Patricia's email of 12 July 2001
From: "Patricia M. Boyd" <>
To: "James W Green III" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 20:00:46 -0400
Subject: Re: [HargreavesC] Pat.Mercer Boyd coming

Hello James,
Thanks for your response, to my email, with answers to all my questions.  I
will try to answer your questions or requests in the order in which you
presented them.

1)  Regarding my address:  yes, it is US Hwy 17 & US Hwy 92, which is
     written as US Hwy 17-92 in our area and through our post office.

2)  Patricia Mercer Boyd
     Born, July 19, 1943 in Jacksonville, FL
     1)   Herbert George Nieburger, Jr.
           Born, July 1, 1943 in Chicago, IL
           Married,  July 2, 1961 in Folkston, GA
           Divorced, November 6, 1968 in Ormond Beach, FL
           Children:  2 Sons
           1)  Herbert George Nieburger, III
                Born:  December 12, 1961 in New Smyrna Beach, FL
           2)  Todd Leroy Nieburger
                 Born:  August 21, 1964 in New Smyrna Beach, FL
     2)   Charles Raburn Glasgow
            Born, February 7, 1944 in Guen, Alabama
            Married, May 30, 1969 in Ormond Beach, FL
            Divorced, May 19, 1975
            Died, July 19, 1993
            Children:  1 Daughter
             1)  Tara Lee Glasgow
                   Born:  April 17, 1972 in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
       3)   James Daniel Boyd, Sr.
             Born, September 15, 1949 in Daytona Beach, FL
             Married, September 22, 1988
             No children together.

3)  I would like to correct my fax number, which is as follows:

4)  Information requested about my mother:
     Appie Pauline Bennett:
     Born, May 14, 1921 in Nicholls, GA
     Died, January 12, 1970 in Daytona Beach, FL
     Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Lake City, FL
         Married:  1)  My Father
                             Joseph Oliver Mercer
                             Born, November 18, 1916 in Fairfax, GA
                             Married, April 18, 1937 in Ware County, GA
                             Divorced, March 14, 1947 in Duval County, FL
                             Died, April 10, 1963 in Lake City, FL
                             Buried in Hargraves Cemetery in Millwood, GA
                             Children:  4 daughters
                                1)  Betty Joe Mercer
                                      Born, September 3, 1940 in
                                      Nicholls, GA
                                      Died a few months after birth - do not
                                      know the exact date
                                      Buried at the Hargraves Cemetery in
                                      Millwood, GA
                                 2)  Patricia Ann Mercer-
                                      Born, July 19, 1943 in
                                      Jacksonville, FL
                                 3)  Shirley Delene Mercer-Watts-Herd
                                      Born, May 29, 1945 in Millwood, GA
                                      Died, September 26, 1975 in auto.
                                      accident in New Smyrna Bch., FL
                                      Buried in Edgewater Cemetery in
                                      Edgewater, FL
                                 4)  Linda Sue Mercer-Leffler-Ostafin
                                      Born, May 28, 1946 in Jacksonville, FL
         Married:  2)  Step-Father
                             Wilbur Laverne Sapp
                              Born, October 5, 1925 in Adele, GA
                              Married, February 6, 1954 in Folkston, GA
                              Died, July 27, 1993 in New Smyrna Beach, FL
                              Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Lake City, FL
                              Children: 1 daughter and 2 boys
                                   1)  Connie Gale Sapp-Ferreira
                                        Born, February 12, 1953 in
                                        Jacksonville, FL
                                   2)  Michael Gerald Sapp
                                        Born, September 15, 1954 in
                                        Jacksonville, FL
                                   3)  Richard Randall Sapp
                                        Born, December 16, 1955 in
                                        Jacksonville, FL

In addition to the above, I would like to inform you that the date of death
for my grandmother, Ellen Elizabeth Hargraves Bennett is December 24, 1936.

If you should require any other information, please do not hesitate to
contact me.  Thanks for all your assistance.  I am still awaiting
confirmation, as to whether or not my sister, Connie Sapp-Ferreira, will be
attending the reunion, but will let you know as soon as I get confirmation.
Looking forward to meeting and visiting with you at the reunion.

Patricia Mercer Boyd

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From: "James W Green III" 
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 1:58 AM
Subject: Re: [HargreavesC] Pat.Mercer Boyd coming

> On Sun, 8 Jul 2001 19:05:32 -0400
> "Patricia M. Boyd"  writes:
> >Hi James,
> >Was not sure which address I should use to respond
> >to you.  So, I picked the "From" address.  Hope I
> >picked the correct address to respond to.
> I guess you are talking about writing me directly
> vs. writing to me via the list.  Either would have
> been fine.
> >In regards to adding my lineage, yes, I would very
> >much like for it to be added.  My home address is
> >as follows:  975 So. Hwy. 17-92,
> Is it US Hwy 17 & Us Hwy 92 or what does 17-92
> mean?
> >DeBary, FL, 32723.  My home telephone number is:
> >(386) 668-7087 and my fax number is (383) 668-8424.
> I have added your lineage under the tree.
> duplicated at:
> duplicated at:
> http://millennium.FortuneCity.Com/byker/362/Hargr/Chris/tree.html
> (http://members.FortuneCity.Com/jgreen/Hargr/Chris/tree.html
> Just click on your name in the tree & it will
> scroll down to your detailed lineage.
> Your lineage is also now linked from the table of
> those planning to attend that is on the 2001
> reunion page.
> It would be nice to have your & your husbands'
> birth dates & places & marriage dates & places.
> Your mom's birth place & her marriage date &
> place.  Your father's birth & death dates &
> places.  I put blanks in your lineage where recent
> info is missing, as you will see when you look at
> your lineage.
> >I would also like to ask what is the procedure for
> >adding previous husbands, for which I have had
> >children.  My first husband, Herbert G. Nieburger,
> >Jr. (still living), and I have two sons, and my
> >second husband, Charles R. Glasgow (deceased), and
> >I have one daughter.
> I add all the spouses of subscribers.  Yours have
> been added.
> >My daughter is interested in joining also.  Is she
> >eligible, and if so, what is the procedure.
> She merely needs to subscribe to the HargreavesC
> list and then give me the data in order to be added
> to the tree.  To be added to the reunion page, she
> just needs to decide to attend this year & let me
> know.  :-)
> >Any assistance you can give us would be greatly
> >appreciated.
> >
> >My Sincere Thanks,
> >Patricia (Patsy) Mercer Boyd
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