Company I, 38th Regiment of NC Troops
Our heroes...

Company I, 38th Regiment, NC Troops
"The Cleveland Marksmen"

This unit was raised and enlisted in Cleveland County on 21 November 1861. The men mustered into state service at Camp Mangum, near Raleigh, on 31 December 1861 as Company I. The company functioned as part of the regiment for the entirety of the war and its exploits are reported as part of the regimental history. More detailed information on each of these soldiers can be found in North Carolina Troops 1861-1865 A Roster, Volume X, Infantry, compiled byWeymouth T Jordan, Jr with Unit Histories by Louis H Manarin. All genealogists owe a debt of gratitude to these gentlemen for their wonderful tribute to our ancestors.

(Updated 3 Feb 2013)

As I locate the graves of these heroes I'm adding a link to the findagrave website. Please stop by & pay your respects.

NC State Battle Flag of the 38th Regiment Battle Flag of the 38th
The Roster

GARDNER, Oliver Perry, Captain, age 33, resigned 18 April 1862 to return to Cleveland County as a physician.


MAGNESS, David B, Captain, age 28, survived the war.

(Residence in 1880, 1900,  Salem, Marion Illinois)

BEAM, Oliver Perry, 2nd Lieutenant, died of wounds on or about 24 July 1862. A photo has been published...

BLANTON, George, 1st Lieutenant, age 32, reenlisted with the company on 3 April 1863 as a Private.

BLANTON, William M, 2nd Lieutenant, age not listed, previously served as a Private in Company F, 56th Regiment of NC Troops.

HUNT, Thomas B, 1st Lieutenant, age 23, died in Cleveland County 4 March or 26 March 1863.

SUTTLE, Drury D, 2nd Lieutenant, age 24, survived the war.

(Residence in 1880, Cleveland County, NC; 1910, Asheville, Buncombe County, NC)

WEATHERS, Rufus Y, 3rd Lieutenant, age 30.

WEBB, William C, 3rd Lieutenant, age 24, died at home on sick furlough 15 June 1862.

BEAM, Marquis L, Private, age 26, killed at Petersburg Virginia, 22 June 1864.A photo has been published.....

BEAM, Thomas P, Corporal, age 22, wounded at Mechanicsville, VA, 26 June 1862, died at hospital in Richmond, VA of wounds 3 July or 21 July 1862.

BRIDGES, Francis M, Seargeant, age 20, survived the war.

BRIDGES, John M, Private, age not listed.

BRIDGES, Thomas Stone, Private, age 30, survived the war.

CHILDERS, Jacob, Private, age 41, wounded at Mechanicsburg, VA 26 June 1862, hospitalized at Richmond, VA, & died of wounds 27 June 1862.

COGDELL, Richard S, Private, age 20, killed 1 July 1863, Gettysburg, PA. See my salute to Great-Great-Grand Uncle Richard.

CONNER, C, Private, age 41, survived the war.

COSTNER, Thomas S, Private, age 18, survived the war.

COUCH, S G, Private, age not given, Guilford County resident, survived the war.

COUCH, W F, Private, age not given, Guilford County resident, survived the war.

COVINGTON, William Daniel Henry, Corporal, age 20, survived the war. See my salute to 1st Cousin 3 times removed William Daniel Henry Covington.

CROWDER, John K, Corporal, age 30.

CROWDER, Marcus C, Corporal, age 18, wounded 20 September 1862 at Shepherdstown, West Virginia,

died of wounds on or about 26 September 1862.

CROWDER, Pascal P, Private, age 31, survived the war.

CROWDER, William P, Private, age not listed, survived the war.

DARYBURY (DAYBERRY), John Oliver, Private, age not listed. (Family photo at findagrave.)

DARYBURY (DAYBERRY), George W, Private, age 42.

DAVIS, Elkanah, Private, age 36, survived the war.

DICKSON (Dixon) , Thomas E, Private, age 22, died at home in Cleveland County, 8 April 1862, of disease.

DURHAM, Benjamin D, Private, age 25.

ELLIOTT, James S, Corporal, age 22, survived the war.

ELLIOTT, Thomas F, Private, age 45, born Caswell County, discharged as overage on 6 December 1862.

FORTENBERRY, Harbert Spain, Private promoted to Sergeant then 1st Sergeant, age 27.

This fellow was wounded 3 July 1863 at Gettysburg, PA, and again 28 March 1864 near Wilderness, VA, survived the war and raised a family. Contact another researcher...

GARDNER, David T, Private, age 21, died at Winchester, Va, 15 November or 20 November 1862 of disease.

GARDNER, Francis N, Private, age 18, discharged 15 September 1863 with consumption.

GARDNER, J M, Private, age 24, killed at Spotsylvania Court House, VA, 21 May 1864.

GARDNER, Thomas S, Private promoted to Sergeant, age 17, probably killed at Gettysburg, PA, on 3 July 1863.

GILLESPIE, James Macklin, Private, age 21,

discharged 13 February 1863 with "chronic rheumatism resulting in atrophy of muscles & enlargement of left knee".

GOLD, Alexander, Private, age 50, discharged 15 June or 23 June 1862 as disabled.

GOLD, Benjamin J, Private, age 17, discharged 6 December 1862 under Conscription Act.

GRANT, John, Private, age 17, died at Raleigh, NC, on or about 2 February 1862 of disease.

GREEN, Gilbert M, Private, age 43. See my salute to Great-Great-Grand Uncle Gilbert.

GREEN, Howell H, Private, age 24, survived the war. See my salute to Great-Great-Grandpa Howell.

GREEN, T Pinkney, age 20, survived the war.

GREEN, Thomas W, Private, age 20, died at Richmond, VA, 12 August or 20 August, 1862 of disease.

GRIGG, Marion D, Private, age18, killed at Shepherdstown, West Virginia, 20 September 1862.

GRIGG, Perry D, Private, age 18, discharged 18 April 1862 disabled.

GRIGG, Richard, Private, age 38, survived the war.

GRIGG, William Spencer, Private, age 39, died at Davids Island, New York Harbor, on or about 21 July 1863 of "pyemia".

GUYER, Nathan W, Private, age not given, Guilford County resident, survived the war.

HAMRICK, Drury D, Private, age 21, killed at Mechanicsville, VA, 26 June 1862.

HAMRICK, George Wright, Private, age 18.

HAMRICK, Jefferson Wright, Sergeant, age 41, died at home in Cleveland County on or about 11 August 1862 of disease.

HAMRICK, Joseph, Private, age 26, hospitalized in Richmond, VA, where he died of typhoid fever on or about 16 August 1862.

HAMRICK, Samuel, Sergeant, age 28, died on or about 5 July 1862 at Richmond, VA of wounds. 

HAMRICK, Thomas D, Private, age 19, died near Manassas, VA, 8 September 1862 of wounds.

HAMRICK, William C, Sergeant, age 23. William was wounded, returned to duty, captured at Chancellorsville, Va, confined at Washington, DC, paroled & transferred to City Point, VA, where he was received for exchanged. He returned to duty, was captured at Gettysburg, PA, confined at Fort Delaware, then transferred to Point Lookout, MD, where he died of disease on 18 August 1864. He is buried in the cemetery there.

HARRILL, Drury D, Private, age 24, died at Halifax on 23 February or 8 March 1862.

HARRILL, Elijah N, Private, age 23, survived the war.

HASSELL, John H, Private, age not listed, died of "double pneumonia" at Hart's Island in New York Harbor.

HAYNES, Lawson M, Private, age 25.

HAYNES, Myamin, Private, age 38, wounded at Mechanicsville, VA, discharged, then reenlisted as a Private in Company F, 56th Regiment of NC Troops.

HENDRICK, Chapel, Private, age 39, survived.

HIATT, Philander Franklin, Private, age not given, Guilford County resident, survived the war.

HILL, Anonymus, Private, age 30, died near Richmond, VA, on or about 30 June 1862 of disease.

HILL, Jackson, Private, age 35.

HORD, Francis M, Private, age 26, survived the war.

HUGHES, Richard D, Private, age 17, survived the war.

HUNT, James, Private, age 50, died of disease 1 March 1863 in Petersburg, VA.

JOHNSON, A, NC pension records indicate Mr. Johnson served with this company but no records are found.

JONES, William B, Private, age 24, hospitalized & died at Staunton, VA, on or about 3 November 1862 of "phthisis pulmonalis".

KIRKMAN, George H, Private, Guilford County resident. survived the war.

KITCHENS, Gabriel Z, Private, age 22, apparently survived the war.

KITCHENS, William, Private, age 61, discharged 1 April 1862, disabled, and died 14 May 1862 of disease.

LEADFORD, Joseph W, Private, age 39, survived the war.

LEWIS, Alfred, Private, age 32, wounded at Chancellorsville, wounded at Spotsylvania Court House,

captured at Appomattox River, VA, confined at Point Lookout, MD. Survived the war.


LONDON, Drury Dobbins, Private, age 26,

also documented as serving with Company F, 24th Regiment of NC Troops which he joined in the Autumn of 1862 and was wounded at Wilmington in the spring of 1863.

MCINTIRE, Ransom, Private, age 35, discharged 7 December 1862 as overage.

MCINTIRE, William, Private, age 42, dicharged 6 December 1862 under provision of Conscription Act.

MCSWAIN, Ensley, Private, age 24, died 29 June 1862, at Richmond, VA, of wounds.

MCSWAIN, George N, Private, age 30, wounded at Mechanicsville, VA, & died of wounds 5 August 1862 at home in Cleveland County.

MAGNESS, A Crowell, Private, age 18, died near Lovingston, VA on or about 31 August 1862 of "febris typhoides".

MARTIN, Daniel D, Private, age 18.

MARTIN, James Oliver, Private, age 51, a physician.

MARTIN, Joseph L, Corporal, age 21, died on or about 22 August 1862 in the hospital at Richmond, VA.

MARTIN, William A, Private, age 18, died of disease at Culpepper Court House, VA, on 22 July or 27 July 1863.

MODE, Divaney, Private, age 16, survived the war. See my salute to Great-Great Grand Uncle Divaney.

MODE, James, Private, age 25, survived the war.

MODE, Joseph T, Private, age 15, discharged under Conscription Act 19 January 1863, reenlisted as private in 2nd Company B, 49th Regiment of NC Troops.

MODE, William, Private, age 51, discharged 6 December 1862 under provisions of Conscription Act.

MOSS, William A, Private, age 31, died at Richmond, VA, between 30 June & 4 July 1862, of disease.

OAKLEY, J L, Private, Guilford County resident, survived the war.

PANNELL, Doctor W, Private, age 29, survived the war.

PANNELL, Hasiel S, Private, age 25, survived the war.

PANNELL, William P, Private, age not given, died 28 March 1865 of "typhoid fever" at Point Lookout, MD.

PARKER, Hamlin, Private, age 37, died 25 May, 30 June or 4 July 1862, in camp in Cleveland County of disease.

Grandpa Hamilton is buried in the Cogdell Family Cemetery off Crowder Ridge Road, near Polkville, Cleveland County, NC. See my salute to Great-Great-Grandpa Hamilton.

PHILBECK, Richard P, Private, age 25.

POWELL, Benjamin N, Private, age 28, died 10 October 1864 of disease.

POWELL, C B, Private, age 16.

PROCTOR, Graham, Private, age 33.

PRYOR, William A, Private, age 25.

RAMSEY, John M, Private, age not given, survived the war.

RAMSEY, Thomas J, Private, age 31, killed at Battle of Gettysburg, 1 July 1863.

REVEL, John W, Pivate, age 22.

ROLLINS, Amos D, Private, age 25.

ROYSTER, James H, Private, age 41, died at home on or about 10 January 1862 of disease.

RUNDY, B F, Forsyth County resident, survived the war.

SANSING, William M, Private, age 32, survived the war.

STOCKTON, Joseph W, Private, age 28, discharged 28 March 1864, for reason of "debility".

STROUD, William B, Private, age 41, discharged 6 December 1862 under provisions of the Conscription Act.

TUCKER, Harden E, age 18, survived the war.

WARD, John, Private.

WATERS, Elijah N, Private, age 25.

WATERS, John O, Sergeant, age 27, promoted to Color Sergeant, reduced to Corporal, then promoted to Sergeant.

WELBORN, William L, Private.

WELLMAN, Samson C, Private, age 43, survived the war. (WELMON, SAMPSON C)

WHITE, Jeremiah, Private, age 34, hospitalized in Petersburg, VA, died of disease between 1 April & 9 April 1862.

WIGGINS, Asberry G, Private, age 23, survived the war.

WILLIAMS, Jacob C, Private, age 28, died at Point Lookout, 15 June 1863, of "diarrhoea acute".

WILLIAMSON, James G, Musician, age 30.

WILLIAMSON, Milton L, Private, age 26.

WILSON, George D, Private, age 24, killed at Gettysburg, PA, 1 July 1863.

WRIGHT, Christopher T, Private, age 20, died on or about 14 July 1863 of disease.

WRIGHT, Drury Dobbins, Private, age 24, survived the war.

WRIGHT, Job, age 37, killed at Chancellorsville, VA, 2 May or 3 May 1863.

WRIGHT, William H, Private, age 30, died at or near Richmond, Va, 24 July or 25 July 1862 of disease.

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