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Jack Doran
who wrote a thesis on the Hargreaves
Colne, Lancashire England

  1. He lived in Lancashire & attended the Colne Community College in the 1970s when he wrote the thesis, then:
  2. He moved to Australia I think, then:
  3. When I was visiting in England in 1982 I found his mother was Mrs. Edward Doran / 94 Cherry Tree Road / Blackpool, Lancashire, England / phone 0253-66747 and she said I could snail him c/o her. She said his address was 8 Long Cross / Sherbourne Causeway / Dorset / England and his phone was Shaftesbury 0747-4437
  4. Tonight 29 August 2000, at I find:
    Searching for: Jack Doran United Kingdom
    1. Doran Jack
      Green Lanes 454
      London N13 5XD
      Phone: 181/8863246
    2. Doran Jack
      Highfield Road 36
      West Yorkshire, Wakefield, Horbury WF4 5NA
      Phone: 1924/273512

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