Matt & Jen's Genealogy Pages

Matt and Jen's Genealogy Pages

Some common surnames you will see here are Dintaman, Diehl, Wiegman, Howell, Laubach, Fox, Bredow, Koth, May, Shipman, Spitler, Comstock, Mather, Horton, Fak, and Selwa.

Michael and Mary Ban Selwa

The Samuel Dintaman Family

Many thanks go to family members who have contributed and continue to contribute to our efforts.  Some of those are Barb Selwa, Carl and Ruth Nelson, Keith Fox, Denise Melbow, Larry and Kathy McCurdy, Phyllis Sunderlin, Paul and Mary Roney, and countless others.  Thank you so very much.

Israel & Mary Himmelberger Wiegman

Four Generations of Struble