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††††††††††††††††††††††††† Volume No. 4†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Issue No. 12†††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Date December 7, 2008



From the Publisher


This year is speeding to an end and as always weíre trying to add as many new names to the tree as possible. Thus far we have added an additional 277 descendants and Iím reasonably sure we will be adding a few more before the end of the year. The Willey Big Book now contains over 2540 descendants of John Willey of Normanby-by-Spital. Itís not to late to send additions and corrections, which I would be very glad to put in the new book. The Willey Big Book fifth edition will be ready 1 Jan 2009 and will be sent on request to known cousins who wish to take an active part in researching our Willey genealogy and family history. We have found several new cousins this year and of those over a dozen have asked to reserve the newsletter bringing out mailing list to 89.


Letter to the Editor


Dear Jim

                Thank you for the newsletter. Put me down for a copy of the big book when it comes out. Talking about beeís, I remember over ten years ago, when we had the farm I grew tobacco    and other small crops I also had ten bee hive's and I had to go away for four day's before I went I said to my wife, if you see a real lot of bee's out side the hive they could be swarming so get one of them bottom hive boxes and carefully scrape them in to it and put the lid on it. The queen bee will be in the middle of them and they will not sting you, so one very hot day she saw all these bee's out on the hive box, and thinking that they were swarming she got a box went over and started to sweep them in to the box. But they were not swarming; they were just out side because it was a hot day. So the bee's took to my wife, who dropped every thing and run for the house with a big swarm of angry bee's after her. We all laugh about it now but it was not funny at the time. She got a few stings and she dose not like going near any beehive's any more.   Getting away from bee's my mother told me (Pheobe Vera Willey) that her father was an army man, I never ever met him, he passed away be for I was born, so do you have any info on Robert Arthur Wiley born 14 Jul 1878 his army record or what rank or the name of is regiment. It would be most interesting to know.


†††††† From Michael Howden



By Michael Howden


My father, Joseph Henry Howden will turn 95 next February. He was born at Louth, Lincolnshire, England on 04 Feb 1914. He started his working life in a grocery store where I believe he met my mother, Pheobe Vera Willey. They were married in 1937 at St Jamesí church in Grimsby. He went to work for H. F. Young insurance agents where he worked forfortyyears.†† Throughoutthe

Joseph Henry Howden


Second World War he served in the Lincolnshire regiment in India and also Burma. This left my mother and sister and I all alone right though the war. My mother made big rope netís at home for the navyís minesweepers. Those Willey women are tough girls. At the end of the war dad went back to his old job. I came to Australia in 1954 at the age of 16 with 20 pounds to my name. It would be over 25 yearís before I saw my farther and mother again. Dad had retired and they came out to visit me. Iím sad to say that my mother passed away while she was here. So my father decided to stay in Australia. Two years had passed and he met an English woman, who he married, but after one year they were divorced. After another year he remarried her so I have been the best man at my fathers wedding twice. Then they decided to return to England where unfortunately she passed a way, so dad has lived up to this time by himself. He had a small stroke and itís now difficult for him to walk very far. So the family got him into an old peoples home where he has every thing he needs. He says that he is ok and he is hoping to reach 100 years old so he can get the queenís birthday letter.



My son Ben sent the above photo that was taken in North Dakota, while working for Hettinger Honey Company.It takes over a ton to put this forklift on its nose. When ask if he had a quote for the newsletter he stated, ďOops pretty much says it all.Ē All together we produced over 400,000 pounds of honey.


Dooms Day


I have just learned of something recently, and Iím mad as heck! It seems that the world as we know it is coming to an end on 21 Dec 2012.Many profits, soothsayers, and fortunetellers have been predicting this for the last 2000 years. It seems that Mother Shipton agrees as well. No mother would ever lie. Even Merlin said so. I donít mind so much that weíre headed towards Armageddon. I have had that drilled into my brain for over 50 years. Scientist are saying on that date the earth and sun will be in prefect alignment with a black hole in the middle of our milky way galaxy. Whatís the worst that could happen? The earth could tilt on its axis causing the poles to shift which in turn will cause the molten core of the earth to change polarity throwing us head long into another ice age. That doesnít sound so bad. I admit it might get pretty cold, but thatís not whatís bothering me. The real problem is this. The 1911 UK census is supposed to be released in January of that same year, giving us only eleven months to gather what information we can. Many people have tried to get the UK government to release the census earlier. It would seem that not even the end of the world could get them to budge. I was hoping I would have the rest of my life to go over the documents. Itís never a good idea to zip through any document. We need time to examine, and ponder. We need to explore all the possibilities. I can see it now. On that fateful day on 21 Dec 2012 I will be franticly looking over each and every page trying to glean as much information as I possibly can.Trying to find one more name to add to the tree before our demise.


Another Mystery


Anne Brownlee has been researching Tom Willey the son of Miriam Willey of Bardney. We thought we on the right track when we found several descendants from Tomís line. However we ran into a slight problem. Anne sent for the marriage license for Tom Willey and Nellie Clarke, who we felt confidant was our Tom. The marriage record stated that Tom was 30 years old at the time of the marriage, which would make him born in 1873. We our reasonably sure that our Tom was born in 1881 as he did not appear on the 1881 census with his mother Miriam and his brother Frank. This is just one of many problems that arise in genealogy research, which proves that you should assume nothing and always document your work. It may be that this is our Tom Willey. We were given new hope when it was reported that Tom Willey the wife of Nellie Clarke was buried at the Lincoln Canwick Road Cemetery as several of our known Willey relatives are buried there as well. So we have another mystery to solve. If this is not Miriamís son then whoís son is he? We received the following e-mail, which is certainly of interest


Tom Willey


Hello Anne,


My cousin Mark gave me your email as you had contacted him re the Willey family. I don't know much about Tom Willey apart from the fact that he was very well thought of and as a consequence my Dad was called after him as a tribute. He died at a young age apparently and is buried in Canwick Road cemetery in Lincoln. Tom and Nellie had 5 children, one of whom Muriel  died tragically in a fire whilst in service . The others were Jack, Doris, May and Fred all passed on now but Fred's two daughters still live in the Lincoln area. I spoke to the younger one June on Thursday pm and she doesn't know much info on her Grandfather but she is in contact with May's children ( she had 14 children they mostly live in the Sleaford area of Lincolnshire ) and in particular Janet who she will see before  Christmas and will let me know if she knows anymore information to pass along to you. I have found some photos which I will send at a later date ( husband out and don' t know how to do it ) one of the family Tom , Nellie and 4 children ,one of Nellie, and one of Edith, Nellie and Clara am sure they will be of interest to you. I would obviously like to know your connection to Tom.

Hope to hear from you Barbara.