Notes on the Children

Notes on the Children

The late Jerry Senters of Wayland, Iowa, a history teacher, listed the following information in a letter to the late Carl Centers of Morrow,Ohio:

Rebecca Centers married a Perry Broughton then later separated. Their children Daniel, Mary, and Laura took the Centers name. Daniel Centers (1870-1940) had Carl Lee (1901-1969) who had Clyde Senters (1922- ) who had Jerry Senters.

Jerry also said that he had "...many old pictures of people in my direct line. One of a great-great Aunt Mary who definitely shows mulatto blood and my great-great grandmother Rebecca, also."


George and William served in the 49th Ky Infantry, Company F. William, who was listed as white in the 1860 Clay County census, served as a regular private.George was listed as a musician; often the only job open to blacks. During battles, the musicians doubled as stretcher-bearers. There is a John Centers listed as a private in the 4th Ky Infantry, Company C, who could be their brother. Their half-brother, Franklin, served in the 45th Ky Mounted Infantry, Company C.


George Senters married three times: Martha J. Collins, Mary May and Martha Marshall. All of his children were mothered by Mary May Senters:

William Canada Senters, 1873

Andrew Jackson Senters, 1875

Cajer Senters, 19 January, 1877

David Senters, May 13, 1882

John Logan Senters, September 24, 1884.( See oral history tape recording, Eastern Ky State Univ. May 7, 1979)

Blain Senters, October 13, 1886-June 19, 1902

Laura Senters, January 30, 1889

Eva Senters, June 3, 1882

In 1900, George lived on a farm up the Red River above Lee City, Kentucky. He bought his land from Franklin Centers, his half-brother, and later sold his farm to Lige Miller. He died at his son David's home in Fountain City, Tennessee on August 14, 1937 at 8:50 a.m. and was buried at Pineville, Kentucky.  


All of the above information was gathered by David W. Center.


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