Grandmother & Grandpa Peace...

William Thomas Peace & Bessie Caroline Morris Peace
My Maternal Grandparents

In memory...
These elegant people are my maternal Grandparents, William Thomas Peace and his wife Bessie Caroline Morris Peace. We have many, many photographs of them, but this is my favorite.
Photo of Grandmother & Grandpa Peace.
Grandmother was the fourth child, and only daughter, of William Caldwell Morris and his wife Amanda Elizabeth Gosnell Morris. She was born on August 4, 1907, and passed away on April 9, 1986. She left behind a large grieving family of nine children, 30+ grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren. She wielded a mean paintbrush, often painting everything in sight.......the same color. Once painted everything on the screened front porch aqua, including a naugahyde settee. She wanted yellow appliances, and didn't let the fact she couldn't move the refrigerator stop her. It was sitting against a counter, so she just painted as far down as she could reach. No one knew until it was moved after her death. She gave me a piece of Spartanburg County pottery, a pitcher, which had been around for many, many years. It also had many, many, many coats of paint, including pink, aqua and gold!
Grandpa was the fourth child of Thomas Luther Peace and his wife Maryann Arilla Pittman Peace. He was born March 14, 1901, and passed away on May 18, 1974, after a valiant struggle with cancer. Grandpa was a tinkerer by nature, and a loom fixer by trade. He moved his family to Cleveland County, NC, in 1937 after procuring a job at the local Dover Mill. They moved into a home in the mill village and lived there until after his retirement. He loved cars, Chevrolets in particular, and camping. He could pack more into a car than anyone I've ever known, and once at his campsite would set up a field of tarpaulins. With Grandpa along, you didn't have to worry about rain!
My Grandparents celebrated 50 years of marriage with a reception at the Dover Women's Clubhouse, in the Dover Mill Village, near Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina.
These are their children:
Hazel Cleo Peace
Thomas Luther Peace
Joyce Peace
Allen Caldwell Peace
Russell Calvin Peace
Micheal Morris Peace
Patsy Ruth Devue Peace
Shelba June Peace
Amanda Gaynell Peace
This is a picture of my Mom and 7 of her 8 siblings. Back row, left to right: Allen Caldwell and Russell Calvin. Front row: Patsy Ruth Devue, Joyce, Thomas Luther, holding Shelba June, Hazel Cleo and Micheal Morris.
Photo of Mom with 7 of her siblings.

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