Her Father, Abner

Her Father, Abner

As of this date, I cannot prove that the Abner Centers who fathered Clarissa Centers came from South Carolina. He certainly fits the time-line but I cannot find his name on any census until the 1840 Clay County census.

It appears to be fairly certain that the Abner Centers family is Clarissa's family. The question is: where were they before showing up on the Clay County 1840 census? The family's responses on the various census as to where they were born are unreliable because they give different answers at different times. At this point, all I can do is come up with a theory and over time prove it to be right or wrong. My theory is that Abner Centers and his family came from South Carolina. In this scenario, Abner I is the father of Abner II (whom I believe is Clarissa's father) and Abner III would be Clarissa's brother.

In 1755, Abner I is born in South Carolina and marries Elender. They have a son, William, born about 1780 in Camden District, SC. In 1780, Abner II is born. In 1790, Abner I appears on the SC census. He was the only free male over age 16 and would have been 35. He had two boys under 16, a wife and a daughter. I think those two boys are William and Abner II.

In 1800, Abner Centor appears on the SC census in Greenville and is age 26-45. Abner I is 45; Abner II would be only 20. Then in 1810, Abner Senter appears on the 1810 SC census in Greenville living close to William. How old is this Abner? If he is Abner I, he would be 55. If he is Abner II, he would be only 30.

Also in 1800, Abner II's wife, Elizabeth, is born in SC. He was 20 years older than her and was probably married once before her. Assuming she is Clarissa's mother she would have been very young, only 15, but old enough to have Clarissa.

In the 1820 Census, neither William nor Abner I or Abner II is in SC. Neither do they appear on the Virginia or Kentucky census. In 1830, they are not on the Virginia, Kentucky, or Tennessee census.

In 1840, there is no Abner in the SC census. Abner I would have been 85 years old and has probably died. Abner II appears on the Clay County census and is age 60.

In 1850, Abner II appears on the Knox County census living with his wife and daughter. Abner III lives next door.

Abner II appears on the Knox County census, Flatlick area, and is age 70. He is living with Abner III but his wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Emaline are not present. Emaline shows up on the next census as "idiotic" and living with an unrelated family in Flatlick.  The rest of the census is too faded to be legible.

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