Christopher HARGREAVES
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For genealogical discussions of the ancestors & descendants of
James WARD,
Christopher HARGREAVES
(born 9 Jan 1745 Colne, Lancs, England died 14 May 1820 Ing, Lancs, England),
and Priscilla GIBBS (widow of James WARD)
who Christopher married 7 Jan 1794 in what is now Anderson County, S. C.

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  3. Some of the Hargraves & Wards in Ward's History of Coffee County Changed 26 Jan 2001
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    Church Clough
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    These maps show Blakey Hall, Pasture House, Heirs House & other houses that Christopher's father (James) owned.
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  9. Bill Dollison's site: Heirs House & a Hargreaves coat of arms   New as of 10 July 2001 10 July 2001

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