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Relativity, my theory...

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My name is Judy, my husband Gary and I live in the foothills of the

"Old North State", that's Cleveland County,

North Carolina.


Besides our work, we have many interests in life. We are avid collectors, and have made

friends with many dealers at the local flea markets and auction houses. Gary loves music

and relaxes by watching tv. I read anything that comes in my line of sight, love

computers, and ease the tension of the day with work-outs at our local Planet Fitness.

Through our married life our hobbies have varied greatly, but in this past few of

years we both have found new passions. Gary will play golf at the drop of a tee,

and me, well I became interested in my family history.


That's right folks, I'm climbing my family tree. While Gary rides the links in search

of the perfect score, I'm out tramping through graveyards, holed up in

libraries, and spending endless hours on the internet...won't you join me?


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