Flags of the Confederacy
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Flags of the Confederacy

Bonnie Blue Flag, 1860 - 1861
The Bonnie Blue flag, flown from 1860 until 1861 was the first recognized symbol of the Confederacy.

Confederate Flag, March 1861

Confederate Flag, September 1861 - May 1863...

The Confederate States displayed, on March 4, 1861, their version of the Stars & Bars. It had alternate red & white stripes and a blue canton bearing seven white stars. The stars were usually arranged in a circle, some without the center star. Eventually there were 13 stars, one representing each Confederate State.This flag was flown until May of 1863.
Confederate Flag, May 1863 - March 1865
The Confederate Congress had never officially recognized the Stars & Bars, probably because it had been modeled after the United States Flag. So in 1863 they decided it was time to adopt a new banner, and on May 1 revealed what became known as the Stainless Banner. The Flag was pure white with the Battle Flag as a canton. It was soiled easily and looked a little too much like a flag of truce for most citizens to accept.
Confederate Flag, March 1865 - April 1865
This was the modified version. Revealed on March 4, 1865, the flag had different proportions and had a red stripe across the fly. The banner was shortlived as the war ended the next month.
Confederate Battle Flag, 1861-1865
Probably the most controversial flag in existence, the Confederate Battle Flag was born of necessity. Each company, North and South, had a standard bearer whose sole job it was to carry the flag into battle. It was very important to be able to distinguish your own flag from that of the enemy, and the fact that the Stars & Bars bore a striking resemblence to the United States Flag became quite a problem. The solution, create a flag that could not be mistaken , thus the Battle Flag was adopted in July, 1861, and was used throughout the war. Interestingly enough, this flag was never officially recognized by the Confederate Government.

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