Judkins and Steel Family History

The family history of George & Carol (nee Steel) Judkins of Victoria, Australia 

People, events and information 
Headstone photographs are available on request from selected Victorian Cemeteries with a few available for NSW, SA and WA

A brief outline of an early Victorian farmer. 

A teacher to the Loddon Aboriginals at Franklinford, Victoria in the l850's. 

A school teacher and headmaster from the 1860's in Central Victoria. 

A social reformer, temperance lecturer and journalist in the  early 1900's. 
Killed in a Comet Crash 

John Steel died in a crash of a BOAC De Havilland Comet on 10 January 1954.
The aircraft went down into the sea off Elba 20 minutes after taking off from Rome.

Great Dalkeith Athlete 
A highly successful athlete from Dalkeith Scotland. Jock Dalziel (1852-1929) 

Relatives who made the supreme sacrifice during the two World Wars.

Charles Chassar (1908-1942) carpenter aboard the British merchant ship Ben Lomond died when the ship was sunk by a Nazi U-boat on November 23 1942. 

John Grey 

A farmer at Branxholme, Victoria, from the 1850's. 

Tragic story of a murder from 1883. 

Chassar & Steel Obituaries

Obituaries relating to the decendants of the Chassar and Steel families in Australia

Obituaries and biographies relating to the descendants of the Judkins and Seamons families in Australia. 

Obituaries relating to the descendants of Elizabeth Nixon and John Grey's family in Australia

Obituaries and Accident reports relating to the descendants of the Storer family in Australia 



George Henry Judkins

George Thorburn Steel
George Henry Judkins 1882-1971 

George Thorburn Steel 1904-1947 


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