My Mom & Dad...
Tom & Joyce

These are my parents in March, 1947. The photographs were taken at the Kings Mountain Battleground, near Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

Photo of Daddy in 1947 Photo of Mom in 1947.

On the left is my Dad, A C Parker, known as Tom, the fourth child of Perry Green and Ethel Ray Morrison Parker. Mom, Joyce Peace Parker, on the right, is the third child of William Thomas and Bessie Caroline Morris Peace.

Photo of baby brother Gene at 4 months.

Let me introduce my baby brother Larry Gene Parker. We call him Gene. He has blond hair and blue eyes, and grew to be a very large fellow. In researching our family tree, I have discovered he has the characteristics of the Cogdals who emigrated from England in the mid-1700s.

Photo of me at 3 months.

This is me at 5 months, do you think we look alike?

No, neither do I.







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