Uncle Jack
Jesse "Jack" Parker


Photo of Uncle Jack
This handsome fellow was my Uncle Jack. He died on January 23, 1950, at home, following surgery for a brain tumor, and is buried beside his Mom and Dad at the Lattimore Baptist Church Cemetery in Cleveland County, North Carolina. He and my Dad were particularly close. This is one of only 3 pictures I've ever seen of Uncle Jack. My Mom says he was a very easy going, laid back fellow who doted on his nieces and nephews. If he had lived, there is no doubt Uncle Jack would have had a large family.

These are the two nieces and a nephew on which Uncle Jack doted. Left to right: That's me on my Dad's knee, then my cousin Michael Hugh Mauney (son of Aunt Margaret "Sis") being held by his Dad, Samuel Hugh Mauney, and on the right is our older cousin Elizabeth Annette with her Dad, Uncle Robert Lee "Rob or Boots". Now I ask you, have you ever seen three more adorable babies,or handsome fathers?

Photo of three babies & three very proud fathers.

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