Colorado: A Decade of Frontier Defense by T. R. Havins, 1964 - (199 pages - History of Camp Colorado, taken from government records)
Rosters from this work are included in this site's online Military records
On the Trail with Will by Hazel Featherston Freeman, 1991 - (56 pages - Short history of Will Featherston family)

Coleman County Cemeteries

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Coleman County Cemetery Inscriptions Vol 1,  Vol 2, Vol 3
 by Vena Bob Gates, Ralph and Judia Terry, 1988.
All cemeteries are now online, that were included in these books.  A few of the cemeteries that are online have been updated
Pre-1900 Tombstones in Coleman County by Cleo Thompson, about 1936.
All of the information from Cleo Thompson's work is included in Coleman County Cemetery Inscriptions and the online cemetery records

Coleman County Vital Statistics
Births, Deaths and Marriages
Deed Books, Minute Books, Tax Lists

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Index to probate Cases of Texas No. 42 Coleman  County August 17, 1878-January 4, 1939, 
by Bureau of Research in Social Sciences, University of Texas, Official Sponsor

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