Wilber Mercantile Agency

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Legal Correspondents of Wilber Mercantile Agency in Connecticut, 1917

Abbreviations: Coll. Agt. = collection agent; JP = Justice of the Peace.

ATWATER, C. J.; Seymour; 4,800; New Haven; CT
BAKER, Willard; Sharon; 1,900; Litchfield; CT
BEECHER, J. Robert; Newtown; 3,000; Fairfield; CT
BEERS, George E.; Guilford; 3,100; New Haven; CT
BILL, Arthur G.; Danielson; 3,000; Windham; CT
BRADLEY, Edward B.; Westport; 6,000; Fairfield; CT
BRADSTREET, A. P.; Thomaston; 3,800; Litchfield; CT
BROWN, Arthur M.; Jewett City; 3,100; New London; CT
BROWN, Jervis D., Jr.; Milford; 5,000; New Haven; CT
BURKE, Edw. G.; Deep River; 2,000; Middlesex; CT
CALKINS, Arthur B.; New London; 19,600; New London; CT
CAMP, H. C.; Southington; 5,000; Hartford; CT
CANDEE, KEOGH &; South Norwalk; 9,000; Fairfield; CT
CLARKE, A. S. Gregg; Washington; 1,800; Litchfield; CT
COULTER, Thomas D.; Essex; 3,000; Middlesex; CT
DANIELSON, B. W.; Moosup; 3,000; Windham; CT
DAVIES, Andrew B.; Norwich; 28,000; New London; CT
DENISON, Albert; Mystic; 4,000; New London; CT
DREW, Harold E.; Ansonia; 15,200; New Haven; CT
FISK, Robert H.; Stafford Springs; 3,100; Tolland; CT
FLETCHER, Henry F., 647 Main St.; Hartford; 100,000; Hartford; CT
FLETCHER, Henry F.; Hazardville; 3,000; Hartford; CT
FOSS, Frank H.; Willimantic; 12,000; Windham; CT
GILBERT, Henry A., Coll. Agt.; Bethel; 3,100; Fairfield; CT
GOLDSCHMIDT, WARNER &; Norwalk; 7,000; Fairfield; CT
GREGORY, Ira O.; Noroton Heights; 500; Fairfield; CT
HALL, Russell L., JP; New Canaan; 3,700; Fairfield; CT
HARRISON, C. A.; Wallingford; 9,000; New Haven; CT
HATHAWAY, C. R.; South Manchester; 6,000; Hartford; CT
HUBBARD, John T.; Litchfield; 3,100; Litchfield; CT
IVES & KEATING; Danbury; 25,000; Fairfield; CT
JENNINGS, NEWELL &; Bristol; 13,600; Hartford; CT
JEWELL, F. A.; New Hartford; 2,200; Litchfield; CT
KEATING, IVES &; Danbury; 25,000; Fairfield; CT
KENNEDY, William; Naugatuck; 12,800; New Haven; CT
KEOGH & CANDEE; South Norwalk; 9,000; Fairfield; CT
LARKIN, John W.; Derby; 9,000; New Haven; CT
LEETE, William H.; Thompsonville; 8,500; Hartford; CT
MALLETTE, SPAFFORD &; Bridgeport; 150,000; Fairfield; CT
MARSH, Frank W.; New Milford; 5,100; Litchfield; CT
MOREHOUSE, Ivan L.; Stratford; 8,000; Fairfield; CT
MUELLER, William C.; Meriden; 35,000; New Haven; CT
NEWELL & JENNINGS; Bristol; 13,600; Hartford; CT
NICKERSON, L. J.; West Cornwall; 600; Litchfield; CT
NOONE, Thos. F.; Rockville; 8,000; Tolland; CT
O’SULLIVAN, Eugene T.; Torrington; 35,500; Litchfield; CT
O’NEILL, O’NEILL, & O’NEILL; Waterbury; 86,000; New Haven; CT
PELTON, Chas. A.; Clinton; 1,300; Middlesex; CT
RORABACK, J. Clinton; Canaan; 2,200; Litchfield; CT
ROWELL, Geo. P.; Stamford; 25,200; Fairfield; CT
RUSSELL, SEARLS &; Putnam; 6,700; Windham; CT
SEARLS & RUSSELL; Putnam; 6,700; Windham; CT
SEARLS, Chas. E.; Thompson; 4,900; Windham; CT
SMITH, James W.; Winsted; 9,000; Litchfield; CT
SPAFFORD & MALLETTE; Bridgeport; 150,000; Fairfield; CT
STOECKEL, R. B.; Norfolk; 1,600; Litchfield; CT
TAFT, Geo. E.; Unionville; 2,500; Hartford; CT
TOMLINSON, S. C., Coll. Agt.; Woodbury; 3,000; Litchfield; CT
TUTTLE, G. J.; East Haven; 1,800; New Haven; CT
UPSON, A. W.; New Britain; 44,000; Hartford; CT
WAKEMAN, Bacon; Fairfield; 6,200; Fairfield; CT
WAKEMAN, Howard N.; Southport; 1,500; Fairfield; CT
WALSH & WRIGHT; Greenwich; 16,500; Fairfield; CT
WARNER & GOLDSCHMIDT; Norwalk; 7,000; Fairfield; CT
WARNER, S. Harris; Middletown; 11,900; Middlesex; CT
WRIGHT, WALSH &; Greenwich; 16,500; Fairfield; CT
WRIGHT, Wm. A. & Son, 2nd Natl Bank Bldg.; New Haven; 144,500; New Haven; CT
YEOMANS, E. M.; Andover; 400; Tolland; CT
ZACHER, Edmund; Branford; 2,600; New Haven; CT