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James A. Franklin

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Notes from Randy Franklin's Website:

The webpage explores the family genealogy of Riley & Josephine FRANKLIN. Information pertaining to this couple is very sparse. Riley FRANKLIN is first mentioned in civil records at Limestone Co., Alabama in 1828. Moreover, the FRANKLIN's were enumerated per the 1830 & 1840 census while at Limestone County. By 1842 Riley and family had moved to Johnson Co., Arkansas where he purchased a parcel of land near/on Slover Creek. The land was sold in 1848 and we have no further record of Riley & Josephine FRANKLIN's whereabouts after that date. Though the couple had at least six children we have not been able to document them as individuals, with the exception of James A. FRANKLIN and that is more circumstantial than it is definitive. We will begin our story with what we know of James A. FRANKLIN.

(probable son of Riley FRANKLIN)

On 21 Feb 1907, James A. Franklin filed a Declaration for Pension for service with the Union forces during the Civil War. He declared his age to be 78 and was resident of Stark, KS. He further states that he enrolled at Rolla, MO on 27 Nov 1861 as a private with Company H; Phelps Regiment of MO Volunteers.

He was discharged at Springfield, MO 12 May 1862. He gave his physical description as follows: 5 feet 7 1/2 inches in height; dark complexion, dark hair and blue eyes. He gives several places of residence since leaving the service. They were: Taney Co., MO for 16 years; Neosho Co., KS in March 1879 for 15 years; at town of Washburn in Barry Co., MO in Fall of 1899 for 6 years; Miami district in the Indian Territory, OK in Fall 1900 for 3 years; McDonald Co., MO in 1903 for 1 year; Stark Co., KS in 1904. His claim was attested to by D. D. Clements and D. G. Smith of Stark, KS. Mr. Clements stated that he was familiar with Mr. Franklin for 47 years. Mr. Smith had known him 25 years. It should be noted that on the 1870 census for Taney Co., MO in the Jasper Twp was a David D. Clements, age 29 born in OH. His wife, Susan P. 26 born TN. Children were Francis A. (male) age 3; Amanda J. age 1.

Many years prior to James A. Franklin's application for pension, he had filed papers for injuries he suffered while serving with Missouri Volunteers. According to documents supplied by the National Archives, James submitted a series of supporting documentation for his injury claim. On June 18, 1880 while living in Neosho, and resident of Chard, James (age 52) claimed that during his service at the time of the Civil War and while in the process of moving a heating stove he received severe burns to his hand, which apparently were serious enough to cause permanent damage.

A statement made by William Abbot Sr. confirmed that he, "waited on him while he had said Catarrh." A separate form was supplied by a John Roberston who testified that he served with James A. Franklin and was an eye-witness to the incident According to Roberston the injury incurred, "in his left hand by helping to adjust a heating stove in a hospital at Cassville, MO which injury resulted in what is commonly called a catarrh of a very malignant nature, which incapacitated him from duty from that time until he was discharged...I have known him the said James A. Franklin ever since about 1860."

It is curious that despite the serious nature of his injury while with the Army, James A. Franklin seemed to manage quite well during the period from the 1860 census to the 1870 census. According to the 1860 enumeration, James's estate was valued at $321. In 1870, his real and personal property were valued at $1800. Unfortunately, the record is for the most part silent on his financial goings-on for this period. It may be that he was given an estate settlement, or he prospered through a more lucrative industry. Some family descendants claim James ran and sold horses in the Indian Territory. Land records for the region indicate that he owned several parcels which he may have sold during this period.

James A. Franklin was married three times. His first wife, Lou Ann Park died of illness while living in Neosho county, KS. James stated that he married Lou Ann PARK at Johnson Co., AR in 1849. James remarried Mahala Ball, a widow whom he was neighbors with while living in Taney Co., MO prior to his move to KS. Mahala's first husband was killed by bushwhackers during the war years. James married for a third time late in life to Alice Sullivan. She died in Christian Co., MO. Examination of her estate records produced no worthwhile genealogical information. There was no mention of kin in the immediate vicinity, though descendants seem to remember her with fondness. This was not the case with Mahala Ball. Mahala and James A. Franklin had a bitter divorce and she filed papers charging him with abandonment.

Don SMITH sent me this via email on November 2, 1999:
"I checked at the courthouse and found that James A Franklin bought SW1/4 of 20-27-20 in Neosho Co. on 1-28-1880 from L Adamson for $1150. James A & M J Franklin of O'Day, MO sold to J N Franklin for $2000 on 6-13-1891. This deed was notarized in Barry Co., MO. This tract was then sold to Julius Carlson. The property is located at the Jct. of US 59 and K39 north of Erie, KS."

( probable father of James A. FRANKLIN)

Riley Franklin as the father of James A. Franklin is based on the following circumstantial information. James A. Franklin on his Civil War application for Pension listed his birthplace as Athens, Limestone Co., AL on 22 Feb, 1828. The 1830 census for that county lists Riley Franklin as the only one of that surname residing in Limestone County. The family consisted of 3 males under 5 years of age; 1 male 20-30 years of age. There was a single female, age 20-30.

A check of the 1840 census for the same county reveals no other Franklin's with the exception of Riley Franklin. At the time of the 1840 census taken at Limestone County, the Franklin household included; 1 male 5-10 years of age, 3 males 10-15 years of age, 1 male 40-50 years of age. There were  2 females under age 10 and 1 female 30-40 years of age.

A Riley FRANKLIN is mentioned as an appraiser on the Limestone Co., AL "take-up" book in 1828.

The first documented record we have of James A. Franklin is for the 1850 census of Johnson Co., AR.

Land deed transactions on file at the Clarksville courthouse show that a Riley FRANKLIN and his spouse, Josephine Bonaparte FRANKLIN bought land in 1842 and sold same property in 1848. Deed Book E, page 326-327 show that A. D. Hogins sold to Riley Franklin on 25 July, 1842 a tract of land in the SW quarter of the NW quarter of Section #2 in Twp 9N of Range 22W containing 40 acres and eight-hundreds for the sum of three hundred dollars to be paid in installments. On 5 Dec 1848, Riley and Josephine Franklin sell the same parcel to James M. Tate. As noted on the 1850, James A. Franklin was enumerated as family #17. Family #16 was the PARK household; family #18 was that of James M. TATE, age 34 and wife Dina Ann age 32. His POB was SC. He had been a resident of AR for at least two years based upon age and POB for his youngest child.

Unfortunately, no further record after 1848 for Riley and Josephine Franklin has been found.We may also add that one of James's sons, William Alexander Franklin named one of his boys,William Riley Franklin.

Susannah Franklin who lived with James & his young bride Lou Ann PARK per the 1850 census at Johnson Co, Arkansas is most likely a sister of James. She was four years old in 1850 with Arkansas as her place of birth. Susannah remained with the family until sometime after the 1860 Taney Co., Missouri census. She was no longer part of the James A. Franklin household for the census count of 1870 at Taney Co., MO. No further record on what may have happened to Susannah Franklin. It is probable that James Franklin's parents died prior to 1850 and that James took in this younger sibling.

Since 1994 I have been trying to determine what, if any, family relationship existed between our FRANKLIN's and that of the ASHWORTH family in Arkansas at the time of the 1850 Federal census. FRANKLIN's were counted as living with two ASHWORTH families, that of Joseph ASHWORTH of Crawford County. The other being that of Benjamin H. ASHWORTH of Pope County.

According to the census of 1850 Crawford Co., AR (Big Creek Township) Joseph ASHWORTH (age 78 b. TN) had the following persons residing with him: Jane 53, Joseph 18, James 14, Andrew 10, Margaret FRANKLIN 23, Texana FRANKLIN 11, Henry Clay FRANKLIN 5, William FRANKLIN 24. Meanwhile, the same census year for Pope Co., AR counts the family of Benjamin H. ASHWORTH (age 28 b. TN) & Eliza (JONES) living with this couple was a Nancy FRANKLIN age 10. Benjamin H. ASHWORTH married Eliza JONES at Pope Co., AR on December 2, 1847. The 1860 census for Sebastian Co., AR finds the family of William FRANKLIN (34) and Margaret (33). No mention of Henry Clay or Texana in their household. The family consisted of; Thomas 9, Jane 7, Susan 5, Benjamin 2, John 5 months, and also included Andrew ASHWORTH age 20.

The 1850 census of Crawford County, Arkansas (Van Buren township) has another FRANKLIN family that may hold clues to the family structure of Riley FRANKLIN. Family #6 consisted of Benjamin A. FRANKLIN age 20 with birth place of Alabama. His household included; Jane 23 b. TN, Albert 17 b. AL, Thomas J. 6 b. AR, and Mary M. 15 b. AL. I have no further record of this particular family other than the census.


Many Thanks to Randy Franklin for the use of his notes.

Decendants of Riley Franklin

My Line marked as ***


Generation No. 1




i. JAMES A. FRANKLIN, b. February 22, 1828, Athens, Limestone, Alabama; d. May 25, 1911, Sparta, Christian, Missouri.


Generation No. 2


2. JAMES A. FRANKLIN (RILEY1) was born February 22, 1828 in Athens, Limestone, Alabama, and died May 25, 1911 in Sparta, Christian, Missouri.
He married (1) LOUISIANA PARK February 24, 1849 in Johnson County, Arkansas, daughter of JAMES PARK and MARY.
He married (2) MAHALA JANE POPLIN January 31, 1885 in Erie, Neosho, Kansas.
He married (3) LURITA ALICE SULLIVAN July 05, 1901 in Carthage, Jasper, Missouri.

Buried: May 26, 1911, Linden Cem. Spar, Christian, MO

Buried: Putnam Cem, Stark, Neosho, Kansas

Buried: Washburn Cemeter, Washburn, Missouri

Buried: Linden Cem., Sparta, Christian, Missouri

ii. MARY ARKANSAS FRANKLIN, b. June 09, 1852, Johnson County, Arkansas; d. October 20, 1914, New Mexico.
iii. ROBERT MARION FRANKLIN, b. March 29, 1853, Johnson County, Arkansas; d. June 29, 1928.
iv. GEORGE THOMAS FRANKLIN, b. February 12, 1855; d. September 21, 1935.

b. March 20, 1857, Taney County, Missouri;
d. April 06, 1917, Nowata County, Oklahoma.

vi. JOHN NEWTON FRANKLIN, b. December 15, 1859, Taney County, Missouri; d. October 16, 1933, Erie, Neosho, Kansas.
vii. SARAH MELVINA "SALLY" FRANKLIN, b. February 23, 1868, Taney County, Missouri; d. June 15, 1952, Los Angeles, California.
viii. BENJAMIN ALLEN FRANKLIN, b. March 18, 1870, Taney County, Missouri; d. March 18, 1938, Walnut, Crawford, Kansas.
ix. SYNTHA A. FRANKLIN, b. January 05, 1873, Taney County, Missouri.
x. LOUISIANA TENNESSEE "TENNIE" FRANKLIN, b. February 12, 1875, Taney County, Missouri; d. June 11, 1950, Springfield, Greene, Missouri.
xi. ORLENA BELLE FRANKLIN, b. January 16, 1878, Taney County, Missouri; d. November 07, 1972, Stark, Neosho, Kansas; m. DANIEL J. FERGESON, March 18, 1894, Elsmore, Allen, Kansas.

Buried: Bethel Cem., Kimball, Neosho, Kansas

Buried: Bethel Cem., Kimball, Neosho, Kansas


Generation No. 3

3 MARY ARKANSAS FRANKLIN (JAMES A.2, RILEY1) was born June 09, 1852 in Johnson County, Arkansas, and died October 20, 1914 in New Mexico.
She married (2) D. W. MYERS 1869 in Taney County, Missouri.

Buried: Kilburn Cem, Clayton, New Mexico

Buried: Kilburn Cem, Clayton, Union, New Mexico

i. JAKE F. STEVENSON, b. May 26, 1884, Neosho, Kansas.

Children of MARY FRANKLIN and D. MYERS are:
ii. JAMES D. MYERS, b. May 28, 1869, Johnson County, Arkansas; d. October 15, 1872, Stark, Neosho, Kansas.

More About JAMES D. MYERS:
Buried: Putnam Cem, Stark, Neosho, Kansas

iii. BENJAMIN F MYERS, b. May 24, 1872; d. January 03, 1890.

iv. JOHN WILLIAM MYERS, b. 1875; d. June 17, 1882.

Buried: Putnam Cem, Stark, Neosho, Kansas

v. CARRIE MYERS, b. May 18, 1878; d. January 02, 1880.

4. ROBERT MARION FRANKLIN (JAMES A.2, RILEY1) was born March 29, 1853 in Johnson County, Arkansas, and died June 29, 1928.
He married MARY ANN BLEVINS August 07, 1869.

iv. JAMES HENRY FRANKLIN, b. August 1870, Taney County, Missouri; d. 1901; m. CATHERINE LANE.
v. ELLA SARAH FRANKLIN, b. February 04, 1882, Taney County, Missouri; d. February 16, 1964; m. BAKER.
vi. ANNA MAY FRANKLIN, b. March 19, 1884, Rocky Comfort, McDonald, Missouri; d. July 23, 1973; m. JOHN E. TURNER.
vii. GEORGE WASHINGTON FRANKLIN, b. 1886, Rocky Comfort, McDonald, Missouri.
viii. MELLA VINA FRANKLIN, b. September 06, 1887, Rocky Comfort, McDonald, Missouri; d. August 07, 1957; m. FRED S. RIDENOUR.
ix. MARY BELLE FRANKLIN, b. November 03, 1889, Rocky Comfort, McDonald, Missouri; d. September 27, 1960; m. JOSEPH A. FRAZIER.
x. DANIEL WILEY FRANKLIN, b. February 18, 1896, Taney County, Missouri; d. July 21, 1973; m. MINNIE B. PAYNE.

5. GEORGE THOMAS FRANKLIN (JAMES A.2, RILEY1) was born February 12, 1855, and died September 21, 1935.
He married MARY ANN GRIGGS Abt. 1875 in Taney County, Missouri.


i. LAURA4 FRANKLIN, b. 1875, Swan TWP, Taney County, Missouri; d. 1896.

ii. EMMA EVELYN FRANKLIN, b. December 23, 1877, Swan TWP, Taney County, Missouri; d. February 23, 1965.

iii. IDA FRANKLIN, b. 1881, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. January 08, 1913.

iv. MARION HOUSTON FRANKLIN, b. October 14, 1883, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. January 12, 1963.

v. JAMES LAFAYETTE FRANKLIN, b. May 30, 1886, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. May 23, 1966.

vi. OLIVE GERTRUDE FRANKLIN, b. February 26, 1888, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. April 09, 1972.

vii. INEZ MAY FRANKLIN, b. November 04, 1892, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. December 15, 1978.

viii. BEULAH WAYNE FRANKLIN, b. May 15, 1896, Erie, Neosho, Kansas.

ix. CLARENCE EUGENE FRANKLIN, b. February 08, 1898; d. June 10, 1942.


back row l to r;
Robert Marion, Albert Newton, Mary Jane

front l to r;
William A., John Charles, Amanda Jane(Mathews), James

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(JAMES A.2, RILEY1) was born March 20, 1857 in Taney County, Missouri, and died April 06, 1917 in Nowata County, Oklahoma.

He married AMANDA JANE MATHEWS in Taney County, Missouri, daughter of AARON MATHEWS and AMANDA SHARP.

More About WILLIAM ALEXANDER FRANKLIN: Buried: Lenapah, Nowata, Oklahoma

More About AMANDA JANE MATHEWS: Buried: Lenapah, Nowata, Oklahoma


i. EMMA FRANKLIN, b. Taney County, Missouri; m. DANIEL SPOTTS, December 15, 1892, Bartlesville, Indian Territory.



iv. ALBERT FRANKLIN, b. December 04, 1877, Taney County, Missouri; d. June 10, 1954, Nowata, Nowata, Oklahoma; m. ELIZA MESSENGER.

v. ROBERT MARION FRANKLIN, b. November 14, 1883, Allen County, Kansas; d. April 18, 1965, Delaware, Nowata, Oklahoma.

12. vi.*** MARY JANE FRANKLIN, b. March 08, 1885, Allen County, Kansas; d. October 27, 1961, Chanute, Neosho, Kansas.

vii. JOHN CHARLES FRANKLIN, b. 1896, Cooweescoowee, Indian Territory.

7. JOHN NEWTON FRANKLIN (JAMES A.2, RILEY1) was born December 15, 1859 in Taney County, Missouri, and died October 16, 1933 in Erie, Neosho, Kansas. He married IDA C. GRIGGS March 23, 1881 in Erie, Neosho, Kansas.

More About JOHN NEWTON FRANKLIN: Buried: Odense Cem, Neosho, Kansas

More About IDA C. GRIGGS: Buried: Odense Cem, Neosho, Kansas

Children of JOHN FRANKLIN and IDA GRIGGS are: i. CHARLES4 FRANKLIN, b. June 27, 1883, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. September 10, 1883, Erie, Neosho, Kansas.
ii. ALICE B. FRANKLIN, b. August 11, 1884, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. August 11, 1884, Erie, Neosho, Kansas.
iii. ETHEL FRANKLIN, b. March 11, 1885, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. 1944.
iv. JOHN DAVID FRANKLIN, b. January 09, 1888, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. January 25, 1914.
v. ISABELLE FRANKLIN, b. 1889, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. 1943.
vi. JESSE FRANKLIN, b. May 17, 1892, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. October 02, 1971.
vii. LEROY FRANKLIN, b. June 01, 1894, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. March 28, 1899, Erie, Neosho, Kansas.
viii. ARTHUR W. FRANKLIN, b. January 27, 1896, Erie, Neosho, Kansas; d. December 31, 1944.
ix. ORA EDITH FRANKLIN, b. November 28, 1898, Erie, Neosho, Kansas.
x. RALPH EUGENE FRANKLIN, b. November 12, 1899, Erie, Neosho, Kansas.
xi. ORVAL LEE FRANKLIN, b. October 21, 1901, Erie, Neosho, Kansas.
xii. IVA M. FRANKLIN, b. April 05, 1903, Erie, Neosho, Kansas.
xiii. LOYS VERLE FRANKLIN, b. August 03, 1907, Erie, Neosho, Kansas.

More About SARAH MELVINA "SALLY" FRANKLIN: Buried: June 18, 1952, Hanford, Tulare, California

More About JACOB PAYNE: Buried: December 08, 1917, Hanford, Tulare, California


i. JAMES C.4 PAYNE, b. July 29, 1890, Missouri; d. August 31, 1890, Missouri.

ii. ROY ALLEN PAYNE, b. January 28, 1892, Missouri; d. January 11, 1957; m. (1) LAURA BLACKFORD; m. (2) ELIZABETH C.HACKETT; m. (3) BESSIE VAIL.

More About ELIZABETH C. HACKETT: Buried: Grangerville Cem, Armona, Kings, California

iii. ALBERT NEWTON PAYNE, b. February 21, 1893, Missouri; d. May 14, 1950; m. DORA M. LUFF, February 24, 1914.

iv. BESSIE MAY PAYNE, b. January 01, 1895, Missouri; m. BENJAMIN HARRISON, 1912.

v. MINNIE BELLE PAYNE, b. October 08, 1896; d. June 07, 1945; m. DAN FRANKLIN, 1920.

vi. EMMET L. PAYNE, b. September 15, 1897.

vii. ROBERT M. PAYNE, b. December 02, 1899; d. September 1900.

viii. MARJORIE MARIE PAYNE, b. September 06, 1901, Tulsa, Indian Territory; d. April 22, 1971.

ix. JEWEL ELSIE PAYNE, b. February 17, 1903, Tulsa, Indian Territory.

x. VIRGIL LEWIS PAYNE, b. October 02, 1904, Missouri.

xi. VERNAL EVERETT PAYNE, b. March 22, 1906, Missouri; d. December 27, 1969.

xii. FLOSSIE IRENE PAYNE, b. October 18, 1909.

9. BENJAMIN ALLEN FRANKLIN (JAMES A.2, RILEY1) was born March 18, 1870 in Taney County, Missouri, and died March 18, 1938 in Walnut, Crawford, Kansas.

He married JESSIE DRUCILLA SIMKINS February 22, 1897 in Sapulpa, Creek Nation, Indian Territory.

More About BENJAMIN ALLEN FRANKLIN: Buried: Glenwood Cem., Walnut, Crawford, Kansas

More About JESSIE DRUCILLA SIMKINS: Buried: Glenwood Cem., Walnut, Crawford, Kansas


i. ETHEL SUSAN4 FRANKLIN, b. December 08, 1897; d. May 04, 1977.

ii. OTIS LESTER FRANKLIN, b. August 07, 1901, Stark, Neosho, Kansas; d. February 09, 1934, Pittsburg, Crawford, Kansas.

More About OTIS LESTER FRANKLIN: Buried: Glenwood Cem., Walnut, Crawford, Kansas

iii. LLOYD THEODORE FRANKLIN, b. May 25, 1903; d. February 22, 1972.

iv. BESSIE MARIE FRANKLIN, b. August 21, 1904; d. November 01, 1972.

v. VIRGIL LEE FRANKLIN, b. August 27, 1906; d. June 29, 1983.

vi. LEON LESLIE FRANKLIN, b. December 18, 1908; d. October 18, 1947.

10. LOUISIANA TENNESSEE "TENNIE" FRANKLIN (JAMES A.2, RILEY1) was born February 12, 1875 in Taney County, Missouri, and died June 11, 1950 in Springfield, Greene, Missouri.

She married ANDERSON MONTEL HANNAH June 14, 1891 in Springfield, Greene, Missouri.

More About LOUISIANA TENNESSEE "TENNIE" FRANKLIN: Buried: June 14, 1950, Carterville, Jasper, Missouri

More About ANDERSON MONTEL HANNAH: Buried: July 24, 1905, Carterville, Jasper, Missouri


i. LEWIS ALLEN4 HANNAH, b. July 24, 1892; d. November 10, 1966.

ii. OPAL MAY HANNAH, b. July 07, 1894, Barry Co., Missouri; d. December 13, 1972, Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri.

More About OPAL MAY HANNAH: Buried: December 16, 1972, Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri

iii. ORA ALFRED HANNAH, b. August 23, 1894; d. November 19, 1929.

iv. MERLE HANNAH, b. January 14, 1900; d. January 04, 1937.


Generation No. 4

11. ROBERT MARION FRANKLIN (WILLIAM ALEXANDER3, JAMES A.2, RILEY1) was born November 14, 1883 in Allen County, Kansas, and died April 18, 1965 in Delaware, Nowata, Oklahoma.

He married (1) NELLIE STOCKHERS in Bartlesville, Indian Territory.

Children of ROBERT FRANKLIN and NELLIE STOCKHERS are: i. Clarence Franklin....B. May 03, 1914

He married (2) MYRTLE IOLA CULTON December 1918 in Independence, Montgomery, Kansas.

More About ROBERT MARION FRANKLIN: Buried: Nowata Memorial, Cem, Nowata, Oklahoma

More About MYRTLE IOLA CULTON: Buried: Nowata Memorial, Cem., Nowata, Oklahoma

Children of ROBERT FRANKLIN and MYRTLE IOLA CULTON are: i. RUBYE PEARL5 FRANKLIN, b. March 16, 1920, Nowata County, Oklahoma.

ii. ROBERT CARL FRANKLIN, b. July 13, 1922, Nowata County, Oklahoma; d. September 21, 1994, Delaware, Nowata, Oklahoma.

More About ROBERT CARL FRANKLIN: Buried: Nowata Memorial, Cem., Nowata, Oklahoma


12. MARY JANE FRANKLIN (WILLIAM ALEXANDER3, JAMES A.2, RILEY1) was born March 08, 1885 in Allen County, Kansas, and died October 27, 1961 in Chanute, Neosho, Kansas. She married (1)*** JOHNATHAN ASBURY FARRELL November 13, 1901 in Independence, Montgomery, Kansas, son of JAMES FARRELL and ELIZABETH COX. She married (2) JAMES ADAM PHARRIS May 20, 1911 in Independence, Montgomery, Kansas.

More About MARY JANE FRANKLIN: Buried: Burrton, Harvey, Kansas

More About JAMES ADAM PHARRIS: Buried: Shamrock, Creek, Oklahoma


13. i. JAMES AARON FARRELL, b. July 21, 1902, Cooweescoowee, Cherokee Nation, I.T.; d. January 14, 1933, Sterling, Logan, Colorado.

14. ii.*** ORA "OAD" FARRELL, b. November 05, 1903, Cooweescoowee Di, Cherokee Nation, I.T.; d. Muskogee, Muskogee, Oklahoma.

iii. JESSE W. FARRELL, b. November 09, 1905, Cooweescoowee, Cherokee Nation, I.T.; d. September 1906, Cooweescoowee, Cherokee Nation, I.T..

iv. JOHN RUSSELL FARRELL, b. June 20, 1907, Cooweescoowee, Cherokee Nation, I.T..

More About JOHN RUSSELL FARRELL: Buried: Burrton, Harvey, Kansas

v. ALICE MARIE FARRELL, b. July 26, 1908, Nowata County, Oklahoma; d. April 13, 1979, California.

More About ALICE MARIE FARRELL: Buried: California


vi. WARREN5 PHARRIS, b. August 29, 1913, Oklahoma; d. Washington.

vii. BONNIE V. PHARRIS, b. August 22, 1915, Pryor, Mayes, Oklahoma; d. August 1916.

viii. VALENTINE LEO PHARRIS, b. February 14, 1917. More About VALENTINE LEO PHARRIS: Buried: California

ix. OPAL VIVIAN PHARRIS, b. September 09, 1918, Oilton, Creek, Oklahoma.

x. BABY PHARRIS, b. November 21, 1921; d. November 21, 1921.

xi. JAMES ADRIAN PHARRIS, b. January 06, 1922, Shamrock, Creek, Oklahoma; d. March 13, 1938, Near Earlton, Neosho, Kansas.


Generation No. 5

13. JAMES AARON FARRELL (MARY JANE4 FRANKLIN, WILLIAM ALEXANDER3, JAMES A., RILEY1) was born July 21, 1902 in Cooweescoowee, Cherokee Nation, I.T., and died January 14, 1933 in Sterling, Logan, Colorado.

He married (1) ELSIE RIFFLE.

He married (2) MARIE ELIZABETH SCHROEDER January 29, 1927 in Loveland, Larimer, Colorado.

More About ELSIE RIFFLE: Buried: Riverside Nation, Riverside, California


i. JAMES WALTER FARRELL, d. March 08, 1980.


ii. NORMA MARIE FARRELL, b. September 01, 1927, Sterling, Logan, Colorado; d. February 15, 1962.

iii. JOHN RUSSELL FARRELL, b. February 12, 1929, Sterling, Logan, Colorado; m. BETTY JEAN CORNET.

iv. ORA JANE FARRELL, b. August 13, 1930, Sterling, Logan, Colorado.

v. LINDA LEE FARRELL, b. December 24, 1931, Sterling, Logan, Colorado.

vi. RUBY ROSE FARRELL, b. July 12, 1933, Sterling, Logan, Colorado.


14. ORA "OAD" FARRELL (MARY JANE4 FRANKLIN, WILLIAM ALEXANDER3, JAMES A.2, RILEY1) was born November 05, 1903 in Cooweescoowee Di, Cherokee Nation, I.T., and died in Muskogee, Muskogee, Oklahoma.

He married ESTHER VIRGINIA WEBB June 01, 1924 in Dewey, Washington, Oklahoma, daughter of WILLIAM WEBB and LOUISE SELF.

More About ORA "OAD" FARRELL: Buried: Body Donated for science.

More About ESTHER VIRGINIA WEBB: Buried: Dewey City Cem., Dewey, Washington, Oklahoma

Children of ORA FARRELL and ESTHER WEBB are:

i. ROBERT BOYD FARRELL, b. June 06, 1925, Dewey, Washington, Oklahoma; d. February 26, 1989, Evanston, Uinta, Wyoming; Married JUANITA VERA COWAN.

Notes for ROBERT BOYD FARRELL: BURIAL: Robert (Bob) Farrell's body was creamated. Arrangements were made by Crandall Funeral Home of Evanston, Wyoming. Memorial services were held at the American Legion Hall in Fort Bridger, Wyoming, with the American Legionofficiating.

More About ROBERT BOYD FARRELL: Buried: Cremated

More About JUANITA VERA COWAN: Buried: White Rose Cem, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

ii. RALPH DEAN FARRELL, b. May 26, 1927, Dewey, Washington, Oklahoma; d. August 04, 1989, Houlton, Aroostook, Maine.

More About RALPH DEAN FARRELL: Buried: August 08, 1989, Crouseville, Aroostook, Maine




vi. LEONARD EARL FARRELL, b. March 07, 1937, Tuxedo, Washington, Oklahoma; d. April 15, 1970, El Paso, El Paso, Texas. Married MARTHA LOUELLA JOHNSON, December 07, 1955, Nowata, Nowata, Oklahoma.

More About LEONARD EARL FARRELL: Buried: National Cem. Fort Gibson, Muskogee, Oklahoma

More About MARTHA LOUELLA JOHNSON: Buried: National Cem, Ft. Gibson, Muskogee, Oklahoma

vii.*** JOHN WENDELL FARRELL, b. July 20, 1940, Dewey, Washington, Oklahoma; d. October 15, 2006, Norman Cleveland Co., OK; Buried Nowata Memorial Park Cemetery Nowata County OK., next to my great grand parents Henry and Sarah Ellen (Brown) Zelgar.
Married 1st to JANICE KAY SHERROD.
Married 2nd to MARY JEAN ANDERSON.


L to R;(back row)= Opal(holding Mary) ; Marie; ; Oad Farrell; Marcille
front row)=Jimmie; Mary Jane Franklin (Farrell) Pharris; Marcille


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Bernie and Opal Machgan

BANDON, Oregon — As a young man, Bernie Machgan served in World War I, saw Charles Lindbergh take off on his historic trans-Atlantic flight and witnessed the Hindenburg explosion. Machgan, now the oldest living veteran in Bandon, celebrated his 101st birthday on Oct. 17 on his property with a bonfire that smoldered for two days.

A lucid and lively man, he remembers details of his life quickly and accurately. Sitting in a comfortable chair in his modern and spacious manufactured home, Machgan recalled his time in the service during World War I.

In 1921, when he was 16 years old, Machgan went to Germany to assist rebuilding the war-torn country as part of the “army of occupation.” After World War I, the U.S. government encouraged young people in high school to volunteer for a year to clean up the rubble and perform odd jobs.

“We didn’t get paid; it was strictly on a volunteer basis,” the spry Machgan said.

From 1923 to 1937, Machgan enlisted in the U.S. Army Air corps — predecessor to the U.S. Air Force — and was stationed at Mitchell Air Field in Hempstead, N.Y.

He helped pioneer the science of aerial photography when air flight was a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventure. “Aerial photography was just getting started in aviation at that time,” he said. “Most of my work was aerial surveying.”

Machgan said air flight in those days was done without the use of instruments and was a thrilling endeavor. “We couldn’t fly at night and when we would land, we had to look at the ground to see how close we were and then hold on for the bump,” he said with a wide grin. “We couldn’t fly at high altitudes because we didn’t have oxygen. It was flying by intuition,” he added.

Machgan surveyed much of the East Coast of the United States by air, a task that had never before been attempted. “We found that mapmaking was more accurate when surveyed by air,” Machgan said. He added that although he could pilot a plane back then, he was mostly an aerial photographer.

Machgan would sit in an open cockpit behind the pilot in a two-seater biplane called a De Havilland, which had a fixed camera attached to the bottom holding a 200-exposure roll of film. To communicate to the pilot, he would motion with hand signals. “We had to get the images to headquarters fast so they could be developed,” he said. “There was no electricity and we had to use an art light that was very bright and gave off extreme heat.”

One memory etched in Machgan’s mind is the liftoff of the solo trans-Atlantic flight by Charles Lindbergh on May 20, 1927, from Roosevelt Field, Long Island, N.Y. Lindbergh, who piloted the Spirit of St. Louis, landed 331/2 hours later at Le Bourget Field, near Paris.

“I saw his wing hit the trees,” Machgan said with excitement in his voice as if re-living the event. “Our hearts were in our throats as we watched his plane, so full of fuel he could hardly take off, but he cleared the tree line.”

Machgan remembers the excitement of a new era dawning. “There must have been thousands of people on either side of the trees that lined up to watch him take off. I was part of a security detail to control the crowd, which was not part of my (regular) duty, but was historic and special to me.”

Machgan also witnessed the tragic disaster of the Hindenburg zeppelin on 11:40 a.m. on May 6, 1937, at Naval Air Station Lakehurst in New Jersey. “I saw the zeppelin at Lakehurst when it was landing and I saw it explode,” he said. “I was across from the large field at a base a couple of miles away, but I saw the tragedy clearly.”

Born in 1904 in Wisconsin, Machgan has been married to Opal, 87, for 53 years and she still is the love of his life. As he reminisced, he kept his arm around his wife and talked to her lovingly.

Opal is the former Opal Vivian Pharris, Daughter of Mary Jane Franklin (Farrell) Pharris and James Pharris.

Bernie and Opal met in Hutchinson, Kan., in 1951, and married in 1952. She worked in a restaurant and he owned a trucking firm. Opal had gone to stenographer school but found that she could earn more money by waiting tables.

“I hauled anything that came into Hutchinson whether it was interstate or intrastate,” Machgan said of his trucking business,

In 1962, the Machgans bought an apartment building in Sherman Oaks, Calif., but according to Bernie, that plan didn’t pan out. He then worked for the Van Nuys, Calif., airport as the night operations manager for about 10 years, while Opal worked at the local Sears as a sales clerk. The family moved in 1972 to Brownsville, Calif., where they owned a restaurant until Bernie retired, then moved to Eugene in 1985.

He moved to Bandon last year into a home that sits on 10 acres, where one daughter, Debra Dyas, and a niece, Jessica Rayl, also live. Machgan said he plans to build more homes on the property so all of his family can live there.

Family is very important to all the Machgans and Cindy Lesner, Machgan’s youngest, who served from 1980 to 2005 in the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserve, recently retired and moved from Oakland, Calif., to Bandon to be close to them.

Machgan’s 101st birthday celebration was attended by most of his extended family, which includes eight children, 19 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.

A small, but not frail, man, Machgan gets around on a sleek sporty walker with custom wheels and fancy hand-brakes, which Lesner said he doesn’t really need. “He was climbing up the stairs to the house just fine before the ramp was put in,” she said. “Don’t let him fool you!”

Machgan said he has had an exciting life, traveling and witnessing technological advances that amazed the world at the time. Now, he’s relishing his slowed-down days in Bandon. Lesner said her dad enjoys eating, especially ribs and corn from Bandon’s Grill Jockeys Restaurant. “That little man can eat!” she said with amazement.

Machgan also spends much of his time putting together elaborate and beautiful jigsaw puzzles that are framed along the walls of his home. He was told by a doctor a few years ago to do puzzles to sharpen his mind and Machgan even builds the frames that hold the works of art. “Puzzles keep my mind active and I stay busy,” he said.

Opal said that her husband’s puzzle-working helps him live a normal life. “He keeps his mind busy and that is the key to the whole thing of long life,” she said.

By Felix Millan, For the World
Sunday, August 27, 2006
Serving the South Coast of Oregon



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