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"The Story of Oregon"

The following is an index of biographies published in the "The Story of Oregon" [Julian Hawthorne, Author; Published by American Historical Publishing Co., NY, 1892.]

has kindly offered to transcribe biographies from this book on request. Biographies will be posted to the ORBios project site as they are transcribed. Please email Diana with your request [PLEASE NOTE: if their name does not appear in this index, then there is no biography for that individual!]

This book is also freely available from Hathi Trust Digital Library (Vol. 1-2).


Atwood, James P.

Barin, L. T.
Blackman, Henry
Bronaugh, Earl C.
Buchtel, Joseph
Burnett, John

Caples, John F.
Case, Isaac W.
Catlin, John
Chapman, William W.
Charman, Thomas
Coulter, Samuel

Davidson, Thomas L.
Deady, Matthew P.
De Lashmutt, Van B.
Dolph, Joseph N.

Eldriedge, F. E.

Feldenheimer, A.

Giesy, Andrew J.
Gilbert, W. B.
Glisan, Rodney
Goldsmith, Bernard
Grandy, Benjamin W.
Gray, John H. D.
Gray, William P.
Gregg, J. T.
Griffin, Rev. J. S.

Hall, John H.
Hansen, H.
Himes, George H.
Holmes, Thomas J.
Honeyman, John
Hovey, A. G.

Kellogg, Joseph
Kelly, James K.
Kelly, Richmond
Kent, Levi
Kenworthy, John
Knapp, Richard B.
Krumbein, Justus

Ladd, William S.
Lord, William P.
Lotan, James

McArthur, Lewis L.
McGowan, Patrick J.
McLoughlin, John
Mallory, Rufus
Marquam, Philip A.
Martin, Richard
Masiker, Carson C.
Minto, John
Mitchell, John H.
Moreland, J. C.
Moreland, Samuel A.
Morrow, Jackson L.
Myers, John

Pratt, L. E.

Rose, Aaron

Scott, Harvey W.
Shaw, T. C.
Smith, Hiram
Smith, Thomas
Strahan, Reuben S.
Strowbridge, Joseph A.

Thayer, William W.
Thornbury, Caleb N.
Tolman, James C.

Webb, George W.
Wiberg, Charles M.
Williams, George H.


Alexander, R.
Arrington, V. L.

Bailey, Douglas W.
Baker, Frank C.
Beebe, Charles F.
Binswanger, Otto S.
Browne, James

Cake, H. M.
Charlton, A. D.
Clark, E. G.
Clarno, Francis
Cox, Lewis B.

Deady, Edward N.
De Spain, Jeremiah
Dodd, Charles H.
Dolph, Cyrus A.
Dowell, Benjamin F.
Durham, George H.

Easton, F. S.

Forbes, C. M.
Furnish, W. J.

George, M. C.
Grant, William
Griffin, Martin G.
Gross, Rev. William H.

Hacheney, Frank
Hawthorne, J. C.
Holman, Frederick V.
Holman, James D.
Holt, Joseph
Hurlburt, W. H.

Ison, L. Buford

Jeffery, E. J.

Kellogg, Orrin, Jr.
Kelly, Penumbra
Kiernan, John
Kinney, Robert C.
Kirk, T. J.
Klosterman, John

Laidlaw, James
Lane, Joseph
Leasure, John C.

McBride, George W.
McCoy, E. O.
McElroy, E. B.
McKee, Edward D.
Mackay, Donald
Mackenzie, Kenneth A. J.
Mackenzie, Malcolm
Macleay, Donald
Macleay, Kenneth
Marquam, U. S. G.
Mason, W. S.
Meussdorffer, C. H.
Miller, B. E.
Monastes, David
Montgomery, James B.
Muir, William T.

Nesmith, James W.
Newbury, W. S.
Nichols, A. S.
Nickell, Charles
Noland, George
Noon, W. C.

Olmsted, M. L.
Osborn, T. F.

Panton, A. C.
Paxton, O. F.
Pierce, Walter M.
Pope, George
Putnam, James B.

Raley, James H.
Royal, Osmon

Shattuck, Erasmus D.
Shelton, John W.
Shofner, James C.
Smith, Milton W.
Smith, Robert G.
Snow, Taylor N.
Staver, George W.
Stearns, Loyal B.
Steel, George A.
Steel, James
Stewart, J. T.
Story, George L.
Summers, Owen F.

Teal, Joseph N.
Thompson, D. P.
Tuttle, B. B.

Weidler, Milton
Wells, George M.
Whalley, John W.
White, Eugene D.
Willey, Sidney B.



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