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This family site is the product of the contributions of many wonderful people. Here you will find 3800+ individuals encompassing over 700 surnames and the amazing thing is ... we're all family! Some lines trace back directly to the Mayflower while others are very recent immigrants to the United States. We've fought in every war, been affected by every innovation and horror, and have been made stronger by it all. Please enjoy exploring our common heritage and getting to know those who have gone before us.

Due to the number of people in this database, I may have overlooked someone. If you are concerned about any information you see here, please let me know immediately so that it can be resolved. If you would like to contact an individual whose information is not posted, please write to me so that I can have them contact you. I will not release any information on living persons beyond what you see here without their expressed, written consent.

This site is constantly being updated and more features with increased interactivity will be added as my familiarity with html programming increases. If you have information to share, would like to speak to someone as described above, have suggestions to improve the site format, have corrections to my data, or would like me to look up a specific person or whole tree "branch", I can be contacted at:


Be aware that in exchange for doing look-ups I do request that a story or memory of someone in this database be provided to expand our knowledge of our ancestors!


Justin M. Hope, Site Administrator


by Rebecca Walker

Voices of a distant time
Speak softly through the years
Carried on winds of ages past
Whispering gently in our ears.

Seeking to be remembered
Rather than forgotten as though never here
Reaching out to our childrens children
"Do they listen? Will they hear?


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