Hayes family Census returns
1861 Census
17 St. Warmer St. Clerkenwell (RG9/194/87/13)

James Adam Boyd      head age 30   Ostler                            born St. Pancras
Emily             "                wife           22                                          born St. Paul's Westminster
Emily Eliz.      "              dau             4                                           born St. Pancras
Mary Ann Rebecca "   dau             5 months                           born St. Pancras

(Emily Mills married James Boyd 23 Nov 1857 at Old Church St. Pancras, a son James John and a daughter Letitia were born 1863 and 1865. By 1869 it appears that Emily was the partner of Henry Hayes, but they did not marry. James Boyd died in 1883).

1871 Census

8 Margaret Street, Clerkenwell (RG10/386/20/36&37)

Henry Hayes    head   age 34            Cab Driver                       born Manchester, Lancs
Emily     "           wife             32                                                       born St Giles, Middlesex
Mary A   "          dau              11            scholar                            born St Pancras
Letitia     "          dau                6            scholar                            born Holborn
Betsy     "           dau               2                                                      born Holborn

(nb Martha Adelaide born 3rd June, 1871 at this address)

1881 Census
12 Union Square, St. James, Clerkenwell (RG11/0353/89/38)

Henry Hayes                 head  age 45    Cabman                                  b Manchester
Emily      "                        wife           42                                                      b Covent Garden
Betty Elizabeth Hayes  dau          14                                                      b Clerkenwell
Martha Adelaide    "       dau           10                                                      b       "
Louisa Maria          "        dau             6                                                     b        "
Rebecca Amelia    "        dau           18 months                                     b ?

1881 Census
2 Little Surrey St, Southwark, St George Martyr, Surrey (RG11/0527/77/1)

Mary Ann Hayes     Unm    head  age 22              Tailoress            born London
Lousia          "                        dau              2               scholar               born Southwark

1881 Census                                                                           
44 Theberton St, London, Middlesex (RG11/0225/80/21)

James W Mason            head age   30   Coffee Shop Keeper (Eating House)     born Oxford                                      Eliza              "                  wife             50                                                                           born St. Martins, Middlx                   Arthur E P   "                   son               9   Scholar                                                         born      "       "                                       Alice B Driver                 Niece          10   Scholar                                                         born Islington                                    Henry Richard Mason  Brother      20   Warehouseman                                          born Oxford                                     Letitia Hayes                  servant        16    Servant                                                       born Clerkenwell

1891 Census                                                                                                                                                                                     101 Pentonville Road, Clerkenwell (RG12/224/11/13)   

Henry Hayes    head    age 56    Hackney Carriage Driver            born Manchester Lancs
Elizabeth  "        wife             47                                                              born Islington
Louisa       "       dau              15    Tailor's Assistant                          born Islington
Rebecca    "       dau              11    Scholar                                           born Islington
Janet Redding  step-dau     16    Tailor's Assistant                         born Islington
J.T.        "             step-son     11     Scholar                                          born Islington

(NB Henry "married" second wife Elizabeth Redding. Elizabeth's husband had been William Reading (died 1884), a cab driver and in 1881 they had lived very close to the Hayes at Sidney Grove.)

1891 Census
9 Henry Street, St James, Clerkenwell (RG12/226)

Thomas Burge      head      age 29         Carpenter                        b Torquay, Devon                                                      Letitia        "             wife               25                                                    b Clerkenwell                                                           Adelaide E Hayes  niece              8 months                                     b Marylebone

(NB Adelaide was probably the illegitimate daughter of Lititia's sister Martha.  In Dec Q 1885 Thomas Burge married Letitia Boyd at Islington).

1891 Census
8 Dinsmore Terrace?, Fulham    (RG12/53/59/18)

Emily Cranford   head   wid   age 28  Living on own Means          born Malpas, Cheshire                                          Martha Hayes     servant                20  General servant                     born Islington

1901 Census                                                                                                                                                                                       35 Luard St, Private, Islington (RG13/179/113/25) 
Henry  Hayes  head  age  57    Cab Driver                                      born Shoreditch, London                                          Elizabeth  "       wife            57                                                              born London City
Janet M Billing                    26    Tailoress                                         born Islington
James Smith                       10     visitor                                              born       "

(NB Henry Hayes fibbing about his age and birth place!)

1901 Census
Regents Park Barracks, St Pancras  (RG13/135/113/2)

William Carrington  head   age 37               Saddler Major                   born Dover
Elizabeth     "             wife            32                                                            born London

1901 Census
37 Southborough, East Ham, Essex  (RG13/1602/71/5)

Thomas Burge   head   age 38                 Carpenter             born Torquay, Devon
Letitia       "            wife            35                                                born London
Adelaide  "           daughter   10                 scholar                  born London

1901 Census
8 Calsen Yard, St. Pancras, Middlesex (RG13/139/124/79)

Martha Howes head  wid  age 27    Lady's Domestic Help         born St. Pancras

(Martha Hayes married Alfred Philip Howes in 1895 at St. Pancras, he died in 1900. Martha then married William E Briggs in 1911 at Islington)

1901 Census
92 Brighton Road, Hornsey, London (RG13/208/15/21/175)

Sarah A Pope          head   widow  age 79       Own means                       born London
Rebecca A Hayes   servant                    20       gen Domestic servant    born Islington

(NB Rebecca married Charles Edward Thickpenny later that year in June)